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A Teaching on the alchemy of the transformation of the consciousness

Beloved Saint-Germain
December 24, 2007

Beloved Saint-Germain
About Beloved Saint-Germain

I AM Saint-Germain, having come again to you on this day! 

I AM the same Saint-Germain who you have probably heard much about, because the rumors about my last embodiment have outlived me considerably. Now when I come, it is very difficult for me to eradicate from your heads all the fables that are being talked about from my last embodiment on Earth. 

Unfortunately, the truth is that it is typical for people to embroider and paint in bright colors everything that takes place by filtering it through the prism of their own perception. 

Therefore, I have to tell you that not everything you know about me is true. The truth is that I served the Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood with faith and fair-mindedness during my last embodiment, and I continue to serve honorably up to the present. My most distinguishing quality is that I serve the Hierarchy and obey its Laws. Only after that did all the miracles, which the ignorant gossiped about and embellished, take place. 

Believe me, no achievements of yours are possible if you do not step on the steps of the Hierarchy and subject your lives to the Great Law existing in this Universe. Many people expend pitiful efforts to acquire miraculous powers without parting with their egos and numerous habits. This will not lead to anything good, but only creates karma, which is subject to being worked off (as you probably already know). 

Nothing in this universe happens randomly. Everything is subject to the strict Law. And only when you completely separate with your egos and with the desire to receive something personally for yourselves, will forces appear at your disposal that will help you really be able to make wonders and manifest miracles not only on the subtle plane but also on the physical plane. 

Here is this alchemy of the creation that I am teaching my disciples, and I am continuing to do this up to the present. 

My favorite country is America! I devoted many years of my embodiment and devoted myself entirely to that country while serving in the position of a Master of the Seventh Ray 

Ladies and gentlemen, you may question why I have come through a Messenger who lives in Russia and who has never even once been to America during the time of her last embodiment on the Earth? Yes, this question is completely legitimate. And I am ready to respond to you without being in haste. 

I have come through the Messenger who is most prepared to receive my Message. I have come through the Messenger who in this moment is actively serving the Great White Brotherhood. Yes, my favorite, America, remains in the shadow for now. And you know that the focus of the Light has been taken from America and moved to Russia. However, this does not mean that we are not ready to work through the people embodied in America. We are just awaiting a suitable occasion in order to revive our attempts and to commence our work again in the land of America. 

The whole point is in the collective consciousness of the nation of America. Now that nation is suffering from a child's illness and, in particular, self-confidence and unwillingness to hear the advice from adults. But why worry? This period will pass, and we really hope that this transitional stage will not continue as long as communism did, which existed in Russia for 70 years. 

I believe very much in the people of America. And I sincerely hope that the consciousness of that nation is capable of developing and receiving the Messages that we are giving in the land of Russia and that America is capable of using the knowledge and teachings provided by us. 

There are no borders on the subtle plane, and if you look upon Earth from space, then you will not see any borders apart from the borders of the continents. Boundaries are located only in your consciousness, and their limitations should be eradicated. Believe me, there is no other way but to eradicate each and every kind of limitations in your consciousness. 

I have come on this day in order to tell you of the alchemy of the transformation that took place yesterday. This alchemy of the transformation was realized with your help, with the help of those who joined the meditation on the 23rd of December[1] and sent their Love to planet Earth. We received 10,000 impulses of Love aimed at the very heart of planet Earth. You cannot imagine what a power and force this is! 

At its meeting, the Karmic Board is now considering how to direct the energy received from your hearts, while I have come in order to express my thankfulness and gratitude. 

Thank you for Serving and for your Faith and Love! 

It does not matter what country the people who have participated in the meditation are from. Love does not have any limits and the waves of Love, by amalgamating, create an astonishing symphony that all Ascended Masters are listening to.

I am greeting all of you, ladies and gentlemen, who participated in this meditation.

As a master alchemist, I am completely satisfied with the work performed. 

Yet, I would like to focus your attention at one more important moment. And this moment is connected with the alchemy of the transformation of your consciousness. You know that your world is a reflected world. Your world is obediently reflecting all thought-forms and images that are generated in the human consciousness. Therefore, if you are constantly in accord with the Divine world, then this will find an inevitable reflection in your world.

There are people who are constantly under the influence of the images of mass culture. Such are the majority of the people living on Earth. Few are capable of generating high images and carrying high vibrations. However, there is a Law: The lower images have a very low energetic level because they are not saturated with Divine energy. And vice versa, the images that carry the Divine manifestations within them are so saturated with Divine energy that they are capable of transforming everything around them.

Therefore, do not let the apparent multitude of forces on Earth in the given moment confuse you. All that is required of you is not to submit yourselves to the influence of the lower, non-divine images and manifestations but to saturate your lives with Divine models and manifestations. And the Divine alchemy will not make you wait for long. Believe me and have faith in my experience in transforming planet Earth. 

I have come with another important mission today. I have come in order to give a huge crystal amethyst as a present to our Messenger Tatyana. I am leaving this crystal on the subtle plane of the Ashram and am convinced that very soon it will manifest itself on the physical plane, and it will serve as an additional source of Light, capable of pointing the Path to a lot of light-bearers all over the world.

I AM Saint-Germain, loved by you and with love to you!

[1] Discourse is about the worldwide meditation I love you Earth that was held on December 23, 2007.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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