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Your Love and your Faith are all you need to implement your Divine plan

Saint Michael the Archangel
April 15, 2005

Saint Michael Archangel

I AM Saint Michael, Archangel Michael! I AM, having come through this Messenger of God.

The Hosts of my angels, the legions of my angels have come with me to honor the Messenger.

Do not let such a manifestation of our feelings embarrass you. We are indeed very happy to render all the necessary assistance, support and protection to our Messenger who is in embodiment.

And now I would like to address those of you who have not fully realized the importance and significance of this event.

I AM Michael, Archangel of the First Ray, the Ray of Faith. And I must tell you that the first step to your progress along the Path is your Faith. Without Faith you will not be given help from above; without Faith you will not be able to make a single step on the Path to God.

Any of your actions that you perform on the physical plane, without Faith in God will not be successful and will be like a house built on sand.

Only your Faith is the guiding star that will show you the way through the storms and tempests that you face in your life on the physical plane.

Therefore, the degree of your Faith determines how successful your next step will be.

If you believe and your Faith is strong, you can ask for God’s guidance in your life, and you will receive that guidance to the extent that your Faith allows.

I AM Michael, Archangel! I AM having come to affirm your Faith and your devotion to the Lord. You will doubt, and you will continually doubt, when following the Path leading you back to God. You ask for signs and guidance when moving along your Path. There will be signs for you and there will be guidance for you, but not until you prove your Faith and your devotion to the Lord and the Ascended Hosts.

First you surrender your human ego; first you show your obedience to the Will of God, and only then do you receive signs and confirmation of the correctness of your choice.

This is the Law, and neither I, nor you can change it.

Therefore, all of you in embodiment need Faith. And following Faith, you will receive hope and guidance.

The manifestation of your Faith on the physical plane will be your Love. Because without Love, permeating you and inspiring you to action on the physical plane it is impossible to take a single step in the right direction.

First you believe, and then you begin to experience a feeling of all-consuming Love, and this Love takes the lead in your life and leads you through all the tests and trials.

Your Love and your Faith are all you need to implement your Divine plan.

And if you need something else to implement your Divine plan, then carefully analyze your desires and aspirations. And, as a rule, it will be exactly what you need to get rid of, in the first place.

If you need money, or power, or something else belonging to the illusory world, without which you think you will not be able to serve God, you are on the wrong path.

You will always have everything you need to implement your Divine plan and to serve God and people, if Faith and Love become constant companions in your life.

Wisdom, Divine Wisdom is exactly the quality you acquire when you love and believe wholeheartedly.

God endows you with His Wisdom, and not only with Wisdom but with other gifts of the Holy Spirit, that descend upon you at your request, and even when you do not ask for them.

The qualities of your heart that you gain in selfless service to God draw into your world everything you need to make your service more effective.

If you are on the right Path, you will acquire all the Divine qualities and perfection, as you progress along the Path.

But as soon as you deify the object of your aspirations, you very quickly go astray from the Path. The human mind is so crafty that even the desire to acquire Divine qualities he can turn to his own benefit, to the benefit of the ego, and not to the benefit of God.

As long as you are in the dense physical world, you must constantly be alert and at every moment to differentiate the motive and the desire that drives you.

So many people, who have joined various religious groups and movements, have actually come to these groups not in order to serve God but to serve and worship their ego.

In fact, the worship of God requires no ritual, no external institutions, and does not require you to adhere to any church dogma.

You worship in your heart, you have to find God within your heart and worship only Him.

All the external teachings, external groups and external churches are needed only for you to understand this simple truth and to turn to the only true God who is in your heart.

If you turn to the words of all the great Teachers of mankind, even to those words that they conveyed through Dictations given through this Messenger, you will find one common pattern. All the great Teachers of mankind, each in their own language and using their own inner understanding, taught the same great Truth, that everything is God and that God is inside everything and anything that is in this manifested world.

Accordingly, God is also within you. And when this Divine Truth finally takes possession of the consciousness of the majority of mankind and every person rushes to this God within himself, the manifested world, this manifested illusion will cease to exist. And both mankind, and the Earth as a whole, will move to a higher energy level and exist in other, more subtle bodies.

Then the battle between the forces, defending the illusion, and the forces striving to reverse the illusion will end.

If you look carefully at the world surrounding you, while being in the highest state of consciousness available to you, then you will see how these two forces are constantly clashing around you.

There are people who defend the illusion of this world, and all of their actions are aimed at supporting this illusion. And there are people whose actions are aimed at the contraction of the illusion of this world.

And you can notice that there are more of the first kind than the second.

But this is an apparent superiority of forces. This advantage is temporary and is manifested only on the physical plane of this planet at a given historical moment in time. But on the subtle plane, the final superiority of the forces of Light has been achieved, and it is a matter of time before this victory will be manifested on the physical plane.

Therefore, the opposition of the two forces continues. And the work of me and my legions of the blue flame does not cease.

And all light-bearers, even those in the minority, are reliably protected!

The advantage of forces is for those who are on the side of God. And it has always been so.

It is not by numbers, but by faith and devotion, that changes on Earth, which are to take place at the right time in accordance with the plan of God, are created.

Therefore, do not be confused by the temporary superiority on the physical plane by those forces that you call the forces of darkness. Their time has actually expired. And no matter how violent they are in the end, their power is running out.

My legions and I are at your disposal. And we are ready, at your call, to provide all the help that can be given to you according to your Faith.

I AM Archangel Michael, and I am waiting for your appeals for help 24 hours a day, and I, together with my legions of angels promise to give you all possible help!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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