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I wish you to manifest only positive qualities in your lives and to be constantly striving for the glorious summits of the Divine World!

Beloved Lanto
July 17, 2006

Beloved Lanto

I AM Lanto, who has come to you.

I have come in order to give you a Message from our level of the etheric octaves, as always. The situation that exists on Earth and the problems that mankind faces but does not recognize due to being inside the problematic situation, becomes obvious from this level. In fact, for you, beloved, our Messages are the source of information that allows you to receive the orientation in your world. That is why we tirelessly come in order to give our Messages, and for that we use the opportunity that the Heavens provide: the communication with mankind of Earth through this Messenger, who is currently incarnated.

The institution of Messengers has always existed. There have always been people who incarnated on Earth with the mission to provide the connection between the worlds, to serve as transmitters of the Divine energies and knowledge to the physical plane. Without that opportunity, mankind of Earth would not be able to develop because it requires constant care and patronage that can only be provided by more highly developed beings that reside on a more subtle plane, in the subtle world, and in the fiery world. That is why we chose it to be our mission to serve mankind of Earth and to lift it to our level of development. It seems to you that everything that I am saying does not concern you directly, but I can disclose one small secret to you. I now have the opportunity to speak with those with whom I had already had conversations before their incarnation on Earth. It seems accidental to you that you have found these Dictations and are reading our Messages. However, you had already known before your incarnation that you had to find this Teaching because this Teaching is inevitably attracting you with its vibrations, and you feel what lies above the text and is written between the lines. It is a special feeling, an intuition, and the program that had been established by you yourselves before your incarnation on Earth.

You would not be able to develop if you did not receive daily guidance in your dreams when you visit our retreats; and you would not be able to develop if your souls did not receive the necessary instructions during the period between your incarnations on Earth. Unfortunately, the vibrations of your dense world deprive you of the opportunity to remember what you receive on the subtle plane as the call to action. Nevertheless, in your lives you constantly fulfill the plans that you set yourselves. You call it intuitive actions or using your intuition. Many people believe that they meet certain people by chance and that the situation unfolds by itself. Well, you can have these or other beliefs, but the process of evolution will go according to the predetermined plan. It is impossible to predict all the nuances and small details, but the general course of the evolution on planet Earth is being carefully monitored, and the millions of beings that reside on the subtle plane facilitate your development. Those include angels, elementals, the Ascended Masters, and many other representatives of various cosmic hierarchies and structures. You should not try to grasp the structure of the cosmic hierarchy too much. The time will come and you will receive all the necessary knowledge and understanding. Now, the most important point for you is to elevate your consciousness to the level where you are able to consciously perceive the subtle world and the goals of the subtle world. Then you will be able to acquire your own communication with the Higher part of you and through it, the communication with us, the Ascended Hosts. When the level of consciousness of mankind allows, that communication will be easily achieved and it will be inherent to the majority of Earth’s population, just as the Internet has become widespread at this time. That new communication network will allow mankind to transition to a new level of communication and gain access to the cosmic data bank in the same way that you now receive access to the database contained in the Internet.

That is why we come again and again in order to awaken your consciousness from the long sleep and show you the opportunities and chances that will open up in front of you when you willingly give up your attachments to the physical plane. Remember how difficult it was for you to go on the Internet for the first time and gain an understanding of how it works? Now you are at the threshold of a new opportunity; you are at the threshold of a new cosmic opportunity that will allow you to go on the cosmic Internet. In the same way, there will be people who will be the first to gain that opportunity, and there will be those who will have to stay ignorant for many more incarnations. It is not because the opportunity will not exist for them but because they are too lazy to use the opportunity that is provided to them by God. Therefore, set aside your laziness and your attachments to the physical world, to your human habits, and finally look up to the Heavens! Widen your range of perception of reality! Strive for the Higher worlds and you will receive what you strive for!

It is impossible for you to achieve something if you do not have the understanding of what you need and what you need to strive for. That is why we come and give you the understanding of what you need to aspire to, and we also give you the instruments and approaches that you need to learn.

All the Divine perfection lies within you. You simply need to learn how to gain access to that perfection. In order to do that, you need to clear your conductors from the trash that you have collected on Earth during thousands of incarnations. You need to learn how to part with everything that you do not need in your new life.

Do not be afraid of changes; do not be afraid to part with the old habits and attachments, all that restrains your advancement and prevents you from breaking forth to the new level of consciousness, and gain truly cosmic opportunities.

Your attachment to your world impedes you. You need to understand that in the end, everything is determined by the level of consciousness that you have, and your level of consciousness is determined solely by your ability to break free from what prevents you from following the path of the evolution. You drive yourselves into a corner with your negative thoughts, with your negative perception of the world, with your criticism of everything that surrounds you. You need to learn how to experience a constant feeling of inner joy, even when the external circumstances of your life unfold in the worst way possible, or so it seems to you. That is because the dark period will inevitably be followed by a period of light, the dark night will be followed by the dawn of the new day! It will be this way as long as this material Universe exists. Soon, your feeling of joy will become such a genuine manifestation of your nature that you will not experience any negative feelings or dismay ever again!

I wish you to manifest in your lives only the positive qualities and to be constantly striving for the glorious summits of the Divine World!

I AM Lanto, wishing you a happy journey!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
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