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À Talk about how to read the Messages and how to treat the Messenger

Beloved Babaji
December 5, 2009

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji.

To start my talk I would like to make sure that you have taken all the necessary precautions when reading our Messages.

Those who read our Messages for the first time may be surprised. However, those who have been reading our Messages for a long time are probably aware of the safety measures that must be followed. First of all, you must realize that you are dealing with energy, as our Word carries a definite charge of energy. And like any energy it requires careful and cautious handling, otherwise the result of reading our Messages can be unpredictable.

So, you have to realize that you are talking with the Masters who have far surpassed you in their levels of consciousness. Therefore, you are obliged to have a feeling of reverence and respect for us within yourselves. You cannot talk with God casually in passing between times. You cannot drink tea, talk to your colleagues at work, and check your children’s homework while simultaneously reading our Messages. If you do all that and read our Messages at the same time, then you will create karma that will be directly proportional to the energy contained in our Messages.

Once again, I am warning you that you are talking with God. Therefore, you have to do this with awe, with great reverence in your heart. Your whole being has to be tuned to communication with God. You have to put aside all your concerns or, conversely, do not read the Messages until you have a favorable moment.

If you are unbalanced or you are under the influence of any negative quality, then the energy contained in our Messages will strengthen any negativity that is present within you. And vice versa, if you are harmoniously attuned and are filled with inner peace, then this state of harmony and peace will also strengthen in proportion to the energy that is contained in the Message.

So, I have given you the necessary instructions on how to approach the reading of our Messages.

Now I must tell you about the position of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. We granted our Messenger our mantle in 2004, and simultaneously we gave her the authority to represent the Brotherhood on the physical plane. Therefore, when you enter any relationship with our Messenger, you must understand that you are entering into a relationship with the Brotherhood. And according to the way you treat our Messenger, we form our opinion about your spiritual level and about the spiritual level of development of your civilization.

When I was incarnated, people treated me differently. Many people treated me like God incarnated, and this helped them to overcome many internal problems because they actually used my attainments, and this allowed them to develop in their consciousness very quickly. Others had doubts, and that did not give them the opportunity for further growth because people always receive according to their faith.

I agree that there are many people who pretend to be great incarnations, messengers, and prophets. And if you are attracted to such people, it is just a consequence of your karma that should be worked off.

But let us focus on our Messenger.

And here in your mind, there should be a complete analogy with an ambassador from another country.

Imagine that there is an ambassador from another country in your country. At least in the past, it was very important how the people of a country treated the ambassador of a neighboring country.

Sometimes, unfriendly attitudes toward the ambassador gave rise to war. That was in the past. And history abounds with such examples.

Now imagine what we might feel when you express your unfriendliness or obvious hostile actions directed against our Messenger.

You are mistaken; we will not fight or force you to respect our Messenger. According to your actions, we just see the level of consciousness of human society as a whole. This allows us to conclude that humankind is not yet ready to be talked with on equal terms. Humanity still wishes to wander about paths in the darkness.

The explanation of this point prompted me to come to you today with this Message. I believe that this information will be useful for many people.

You live in the physical world. At the same time, you exist in the mental and the astral world. Therefore, if your body bows and shows respect while your mind is gossiping about everyone that you see with your eyes, and your desires make you feel envy and have other improper feelings, then this does not mean that you have a worthy state of consciousness.

Your world provides you with enormous opportunities for development. Such a potential, as there is in your world, can rarely be found in the Universe. However, think about what you do most of the time during your day. Is it worth coming into incarnation, for example, in order to lie on the sofa and watch TV?

Today I touched upon very important topics that are essential for you. All these topics and issues require your urgent attention because without solving these problems, you will be at a standstill. And we want you to evolve. We wish that your development is successful with the least number of disasters and misfortunes. We care about you.

When I was incarnated, I tried to give people the maximum energy that I had and that God had given to me. However, I saw people who received this energy spill the received energy before taking two steps away from me. I watched this many times.

Nevertheless, I gave the energy to the people again and again because their souls needed love and warmth. But then when they received all this, they were not aware of the fortune they possessed, and failing to realize this, they immediately spilled the received energy in the form of censure, jealousy, and anger.

I wish you the quickest overcoming of any non-divine energy within you. And believe me, for this you do not need anything other than your wish and your constant aspiration.

I AM Babaji. Îm.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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