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Use the help that Heavens give you, and do not disregard this help

Lord Shiva
March 13, 2006

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva, having come again through my Messenger. The state of affairs is that I have come to give the next Message that will allow you to understand the situation and to make clear those guidelines for yourself that you may choose to follow in your lives.

As soon as the previous cycle of the Dictations had been over, we had a sense of great relief that, using the incarnated conductor, we managed the realization of the plan and gave the information which humankind needed.

However, we then encountered absolutely unpredictable resistance to our actions. That resistance passed through many incarnated people's minds, and many of them consider themselves light-bearers. Therefore, I have come to assure you once again that we will continue giving our Messages, no matter what efforts it will cost us. And we will do that according to our plans and our terms that come as provided by space opportunities and a necessity.

Therefore, I have come today to give you an understanding once again that no matter how the situation is developing on planet Earth, we, the Ascended Masters, will work with mankind of Earth and will continue our attempts to change humanity’s consciousness.

It seems that there is very little information in our Messages, though each time we keep wondering how the people are found who are ready to respond to all of our propositions and remarks at our first summons and do those things that are necessary now.

You know that one of the most important things that humanity faces is the change of consciousness. And thus, everything that favors the change of earthling’s consciousness is good. Of course, we mean the change of consciousness that we try to manifest in your octave, but not the change of consciousness that you think should take place.

Therefore, all the ways of spreading the knowledge contained in the given Dictations are good. Also, good are the ways of communicating the information to people, including private meetings, training classes, seminars, organization of schools for parents and children to learn the foundations of the law of karma and the principles of behavior, based on the Divine Law.

All that is genuinely from God needs your help to grow and widen.

Therefore, when you are surprised that not everything around you looks like you would like it to be, we say: "So much the better! You have seen where to apply your efforts, your abilities and your talents!"

Look around and analyze thoroughly what you personally can change and what you think should be changed, relying on your opportunities and your abilities.

Once again I would like to remind you of that Dictation, which I gave last year on the 27th of November.[1] As soon as you turn your thoughts in the necessary direction and imbue the images emerging in your mind with the Divine energy, I will have the opportunity to help you and to imbue your imageries with my energy.

There is a Divine opportunity, which is given for the planet at a certain moment. That opportunity is being given now through our Messenger. Sometimes nothing is required from you but the acceptance of our Messenger. And as soon as you recognize the Messenger of the Hierarchy, you automatically stand on the steps of the Hierarchy. And all the Hierarchy has an opportunity to help you in your affairs and in the realization of your plans.

I would also like to stop at one important moment. Our Messenger is the person who keeps our vibrations, constantly carrying her devotion to the Hierarchy through all living situations and realizing our plans on Earth. For you who are in incarnation, our Messenger is the incarnated master, the Guru. And that means that you must follow the instructions that you receive from our Guru as if I gave you those instructions personally.

Here you will need all your distinction to understand to what degree you can trust the external Guru and to what degree you should be guided by those instructions that you receive from your heart, from your Higher Self.

The Teaching about Guru requires additional deciphering. I think that to some extent we will be able to give that Teaching of ours for you, because there are too many of those who consider themselves a guru or pretend to be a guru, but all of them — or almost every one of them — do not have the main attribute of the true Guru: the ability of self-sacrifice and the ability to sacrifice their entire self on the altar of service.

Therefore, no matter how your human consciousness impedes your understanding of the true significance of the Guru's mantle and the Guru-chela relationship, any obstacle that is within you can and should be swept away with the help of your sincere aspiration and your devotion to the Hierarchy.

Every time that you need to receive validations or refutations of the verity or falsity of any person pretending to be your Guru or our Messenger, please apply to me for help.

Just take the image of me in your hands or come up to my image in the form of a statue and sincerely ask me for help.

As soon as I see your sincerity and aspiration, I will certainly help you. And you will get that distinction, which you need at the current stage of your development.

Therefore, use the help that Heavens give you, and do not disregard this help.

I AM Shiva, and I am saying goodbye to you today, but I hope for the new meetings.

[1] Refer to the Dictation Every effort of yours will be multiplied unprecedentedly because that is the call of the time and such is the situation on the planet now, Lord Shiva, November 27, 2005, in Words of Wisdom Volume 1.

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