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There is no sense in giving you this Teaching if it is not reinforced in practice

Beloved Serapis Bey
June 24, 2008

Beloved Serapis Bey

I AM Serapis Bey. I have come to you on this day in order to hold a talk. This talk will be regarding your spiritual growth. It seems natural to you when the Ascended Masters come and talk to you so easily. However, you cannot even imagine what great work is performed by the Ascended Hosts in order to transmit each Message. 

There is an impervious energy barrier between our two worlds. It takes a considerable amount of energy to overcome that barrier. The readiness of the Messenger must match our readiness. Then, the moment comes when the two worlds become attuned to each other. The moment comes when a Message comes into your world. It happens quietly, like the voice of a stream; quietly, like the rustling of leaves; quietly, like the opening of rose petals. 

Our Message comes into your world. Imagine how many steps back you take yourselves, away from the Divine opportunity poured into your world when you take what is given to you, look through it briefly, evaluate it from the point of your human logic, and put it aside as something that, in your opinion, does not contain anything useful for your spiritual advancement. 

If only you could fill with intrinsic meaning each minute of our association with you. If only you could put aside all your work and devote just a few minutes to our association. You can imagine how your world would change in just several years if many people could do this on a daily basis. For the worlds cannot come closer to each other because you cannot find a proper place in your consciousness for our Messages, our Messenger, and the work that we do for you. 

Our world and your world — we are close to each other. A fine barrier separates our worlds. That barrier becomes like a fine veil for those who are able to attune themselves to us, to our vibrations. That same barrier is like bulletproof armor for those whose consciousness is constantly concentrated on the physical, outer world and on their desires, problems, and passions. 

Think about my words. Think about what part of your life you allocate to your association with us. How often do you even recognize with your outer consciousness the miracle of our association? 

You need to be able to distinguish among the daily tribulations the grains of Truth that we scatter here and there. We hope that there will be people who are able to stop in the middle of the daily hassles and troubles and look around with the eyes of their souls. 

How many of you can understand the extent to which everything that surrounds you is different from the Divine ideal? How many of you are ready to follow the Divine models in your lives? Can one find at least ten righteous people in each of your cities? 

How do you think your civilization will develop if no Divine role models emerge from its core? Will it not follow the fate of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah?[1] 

Think about my words. Make it a rule for yourselves to constantly differentiate between the Divine and non-divine manifestations in everything that surrounds you in your lives. That differentiation of yours will be able to create an outpost, our outpost in your world. Thanks to you and the gift of differentiation that you achieve, we will be able to extend the boundaries of our world and spread our world into your world. 

Gradually, zones that are free of rock music and any manifestations of mass consciousness will form on Earth. Gradually, there will be more and more such corners. With time, the mere vibrations of such places will scare away any non-divine manifestations. 

Now, think about how you can create such isles of Divine manifestations in the material world. Think about what you personally can do in order to create such a corner, such a settlement. 

I will tell you one more important thing. In order for you to gain understanding of how the settlement of the future should look like, you should use the Teaching that we give through our Messenger as a reference. There are many people in your world who hear the voices of the Ascended Masters. There are even a greater number of people who think that they hear the voices of the Ascended Masters. Yet, there are only a few, including our Messenger, through whom we give this Teaching, who are able to provide you with proper models and proper orienting points because it is their mission on the planet, and they have incarnated with that mission. 

There is no sense in giving the Teaching if it is not reinforced in practice. As soon as a person appears who bears the Teaching but does not reinforce it in his life and the lives of his followers, he becomes like a barren flower because there is no fruit, there is no example that can be used by millions of people as a proper model in the physical plane. 

I have come to you on this day in order to direct your consciousness to follow specific steps that need to be taken in your world. Your world is a physical one, and any knowledge or Teaching that exists in your world must be manifested in the physical plane of planet Earth. Any Teaching that does not lead to such fruits in the physical plane is a false teaching. That is why you should treat very carefully everything that is given to you. You should also reinforce everything that you receive in the form of deeds and actions in your life. 

When you do not perform any actions and instead only absorb more and more information, you simply parasitize and create the karma of inactivity.[2] You receive the Divine energy to perform certain actions in the physical plane but do not perform those actions, and instead you spend that energy, which was transmitted by us with such difficulty, on gossip and criticism. It seems to you that everything is happening the way it is supposed to because in your heads, you have wrong models of what is supposed to be. 

I have to remind you again and again that you should treat carefully any information that comes to you through our Messenger. This information is given to you through a special dispensation, and this information is given to you as a lifeline in the stormy ocean of your world. You can use the provided opportunity and rise above the rough waters and passions that are raging in your world. You can also pretend that nothing is happening, that you do not need to do anything or aspire to anything. 

You make your choice. Yet, sooner or later, the series of your choices will come to an end. That is because each of your choices either gets you closer to God or moves you away from the top of the Divine consciousness and into the debris of ignorance. 

I would like to continue our talk, but first I would like to understand how many of you are ready to perceive the information at the new level at that we are giving it now.

I AM Serapis Bey, with hope in you.

[1] Sodom and Gomorrah are two cities that are mentioned in the Bible primarily in relation to the exceptional viciousness of their residents. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God after Abraham failed to find at least ten righteous people in Sodom. According to the book of Genesis (19:24-28), "the Lord rained down burning sulfur and fire" onto the "cities of the plain."

[2] For more information on the karma of inactivity, see the Dictation by Beloved Kuthumi, June 24, 2005, in Words of Wisdom Volume 1 available from

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