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I wish that an increasing number of people become aware of our Path and enter the steps of the Hierarchy

Beloved Serapis Bey
July 14, 2006

Beloved Serapis Bey

I AM Serapis Bey, who has come to you again!

I have come now to give you guidance. In the same way as six months ago,[1] I wish to give you knowledge and information. However, the situation on the planet has now changed, and I am glad that it has changed for the better. The day when we are able to speak with mankind of Earth on equal terms is not too far away. Now I have come to those who are ready to listen to me because your level of consciousness allows you to do that. Do not think that in this life your accomplishments have allowed you to step on the Path of Initiations. I know many of you since the times of Ancient Egypt, and you received initiations in the pyramids together with me. However, the circumstances pulled us into different directions on the path of Life. Today again I am meeting with you, my old friends and acquaintances. If it is meant for you to recollect the circumstances of that life of yours when we met in the pyramids, you should understand that the initiations both at those times and at our time are given for the same quality — your attachment to everything material, including even your attachment to everything that belongs to more subtle planes, the planes of thoughts and emotions.

Because you retain your attachment to the material world, you continue to come into incarnation. One cannot give up materialism completely without trying all the temptations of your world. First you taste those temptations and then reap the fruits in the form of karma; then you overcome the karma that you have created and gradually untangle the nets that tie you to the material world. You can go through the initiations without leaving your lives, while staying in your life. That is a completely new approach that is characteristic of your time. I will explain that based on examples.

In the past, in order to get into the school for the initiates, one had to pass entrance exams on humility and obedience. Only then would one get admitted to the instruction at the school. Now you have the opportunity to get the knowledge without taking the entrance exams. However, the circumstances of your lives make you overcome within yourselves what is preventing you from acquiring the qualities of humility and obedience. The multiple sufferings and deprivations, illnesses and miseries that you experience are the accelerated descent of karma for you to come to the realization in your consciousness that there is Law, and that Law requires you in full; it requires your full submission to that Law. Moreover, you attain that submission yourselves during the hard work on yourselves, on your consciousness and subconsciousness, on all the accumulations of your past lives that are hidden inside your lower bodies.

You yourselves are capable of taking apart that debris in your consciousness that prevents you from accepting the Law of this universe. For many incarnations you demonstrated non-compliance with the Law and acted as you wished, as your ego dictated to you. Now, out of your own free will, you have to part with your ego and submit yourselves to the Higher Will and the Higher Law that exists in this Universe. As you move along the Path, you should manifest the quality of unity with all of life more and more. When some tensions arise between you, those tensions are conditioned by your imperfection, the energies that have not been worked through. You cannot momentarily get free from your karma, from the negative energies that you have acquired in the past, but you can make the decision to get rid of them and begin the process of liberation from the ego by daily work on yourselves, by daily choices and initiations.

Each of you needs to realize that it is only your consciousness and your internal motive that constrain you and slow down your advancement on the Path. If you develop the qualities of humility, submissiveness, and constancy, you will be guaranteed the ability to move forward successfully. It is impossible to get rid of your karmic load instantly, but it can be done by means of daily efforts, day after day, year after year. There are a very small number of people who are able to become free from karma quickly. As a rule, those people come into the world already with great achievements in order to fulfill a special Divine mission. The rest of the people have to understand that their positions on the path are determined only by past mistakes and wrong choices.

The first commandment I am giving you is that you must realize that nobody is guilty of the condition and position on the path that you have at present. Only you yourselves are responsible for all the circumstances of your lives. As soon as you realize that provision of my Teaching, you will become open to perceive many Truths that had been blocked by your consciousness before.

The veneration of the Hierarchy, of the Masters, is a very important quality on the Path. That is because without veneration to the Master you will not be able to advance on the Path.

When you grant your devotion and Love to the Master with love and sincerity, you receive into your aura the momentum of achievements that your Master already has. It does not matter whether that Master resides on the physical or on the subtle plane.

Many of you need a conduit in the physical plane, beside whom you will be able to acquire the higher energies. Those energies will help you to get rid of many imperfections and problems that prevent you from your advancement on the Path.

Therefore, I recommend that you use the rope that we give you when you begin to climb up the sheer cliffs to the top. That rope for you is our Messenger. Do not neglect her help and do not jerk back your hand when she offers you a helping hand. It is much more difficult to climb the cliffs alone. We are offering you a tested Path that is based on the Guru-chela relationships and on the Path of Initiations when you receive all our help and support by voluntarily entering the steps of the Hierarchy.

That is the Path that has been tested for centuries. That is the Path along which you were led by all great initiated beings of the past. Now the time has come when you should get the understanding of that Path. Use the opportunity that the Heavens give you and strive to get what is given to you. The doors of opportunity are open. A new dispensation is being given. Those of you who managed to enter the steps of the Hierarchy and get under the effect of this dispensation in time, have received an unprecedented acceleration of their development. Many of those who have been reading these Messages from the very beginning and visiting our events that we host with the help of our Messenger feel our blessings and our help.

I wish that an increasing number of people will become aware of our Path and enter the steps of the Hierarchy.

I AM Serapis, with wishes for success on your Path.

[1] Refer to the Dictation I have come to warn you that this Dictation can be the last one," Beloved Serapis Bey, December 23, 2005, in Words of Wisdom Volume 2.

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