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Ascended Masters - The Great White Brotherhood
About Their Messenger Taтyana N. Mickushina

Beloved Syrua

Never become adults in the questions of knowing the Divine Truth

I AM Surya and I have come today from the Great Central Sun to give you the word of God through our Messenger. Almost one year ago I had the honor to lay the mantle of God’s Messenger on Tatyana’s shoulders.

At that time she could not believe that this event was much more real in her life than everything happening around her in the physical plane.

The mantle of the Messenger cannot be taken for granted. It must be deserved. And this merit is not obtained just in one embodiment; it can be acquired in the course of many embodiments during which an individual must prove his or her true devotion to God’s Will in order to deserve this mantle.

Beloved Surya, March 9, 2005

Beloved El Morya

You have come into this world to act. Perform your duty!

I AM El Morya, having come to you through this Messenger again.

I hurry up with the fixing of my impetus of Light in Tatyana’s force field. In accordance with the responsibility granted to me, I have been performing the procedure of anointing all the Messengers during the last hundred years.

And now at this very moment I am placing my electronic presence over Tatyana as a sign of my patronage.

From this moment I endow Tatyana with the powers to represent me in the physical octave and I take her under my patronage.

As soon as the Brotherhood receives an opportunity to enjoy a permanent focus of Light anchored in the aura of a Messenger living in any country, not only this Messenger, but the whole country, is taken under our protection while this focus of Light is active.

From this day Tatyana receives the mantle of my personal Messenger in addition to the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, which was laid on her shoulders a year ago.

Beloved El Morya, April 25, 2005

Beloved Syrua

Never become adults in the questions of knowing the Divine Truth

…the decision to endow any of the embodied individuals with the mantle is taken at the highest level, on the Great Central Sun.

That is why I ask you to hold in respect the mantle lying on Tatyana’s shoulders.

Immediately after the moment of declaration of her Messenger status in public, any disrespect shown by you towards our Messenger automatically brings you karma between you and God, and this kind of karma is the most difficult to transmute.

We protect our Messengers. It is not you who decides whom we must choose.

Beloved Syrua, March 9, 2005

Saint Michael Archangel

You must erect a pyramid of the Divine reality in your own consciousness

I AM the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, and I have come today through this Messenger who has given me an opportunity to speak through her.

The level of my presence is determined by the level of the person’s attainments in this embodiment, and the level of my presence changes from time to time. At present, the level of my presence in Tatyana equals 50 percent. It is a very high level, and it is just the level of my presence that enables her to reach the 33rd etheric plane from where she accepts these Dictations.

Gautama Buddha, March 10, 2005

Saint Michael Archangel

Your Love and Faith are the only things you need to implement your Divine plan

I AM Saint Michael, Archangel Michael! I have come through this Messenger of God.

Lots of my angels, legions of my angels have come together with me to do honor to the Messenger.

Don’t be embarrassed by such manifestation of our feelings. We are really glad to render all the necessary help to our Messenger, to provide her with our support and protection.

Saint Michael Archangel, April 15, 2005

Sanat Kumara

A Teaching on true and false Messengers

Our aim is to obtain a point of Light located between the worlds. Such a point is of unconditional importance for us. With its help we can establish our presence in your world and provide an embodied Messenger with an opportunity to reach our octaves. Whatever one person has the strength to do will sooner or later be mastered by everybody.

The duties of a Messenger do not mean a post demanding respect and worship. The duties and the mantle of a Messenger mean only an opportunity to serve more efficiently in the name of God.

The mantle of a Messenger allows the space vibrations to change, and we obtain an opportunity to be present and to give our Messages at the point where the worlds join each other.

A Messenger is a human who stands on the peak of a mountain, and all the lightning and hurricanes strike them in the first instance.

Therefore, there are very few people in your world who can hold their ground on the peak of the Divine consciousness. Many people who had passed our tests and deserved their mantles of Messengers were not able to hold their consciousness at the proper level and were subsequently deprived of our mantles.

Sanat Kumara, May 11, 2005

Lord Shiva

Use the help that Heavens give you, and do not disregard this help

I would also like to stop at one important moment. Our Messenger is the person who keeps our vibrations, constantly carrying her devotion to the Hierarchy through all living situations and realizing our plans on Earth. For you who are in incarnation, our Messenger is the incarnated master, the Guru. And that means that you must follow the instructions that you receive from our Guru as if I gave you those instructions personally.

Lord Shiva, March 13, 2006

Lord Shiva

Use the help that Heavens give you, and do not disregard this help

There is a Divine opportunity, which is given for the planet at a certain moment. That opportunity is being given now through our Messenger. Sometimes nothing is required from you but the acceptance of our Messenger. And as soon as you recognize the Messenger of the Hierarchy, you automatically stand on the steps of the Hierarchy. And all the Hierarchy has an opportunity to help you in your affairs and in the realization of your plans.

Lord Shiva, March 13, 2006

Lord Maitreya

A Teaching on Divine Gratitude

I AM Maitreya, having come to you through my Messenger. I have come for guidance in the sphere of the Divine Knowledge.

The minutes of our communication are sweet and having a physical transmitter that meets our requirements is too rare. Therefore, everything that is being said and everything that will be told is to have everlasting and unconditional value for you, like precious pearls.

We come and grant you one pearl of wisdom after another. And you string these pearls on the necklace that you collect throughout your life.

It is truly an invaluable necklace of Knowledge. And you should treat it with care.

Human consciousness is very active and unstable. And the quality that you have to develop in yourselves is the feeling of Gratitude for the Teaching being given to you, gratitude toward the Heavens, the Creator, the Ascended Hosts and our Messenger.

Lord Maitreya, April 10, 2006

Lord Maitreya

A Teaching on Divine Gratitude

Do not forget that you are responsible for taking care of our Messenger.

That ancient Truth is erased from the memory of the current generation. When Divinity predominated in people's minds, those people who heard the voice of God in their hearts and could bring God's Word to the people always prospered.

The way that people treat our heralds, prophets, and Messengers can be seen as fallen morals of the society and how far society is from the Divine ideal.

Therefore, do not hesitate to provide our Messenger with your patronage and care. Always remember that our Messenger is the representative of the Hierarchy of Light on Earth, and it is your duty to show respect and to take care of our representative.

Lord Maitreya, April 10, 2006

Lord Shiva

A Teaching on the Path of Apprenticeship

…every time we have to restore our connection again and again through the conductor that we get in the dense world. At this moment we are talking about our Messenger, Tatyana. You see that we continue using this conductor. We are proceeding with our work because when getting a worthy conductor, we try to use it at full capacity. We do not take into account the state of the person's physical body or their inner state. Nothing can stop us when it is necessary to transmit information and the Law for its application in the physical world.

Having this conductor, we will try to use it not only for the transmission of our Messages but also for creating our outpost, the base, the foundation, and the focus of Light on the physical plane. When we get something on the physical plane that can allow us to fix our focus of Light, we will transmit our information and will influence the raising of the vibrations of many, using the bodies of the Messenger. This is similar to the process that happens when you throw a stone in the quiet water of a pond: The waves from the thrown stone spread around the whole pond. Everything that has gotten into the scope of that spreading wave starts to feel the vibrations.

… There is a certain law that allows the transfer of information from the aura of a Teacher to the aura of a disciple. In order to do that, Guru-chela relations based on complete unconditional Love and cooperation should be established. At the moment when the auras of a Teacher and a disciple touch, the momentum of the Teacher's achievements goes to the disciples on that complete and unconditional feeling of Love.

Lord Shiva, April 22, 2006

Great Divine Director

Your level of consciousness is determined by the Divine qualities that you gain on your Path

…I appeal to you to please render all the help that you can to our Messenger because we might not get another conductor of that kind in the near future, someone who can bring up their level of conscious to work with the Brotherhood. Therefore, do accept our Messages with gratitude.

Great Divine Director, July 2, 2006




Beloved Serapis Bey

I wish that an increasing number of people become aware of our Path and enter the steps of the Hierarchy

The veneration of the Hierarchy, of the Masters, is a very important quality on the Path. That is because without veneration to the Master you will not be able to advance on the Path.

When you grant your devotion and Love to the Master with love and sincerity, you receive into your aura the momentum of achievements that your Master already has. It does not matter whether that Master resides on the physical or on the subtle plane.

Many of you need a conduit in the physical plane, beside whom you will be able to acquire the higher energies. Those energies will help you to get rid of many imperfections and problems that prevent you from your advancement on the Path.

Therefore, I recommend that you use the rope that we give you when you begin to climb up the sheer cliffs to the top. That rope for you is our Messenger. Do not neglect her help and do not jerk back your hand when she offers you a helping hand. It is much more difficult to climb the cliffs alone.

Beloved Serapis Bey, July 14, 2006

Beloved Lanto

I wish you to manifest only positive qualities in your lives and to be constantly striving for the glorious summits of the Divine World!

The institution of Messengers has always existed. There have always been people who incarnated on Earth with the mission to provide the connection between the worlds, to serve as transmitters of the Divine energies and knowledge to the physical plane. Without that opportunity, mankind of Earth would not be able to develop because it requires constant care and patronage that can only be provided by more highly developed beings that reside on a more subtle plane, in the subtle world, and in the fiery world.

Beloved Lanto, July 17, 2006


We come to tell you about the principles on which the Community is established

I am trying to convey to your consciousness the principles of a Community — the principles enabling us to spread our Teaching in your world on the basis of the Community.

An authentic Community may only be established around those beings who are vested with our power and trust, because if a Community is established on our principles, we pour in the cup of the Community the Divine Energy needed for its development and maintenance.

As soon as the person representing our interests in the physical plane leaves the Community, this Community gradually loses its significance and breaks up. There is still no proper mechanism that would enable the Community to exist without the basis, which is the focus of Light that we affirm in the heart of our Messenger. It resembles a house that cannot exist and be inhabited in the conditions of severe winter if there is no fire in its hearth.

Babaji, December 23, 2006



A Teaching about our Path

…We can take action only when there is a person on the physical plane who is a pure conduit capable of transmitting our energies…

When you come in contact with our Messenger, you receive additional energy into your bodies and auras from the aura of our Messenger, and the more you communicate with the Messenger and with us through him or her, the higher your vibrations rise.

…the attribute of our Messenger — to accelerate the return of your karma and to raise your vibrations.

…Your advancement on the Path accelerates, and what you were supposed to have in the natural return of karma over many dozens of incarnations, comes back to you in several years, over a term that depends on the severity of your karma.

You approach and you start certain relationships with the entire Hierarchy of beings of Light, whose representative on Earth is our Messenger. That is your choice and your desire.

God operates through the Hierarchy of intelligent beings. The representative of our Hierarchy is our Messenger.

…Create the conditions on Earth by which we could transmit our energies and give our education. First and foremost, creating the conditions for the work of our Messenger is your duty.

Always remember that depending on your attitude toward our Messenger, the Heavens determine your attitude toward the Hierarchy of cosmic beings, known as the Great White Brotherhood or the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light.

Babaji, June 30, 2007


Beloved Saint-Germain

A Teaching on the alchemy of the transformation of the consciousness

I have come through the Messenger who is most prepared to receive my Message. I have come through the Messenger who in this moment is actively serving the Great White Brotherhood.

I have come with another important mission today. I have come in order to give a huge crystal amethyst as a present to our Messenger Tatyana. I am leaving this crystal on the subtle plane of the Ashram and I am convinced that very soon it will manifest itself on the physical plane, and it will serve as an additional source of Light, capable of pointing the Path to a lot of light-bearers all over the world.

Beloved Saint-Germain, December 24, 2007


Beloved Serapis Bey

There is no sense in giving you this Teaching if it is not reinforced in practice

…you cannot even imagine what great work is performed by the Ascended Hosts in order to transmit each Message.

There is an impervious energy barrier between our two worlds.

The readiness of the Messenger must match our readiness. Then, the moment comes when the two worlds become attuned to each other. The moment comes when a Message comes into your world. It happens quietly, like the voice of a stream; quietly, like the rustling of leaves; quietly, like the opening of rose petals.

…you should use the Teaching that we give through our Messenger as a reference.

There are many people in your world who hear the voices of the Ascended Masters. There are even a greater number of people who think that they hear the voices of the Ascended Masters. Yet, there are only a few, including our Messenger, through whom we give this Teaching, who are able to provide you with proper models and proper orienting points because it is their mission on the planet, and they have incarnated with that mission.

Beloved Serapis Bey, June 24, 2008

Beloved Lanto

A Teaching on the qualities of a disciple

…the post of the Messenger obliges her to be in the frontline of the battle. That is why not everyone takes on the burden of the Messenger of the Masters of Wisdom, and not everyone can bear the load of energy that lies on their shoulders.

That is why we are waiting until the true attitude toward our Messengers, based on service and on rendering all possible help, will be established in your world.

We judge the level of your spiritual achievement by the way you treat our Messengers. Every person who gets in touch with our Messenger also gets in touch with us automatically. For those individuals we prepare the gear-shaping tests that allow us to determine their degree of faithfulness and devotion. These tests instantly separate those who look for something for themselves and thus, are not ready for the level of service that is needed now.

Lord Lanto, December 25, 2008

Lord Shiva

Show your Faith and your Devotion to the Heavens!

…Every action directed against our Messenger is perceived as your unwillingness to evolve. You create your karma by every conscious or unconscious action directed against our Messenger. And we have said many times that the karma with our Messenger is equal to the karma with God.

You may not believe me, but sometimes a single example, one feat of a soul in the name of God, is enough to allow an entire civilization to develop. Similarly, one action directed against our representative is enough for the Heavens to turn away and leave humankind to wander in the dark on its own.

Lord Shiva, December 3, 2009


A Talk about how to read the Messages and how to treat the Messenger

…Now I must tell you about the position of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. We granted our Messenger our mantle in 2004, and simultaneously we gave her the authority to represent the Brotherhood on the physical plane. Therefore, when you enter any relationship with our Messenger, you must understand that you are entering into a relationship with the Brotherhood. And according to the way you treat our Messenger, we form our opinion about your spiritual level and about the spiritual level of development of your civilization.

Babaji, December 5, 2009

Beloved Jesus

A Talk about the incarnation of the Masters and the institution of Messengers

It is very rare that a partial incarnation of an Ascended Master arrives into conditions on planet Earth in which she can remember her Divinity and withstand the trials of life.

That is exactly why we use the institution of Messengers. A person who had taken on the duties of being our Messenger before incarnation, just like any one of you who is willing to Serve the Brotherhood, undergoes the trials and tests during the period of at least seven years. After that, she takes on certain responsibilities in the form of a vow. Then we take her through another round of tests, but those tests are more advanced. And when the individual stands the tests for the position of Messenger, we give her the opportunity to Serve. This opportunity is supported with the so-called mantles of the Messenger. In other words, we use a certain amount of energy in order to constantly maintain the energy potential of the Messenger at a certain level.

It is thanks to the mantles that the Messenger is able to maintain proper orienting points in the conditions of your world.

Beloved Jesus, January 6, 2010

Beloved Jesus

A Talk about the incarnation of the Masters and the institution of Messengers

And those of you who sincerely accept our Messenger and are ready to Serve her, and in this person the Brotherhood, automatically connect to our protective field.

Yet, as soon as low-quality thoughts and, most importantly, thoughts of criticism against our Messenger come to your mind or you perform an action or say any words against our Messenger, the protection loses its effect and all the energy that until this moment has sustained your consciousness through our Messenger, turns into karma.

It is very wise to maintain proper attitude toward our Messenger, not as a perfect manifestation but as a person who has been trusted to represent the interests of the Brotherhood in the physical plane.

Like everything in your world, the mantle of the Messenger has a dual effect. On the one hand, it helps to maintain the consciousness of people who are sincerely devoted to the Messenger and feel love and respect toward her, at a relatively high level. On the other hand, any action, thought, or feeling of criticism toward our Messenger turns against the person who opposes our Messenger and creates a very serious karma that is equal to karma with God.

Beloved Jesus, January 6, 2010

Lady Theosophy

Two Missions of Light

This Messenger is writing down the things that come from the Higher planes, from the etheric plane to be exact.

I served as a translator on the physical plane. This Messenger is serving as a conductor from the Higher plane.

Taking into account my experience and comparing my work with the work that this Messenger is performing, I can say that still all the achievements take place due to the heavy workload experienced by both the physical body and the subtle bodies of the Messenger. And this workload cannot be compared to any of the jobs that exist in the world.

The more energy is being transmitted, the greater the burden is on the bodies of the Messenger.

Lady Theosophy, January 19, 2010


You need to decide what is more important for you: this world or the Divine world

…there are very few who are truly devoted to the business that the Masters are carrying out, and there are even fewer people who are devoted to our Messenger.

The external representative of the Hierarchy is a key figure in this process. And the way people perceive our representative and the Teaching that she gives either opens the Divine opportunity for the development of humankind or closes it.

The criterion of your level of consciousness is your attitude toward our Messenger. It is impossible to take the Teaching and disregard the source of the Teaching. Everything that you take will immediately turn from gold into ashes before your eyes.

The worship of the Higher Source is a necessary condition.

Babaji, June 20, 2010

Beloved Lanello

A discourse on apostleship and Divine Mercy

…in order to start the mission, each Messenger of ours goes though severe trials. All the trials test the qualities of devotion and detachment from the results of the activity and to the physical plane.

Since the world is now very dense, it is more and more difficult for our Messengers to pass their tests, but it is even more difficult to withstand constant tension during the whole period of the implementation of the mission.

The difficulty is the combination of the mission as a public representative and the inner work in the subtle planes that requires tremendous efforts. It is burdensome for the Messenger on both the physical plane and the subtle planes of Being…

I repeat once again that the tension and the workload on the shoulders of our Messengers are often beyond human abilities.

Beloved Lanello (Mark Profet), June 27, 2012

Beloved El Morya

I congratulate you on the success of the forces of Light!

Beloved, God will always take care of the Messenger! The Messenger is under my personal protection and patronage. But will you have another opportunity to carry out the service during this or the following incarnations?

Remember once and for all: It is not YOU who do a favor when you serve our Messenger, but WE and our Messenger do you an honor by permitting you to serve the Brotherhood.

This truth, like many other Divine truths, you have turned upside down.

However, there is the Divine order and the Divine Law. And no matter how you try to move the Divine Law

In the presence of our Messenger, the real separation of the Light from the darkness in the surrounding reality always takes place, above all, in the souls of people. This is the quality of the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, and it is as essential as the Word of God and the Masters, which our Messenger is transmitting.

Beloved El Morya, June 29, 2013

Lord Shiva

Only faith in God and love for all of Creation can save humanity in the near future

I would like to clarify for you one more aspect of our Teaching that concerns the karma with our Messenger.

When our Messenger gets persecuted, discredited, or accused, it creates a tremendous karma, equivalent to the level of karma with God.

As it is known, God deprives intelligence to those whom He wishes to punish.

Insanity can take over not only a single person but also entire countries and nations.

The karma of godlessness and the karma of accusations toward our Messenger is one of the most severe kinds of karma.

Lord Shiva, December 21, 2015

Lord Shiva

A Teaching on the focus of Light

In our Messages, especially at the beginning of the work of our Messenger, we have mentioned the concept of the focus of Light.

To begin with, the focus of Light is not anchored somewhere in the physical world. It is not a rock and not a building.

The focus of Light is anchored in the bodies of our Messenger.

This is her ability to transmit Light into the physical world, and it is an ability that was deserved in many previous incarnations and also in this lifetime.

At the moment the focus of Light, anchored in the subtle bodies of our Messenger, passes not more than 10 percent of its designed capacity.


This is because there are no conditions in the physical plane for the implementation of our plans.

in order to realize the opportunity, the conditions in the physical plane must be created.

Several times we asked you to take care of our Messenger.

How does the focus of Light work?

First, aspiring and devoted hearts must be found.

Then, on the feelings of Love, gratitude, respect, and honor toward our Messenger, they can get a part of the Divine energy that our focus of Light is spreading in the physical world.

In the same way, Divine energy fills the space through the hearts of those who are ready. The vibrations of the physical plane change, and many things that happen on Earth now will be impossible when the space becomes full of Divine Light.

For the last 10 years, we have not managed to gather a sufficient number of hearts devoted to us.

Therefore, the focus of Light could not work at its full capacity.

I will say it again: The flame of Service can only flare up based on the qualities of absolute devotion to the Masters, to our Messenger, and on the qualities of love, gratitude, and honor.

…all transformations in the physical plane can only be realized through the hearts of people, through their hands and feet.

Lord Shiva, June 20, 2016

Sanat Kumara

Our Mission in Russia is over

… our Mission in Russia, which We have been pursuing during the past 14 years through Our Messenger, has been completed.

As you already know from Our Messages, with the help of Our Messenger, we tried to give humanity the best, most perfect Teaching that humanity was able to accept at the present time.

…we have nothing to reproach Our Messenger. She stood firm in the face of all attacks and treacherous actions.

…We cannot continue Our Mission in such circumstances. I will tell you more: no Messenger can be sent anymore, and no mission of Light can be undertaken by Us in Russia in the near future. And this is completely justified. Will you try to knock again and again on the house from which you are driven in the most brutal manner?

When people do not heed Our instructions, when they reject Our Messengers and persecute them, it creates karma. We have said many times that karma with Our Messenger is tantamount to karma with God. And this is one of the heaviest types of karma on Earth.

Therefore, now is the time for the descent of karma.

Suffering is sometimes able to purify people’s souls, and over time this can open up a new opportunity.

Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2018