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Never become adults in matters of knowing the Divine Truth

Beloved Surya
March 9, 2005

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya and I have come today from the Great Central Sun to give you the word of God through our Messenger. Almost one year ago, I had the honor to lay the mantle of God’s Messenger on Tatyana’s shoulders.

At that time, she could not believe that this event was much more real in her life than everything happening around her in the physical plane.

The mantle of the Messenger cannot be taken for granted. It must be deserved. And this merit is not obtained in just one embodiment; the course of many embodiments is required during which an individual must prove his or her true devotion to God’s Will in order to deserve this mantle.

However, past attainments must be confirmed without fail in the current embodiment. Without that it is impossible for a person to be endowed with this mantle.

In the end, no matter how successful your service might have been in the past, everything is determined by the level of your current attainments.

That is why we pay special attention to testing the individuals who have already had the mantle of Messenger in the past. We have a few constantly embodied individuals who have already had the mantle in the past and who are potentially ready to confirm their mission of a Messenger.

Nevertheless, the decision to endow any of the embodied individuals with the mantle is made at the highest level, on the Great Central Sun.

That is why I ask you to hold in respect the mantle lying on Tatyana’s shoulders.

Immediately after the moment of declaration of her Messenger status in public, any disrespect shown by you towards our Messenger automatically brings karma between you and God. And this kind of karma is the most difficult to transmute.

We protect our Messengers, and it is not you who decides whom we must choose.

In the present conditions on Earth, our great task is to manifest the interaction between our Messengers. As you know, in the past if two of our physically incarnated Messengers met and contacted each other, as a rule, they did not recognize each other as Messengers and were not able to interact. This was determined by the level of consciousness of the Messengers and could not be surmounted until the moment had come for the new stage of the cosmic opportunity to occur.

Beloved Sanat Kumara has told you through this Messenger that the time has changed. It has really changed. We enter the stage when two or more of our Messengers will be capable of recognizing each other, and working together.

The difficulty here is in the fact that one and the same Divine Truth is interpreted by the minds of embodied people differently, depending on the systems of world outlook that their consciousness has been involved in from the very beginning of their current embodiment.

It is here that the difficulty has always been — to find things in common, and to develop a mutual understanding of those seemingly totally different interpretations of God, that were expressed by these embodied individuals through their external consciousness.

Nevertheless, when you rise in your consciousness and reach its higher level you see that the things that seemed before to be an absolute contradiction for your external consciousness, are in fact just different points of view, and different approaches to one and the same Truth.

Believe me, it is not worth overly disputing any interpretation of this or another Truth by your limited consciousness. Your consciousness is so imperfect that it is simply foolish to declare and to affirm your own truth as the only reliable and infallible one. It can be compared with two people in dispute, one of whom affirms that Earth is floating in the sea on three whales and the other who proves that Earth is lying on three elephants.

It seems funny for you even to imagine such a dispute now. However, most religious conflicts and wars had analogical reasons as their basis.

You are children. You are sitting on the shore of the ocean of the Divine Wisdom trying to perceive this Wisdom with your childish inquisitive mind. Never leave this childish state of your consciousness. Never become adults in matters of knowing the Divine Truth.

Be like children, and you will manage to reach such heights in your consciousness that were beyond the comprehension of the previous generations.

I contemplate the Earth with my spiritual vision. And I see this enlarging precipice separating the consciousness of the people who allow the Divine Truth to settle in their hearts, from the consciousness of those sticking to their own interpretation of the Truth because this interpretation seems reliable to them, simply due to the fact that it was handed down to them with the faith of their ancestors. There are also people who have come to such a standstill in their evolution that they have even stopped recollecting the very name of God in their daily routine.

We are ready to render all possible assistance to humanity on Earth; we are ready to use all of Heaven’s Might for giving this help, but we cannot help you until you yourselves ask for this help.

What prevents you from sincerely asking your Heavenly Father for help, in your heart? What prevents you from doing so?

I will tell you what prevents you from doing it. It is your karma that prevents you, the karma between you and God. Therefore, the most important thing for you now is your wish to overcome this karma in your heart.

God can do everything. But why don’t you wish to accept His help?

You have forgotten your Source. You have forgotten where you have come from.

Do not hurt my Messengers who have come to remind you about that. Remember that any manifestation of your disrespect to God’s Messengers is a manifestation of your disrespect to God Himself. And this is a heavy sin that can be atoned for by only undergoing great suffering.

It pains to me to see all the suffering endured by the people on the Earth.

I would like to bring to as many of these sufferers as possible the understanding that you yourselves gave rise to your suffering, and you are also able to get rid of it - just by waving a magic wand. You should just accept God into your heart. You should open your heart to the Divine Truth and start knowing this Truth like children sitting on the ocean’s shore.

I leave you alone with your contemplations about God and His Messengers in your heart.

I ask you to think about the opportunity for each of you to become my Messenger. Messenger status is simply a definite momentum of merits on the path of sincere service to the Divine Truth.

Now I want you to open your hearts and wish to get rid of the quality, that one quality that you think most of all prevents you from progressing on the Path.

Do wish sincerely in your heart to get rid of this quality and I will help you in this, and the extent of my help will be proportional to your faith in God and the Divine Truth.

This is my present to you that I give you today.

I AM Surya,
and I look forward to meeting those of you who are ready to accept this new opportunity and new dispensation.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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