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A Talk about the incarnation of the Masters and the institution of Messengers

Beloved Jesus
January 6, 2010

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus.

I have come to you, to those who are waiting for me to come and who love me. I know, beloved, that for those people who have chosen my Path, the surrounding world is dark and dense. I know that no matter where you go, you feel like foreigners. You are not of this world. That is because you have made your choice in favor of the Divine world. And your Service to the world is similar to the Service that I rendered.

When you can attune yourselves to me, to my vibrations, I can come into your world through you for a short time. But I thank God for this opportunity to see your world. It happens so rarely. And it is necessary for me. For through you, as in the past it happened through me, God has an opportunity to look into your world.

I am talking to you as if you understood me. However, the majority of people cannot understand why the mighty Masters cannot come in to your world.

Unfortunately, it is so, beloved. Only very seldom and for a very short period of time can we be present in your world. It also happens when there is a vessel who is ready for Service and who is prepared to the extent that one of the Masters or I can dwell in his temple for some time.

The rest of the time the veil is so dense that the direct presence is impossible, even to a small degree.

We can create an impression about your world based on the Akashic Records or based on what you tell us when you come to the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood during your sleep or after your transition.

I am telling you this so that you can understand your responsibility for your world. Only an incarnated person can act in your world. And we can act through an incarnated person only when he has completely devoted himself to the Will of God and has voluntarily chosen to devote all his life to the Service.

It seems simple, beloved. In fact, the aura of each of you contains a lot of negative energy, the so-called karma that has not been worked off.

When you make a sincere and firm intention in your heart to Serve the Brotherhood, you step onto the Path of Initiations. At least seven years should pass before you are able to really fulfill certain tasks of the Brotherhood. And during these seven years and more, depending on your position on the Path, you prove your ability to serve the Brotherhood every day. Every day a certain karmic energy rises in you in order to be worked off. And you must demonstrate your ability to cope with each manifestation of imperfection that is present in you.

Beloved, there are no perfect people among those who are incarnated. If you were perfect, even to a small extent, you would not be able to be present in your world. For now it is the darkest hour on the planet.

During this time, not a single Master can be incarnated. We make attempts of partial incarnations. However, in order to make the presence in your world possible for us, we must align our vibrations with your world. And for that, similar to a diver who takes a heavy stone to sink down to the bottom, we also burden ourselves with karma so that our vibrations level out and become as close as possible to the vibrations of the physical plane of planet Earth.

In that case, we dive under the dense veil, and our consciousness can no longer comprehend the higher understanding.

It is very rare that a partial incarnation of an Ascended Master arrives into conditions on planet Earth in which she can remember her Divinity and withstand the trials of life.

That is exactly why we use the institution of Messengers. A person who had taken on the duties of being our Messenger before incarnation, just like any one of you who is willing to Serve the Brotherhood, undergoes the trials and tests during the period of at least seven years. After that, she takes on certain responsibilities in the form of a vow. Then we take her through another round of tests, but those tests are more advanced. And when the individual stands the tests for the position of Messenger, we give her the opportunity to Serve. This opportunity is supported with the so-called mantles of the Messenger. In other words, we use a certain amount of energy in order to constantly maintain the energy potential of the Messenger at a certain level.

It is thanks to the mantles that the Messenger is able to maintain proper orienting points in the conditions of your world. And those of you who sincerely accept our Messenger and are ready to Serve her, and in this person the Brotherhood, automatically connect to our protective field.

Yet, as soon as low-quality thoughts and, most importantly, thoughts of criticism against our Messenger come to your mind or you perform an action or say any words against our Messenger, the protection loses its effect and all the energy that until this moment has sustained your consciousness through our Messenger, turns into karma.

It is very wise to maintain proper attitude toward our Messenger, not as a perfect manifestation but as a person who has been trusted to represent the interests of the Brotherhood in the physical plane.

Like everything in your world, the mantle of the Messenger has a dual effect. On the one hand, it helps to maintain the consciousness of people who are sincerely devoted to the Messenger and feel love and respect toward her, at a relatively high level. On the other hand, any action, thought, or feeling of criticism toward our Messenger turns against the person who opposes our Messenger and creates a very serious karma that is equal to karma with God.

Today my talk has provided certain explanations for you regarding the possibility of incarnation of the Masters and the institution of Messengers, with the help of which the Masters complete many tasks in your world.

I think that for many of you my talk today was useful and insightful.

I AM Jesus.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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