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Show your Faith and your Devotion to the Heavens!

Lord Shiva
December 3, 2009

Lord Shiva
About Lord Shiva

I AM Shiva!

I AM here and now!

Space and time have obediently given me the opportunity to speak. I have given many Messages through this Messenger. I often worked with the humankind of Earth. I especially love to be in India, my favorite country, where I am worshipped and where I am treated as God.

The inner worship of God is as necessary for you as the breath of life. If you cannot manage to cultivate this feeling of the Divine within yourself, you will not be able to move any further. Your advancement along the path of evolution is inseparably connected with the extent to which you admit the Divinity into your consciousness.

I come to remind you of the simplest truths, without which you will not be able to advance. All the darkness shrouding Earth can be dissolved with one glance of mine. However, you must earn my glance.

Where is your devotion? Where is your diligence? Where is your desire to worship God in everything?

I am speaking about very simple truths. These simple truths must be written on every street corner where billboards display advertisements.

How low society has fallen in just 5000 years of the Kali Yuga!

Within the limits of cosmic history, the degradation of society has reached its zenith in a very short period of time. That is why I come, in order to remind you of the necessity to worship God.

This feeling of the Divine has nothing in common with walking around the temples, mosques, and churches. In order for you to come to your God, you just need to allow this feeling of the Divine into your heart. When you experience this feeling, a sudden silence comes, even if you are in the center of a big city. You experience delight from contemplating God within yourself, and this enables God to reinforce His presence in you. The feeling of Love, the most elevated feeling of Love that you can experience, resembles the Divine feeling.

Now, since I have given you the main direction that you should work on in your lives, I would like to dwell upon another matter of urgency.

And this matter is how could it happen that our presence on the land of our Messenger’s Ashram has been blocked? You do not realize what you are doing. Every action directed against our Messenger is perceived as your unwillingness to evolve. You create your karma by every conscious or unconscious action directed against our Messenger. And we have said many times that the karma with our Messenger is equal to the karma with God.

What will you gain by that? The situation on the planet is getting worse. And there is a direct link between the action taken against our Messenger and the worsening of the situation on Earth. How could it happen that our Messenger is on trial? How could it happen that human consciousness was judging the Divine representative?

Oh, woe to those who do not know what they are doing. Oh, woe to all the others who are not aware of the consequences of any actions directed against our Messenger.

I cannot understand your deeds with my own consciousness. You resemble people dancing onboard a ship that is sinking because of a breach. You are trying to find more new toys and amusements, and you take no heed of our words.

I cannot understand it. This is beyond my comprehension. Do you hate the world around you so much that you cause harm to everything indiscriminately? How can you break so far away from the Divine world that you have lost the basic threads of your distinction?

I cannot imagine the situation that humanity is in now. You yourselves have created the whole situation that you are in now with your own hands.

I am telling you that there is another path, an easier and more elevated one. I am telling you what to do in order for this path to open within you. Why do you not hear and understand me?

The allotted time can be prolonged or it can be shortened. We are searching literally bit by bit to collect positive examples that suggest that still there are souls capable of development.

You may not believe me, but sometimes a single example, one feat of a soul in the name of God, is enough to allow an entire civilization to develop. Similarly, one action directed against our representative is enough for the Heavens to turn away and leave humankind to wander in the dark on its own.

The scales are increasingly leaning toward imprudence and unwillingness to follow the Divine Law. Where are the spiritual giants who are incarnated now and who must balance the situation on Earth?

I know many of them who set off skipping toward illusory signs of their greatness, or fell into depression, or considered themselves very great people for whom it is a sin to keep company with the current humanity.

The illusion is very strong, and since the last cycle of Dictations that we gave through our Messenger, it grew even stronger in its position. In this situation a grand manifestation of Faith is needed, the demonstration of your Faith. Show your Faith and your Devotion to the Heavens!

You do not need to go to the other end of Earth for this. We see every person who blazes up with the flames of devotion and Service, no matter where they are located on the globe. And we use every person who has prepared his or her temple for Service.

I know many people who are ready. However, they lack bravery and courage in order to rise to their full height and leave the trenches of doing nothing and sitting it out.

I have said enough.

I have come with a cheerless feeling but follow the need to convey the bitter truth to you.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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