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Lady Theosophy
January 19, 2010

Lady Theosophy Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
About Lady Theosophy

I AM Lady Theosophy.

Probably, it will be better for you if I introduce myself by my most famous incarnation. So, I AM H.P.B., Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. And I am very pleased with this occasion, with this opportunity given to me, to deliver a Message to the present humankind of Earth.

I know that even now my name provokes an ambiguous reaction from many people. However, the phenomenon of my abilities has had the necessary effect, and at least humanity publishes the books written by me, and some especially persistent people even try to read them.

I am very happy with this fact because this was a phenomenal mission of Light in which I was serving only as a conductor while behind the curtains, without direct contact with many people, the Masters Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul, known to you now, could quietly perform their mission.

The phenomenon of my fruitfulness in writing books still cannot be explained from the point of view of ordinary human logic. Moreover, the things written in these books still mystify many people.

Well, we expected that in about one hundred years, the books of the Masters written with my help would be accessible for understanding by humankind of Earth. We miscalculated. Still the precious information contained in these books is not studied and is not understood, to the shame of humankind. And many even think that this information has already become outdated, and now all the laws for the development of society have changed.

It is every person’s own business what to believe in. However, I am proud of this well-done job. You do not know the real author of the books that I wrote. For you, they are the Masters Morya, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul, and Maha Chohan. At the same time, this was a grandiose mission of Light. And very high spirits were able to come into embodiment to fulfill this mission. Until now, nothing has been given that can be put on the same shelf with the books written during my incarnation as Blavatsky.

Of course, the information is encrypted. It was impossible to give many things openly. And even now it is still too early to give many things. However, for those sincere seekers of Truth who are not afraid of difficulties, who have opened their hearts to the knowledge of the Truth, the keys that will give an understanding of many things can be revealed. I will tell you more.

By projecting the description of what happened in the past on Earth and with humankind onto the current moment, you can get a full understanding of what will happen.

It is sad that the minds of the best representatives of humankind are distracted by many useless activities now. There are so many different activities that distract from the mission for which many sincere souls have come into incarnation. And I can name several dozens of people who are in incarnation now and who were supposed to work on informing humanity about the encoded statements of The Secret Doctrine. However, they have all been more interested in the things that do not speak well of them. I foresee their reaction when they make their transition and see how meaningless their lives were.

The interest in illusionary problems and goals is the main trouble of modern people. In addition, there is another difficulty. Modern ways of communication have led to the inability of the consciousness of people to focus and concentrate, which is necessary to cognize the Truth, to find this Truth between the lines, especially when it is deliberately scattered not only on different pages but also in different volumes.

This Messenger got the opportunity to work due to the fulfillment of the requirement that the Masters put before her. That requirement was to reveal one little inaccuracy in human perception, namely, the uncertainty regarding Lucifer and the fallen angels.[1] The Masters needed one year of intensive work with the consciousness of this Messenger in order for this Truth to gradually become accepted by her consciousness. The fact is that there is a slight difference between the work that I was performing and the work of this Messenger. And this difference relates to the fact that I was transmitting the information that was coming to me from the incarnated Masters on the physical plane. Therefore, I could write things that I did not have in my consciousness.

This Messenger is writing down the things that come from the Higher planes, from the etheric plane to be exact. Therefore, her consciousness cannot comprehend many things.

I served as a translator on the physical plane. This Messenger is serving as a conductor from the Higher plane. And it is impossible to transfer what the consciousness of the Messenger cannot accept or rejects. Among other things, the natural course of the evolution of the consciousness of this individual is important for the Masters.

Taking into account my experience and comparing my work with the work that this Messenger is performing, I can say that still all the achievements take place due to the heavy workload experienced by both the physical body and the subtle bodies of the Messenger. And this workload cannot be compared to any of the jobs that exist in the world.

The more energy is being transmitted, the greater the burden is on the bodies of the Messenger. And if entirely new information were added to the energy component, it would not be possible to endure the burden.

My mission was guaranteed by several Masters incarnated at that time. All those who were supposed to stay beside this Messenger have chosen their illusionary goals and disappeared in the world.

Therefore, the task of the transmission of Light into the physical world remains. And in this case, contemporary means of communication can at last justify itself because all the energy contained in a Message has the opportunity to be received in the same day by many thousands of people living in different parts of the Earth. And even if we do not take into account the ones who read these Messages just because it is fashionable, there are still a sufficient number of light-bearers who brighten up at the moment of reading a Message. And during the cycle of Messages, we have an opportunity, day by day, to cover almost the entire globe with impulses of Light.

Well, if humanity has grown weaker and does not wish to work with the information that was given during my incarnation about 150 years ago and that only requires systematic efforts to be mastered, then we will approach from the other side, by saturating human society with Light and energy.

For our first meeting, dear friends, I have told you quite enough.

I cannot help noticing one more important fact. In my time, I would not have been able to work in Russia as it is possible in your time. And this is a very big plus not only for Russia but also for the entire world community.

I AM Lady Theosophy.

[1] About Lucifer and the fallen angels see the book Good and Evil written by Tatyana N. Mickushina.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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