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You have come into this world to act. Perform your duty!

Beloved El Morya
April 25, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you through this Messenger again.

I hurry up with the fixing of my impetus of Light in Tatyana’s force field. In accordance with the responsibility granted to me, I have been performing the procedure of anointing all the Messengers during the last hundred years.

And now at this very moment I am placing my electronic presence over Tatyana as a sign of my patronage.

I have no opportunity to render sponsorship to any organization, as there is no such organization in the physical plane. There is only a Messenger there.

Therefore, I establish my sponsorship and fix a protective thread in Tatyana’s aura from this day.

I am doing it now.

We did it!

From this moment I endow Tatyana with the powers to represent me in the physical octave and I take her under my patronage.

I am happy to have my representative in the physical plane of planet Earth again.

You know that I aspire to cooperate with people. There is no other Master having as many disciples as me. But I render my personal sponsorship very rarely and only in exceptional cases.

You may probably not guess what this means.

As soon as the Brotherhood receives an opportunity to enjoy a permanent focus of Light anchored in the aura of a Messenger living in any country, not only this Messenger, but the whole country, is taken under our protection while this focus of Light is active.

That is why I focus your attention on today’s event. We will see what the future events will be and to what extent our hopes and confidence will be justified.

This concerns not only the Messenger but also the light-bearers embodied in Russia now. This is a chance for all of you to receive unprecedented support and help from the Heavens in all of your initiatives.

From now on I promise those of you who have accepted our Messenger in your hearts to respond to any of your calls. I will give you all the help that can be given in all your undertakings. The only condition is the purity of your motives and the correspondence of your initiatives to the Will of God.

Beloved, are you aware of the opportunity you are being granted? Isn’t it breathtaking to receive help and protection from the Ascended Hosts at the first call?

Can you imagine those fast changes that will take place around you?

Thus, all you need to do is to approach an altar or descend into your heart and make the following call:

In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self and in accordance with the opportunity granted by beloved El Morya through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana Mickushina, I ask the Will of God to be manifested in my actions which I perform in the name of God in this physical octave.

Further on you must set forth the essence of the undertaking or business in which you want to be helped by me personally or by the Ascended Hosts.

You may write down your request on a sheet of paper and then burn it. Thus, even lacking an organization, you are helped in your Divine deeds and the help is rendered to you directly, wherever you are.

It does not matter whether you act by yourself or together with a group of like-minded people.

In order to make use of the calls of the Messenger and thus to have additional help in your business, I recommend that you transmit a copy of your request directly to my Messenger.

From this day Tatyana receives the mantle of my personal Messenger in addition to the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, which was laid on her shoulders a year ago.

Thus, we will soon know all the light-bearers who are ready to join this new dispensation and to act in its framework.

However, this dispensation differs from the previous ones. Earlier we anchored the focus within a certain organization in a certain country. As a rule, a Messenger was at the head of such an organization and had to shoulder all the work of the organization. At present we have chosen another way. At your request we will render sponsorship to the organizations that you will found in your localities.

Don’t wait for any commands except behests of your heart.

You were embodied, and each of you came into embodiment with a certain mission. And you know what you are to do.

It is not necessary for you to found an organization embracing all the aspects of activity. Moreover, the organization does not have to be social or religious.

You may found a commercial organization in order to affirm the Divine principles in the methods of conducting business in your countries. You may start your own public health institution or any educational institution.

The only demand for you is to view the Divine principles as a priority in your activity, to lay them in the basis of your organization, and to help the people around you.

Don’t strive for money. You will have exactly enough money for the implementation of your plans.

Money and the energy of money are only a secondary factor. The most important factor is the purity of your hearts and your wish to fulfill the Will of God.

This is the service that you have come to carry out in this world. The time for concrete actions has come. And don’t tell me that you don’t know what to do. Look around you.

Don’t your eyes see the things for which your abilities, your efforts, hands and feet can be used?

The time for concrete actions has come. You have come into this world to act. Therefore, be so kind as to perform your duty.

You have had enough idle talk and discussing which of you have achieved bigger results on the Path. I want to see what you can really do in the surrounding physical world.

You have come into this world to act. Perform your duty!

If you still have not understood what I am talking about, I will have to descend to you, roll up my sleeves and show you what you ought to do.

Look how much rubbish there is around you.

And this is not only physical rubbish. This is the rubbish overfilling your mass media, TV, radio, Internet, and newspapers.

Clean up the rubbish around you and inside of your consciousness.

If some of you do not know what to apply your efforts to, nothing is left for you but to pray and ask God for enlightenment because you have torn yourselves away from the Divine reality and cannot even realize the distance between your world and the world of the Divine reality.

Times have changed, and now after the change of the cycles we are choosing another way of acting.

We will not found a united organization that can become a tasty morsel and a temptation for the people who desire to rule.

No, We will place our focus of Light over any organization that will address us directly or through this Messenger and ask for our patronage and that will meet our principles. We will act through each one who has prepared his temple for our coming. We will simply accept your invitation to enter your temples and take up your proposal to become our hands and feet in the physical plane.

We will enter your temples. It will take place so naturally that you will not even notice our presence, and we will show you the best path to follow and the foremost task to apply your efforts.

If one of you says that he has no opportunity to found his own organization, to start his own business, or that he is lacking like-minded people and supporters and is absolutely lonely, let me not believe it.

You live among people, and these people need your help. You have four lower bodies, and these bodies need to be purified.

Therefore, don’t tell me that you do not know what to do and what to occupy yourselves with.

The time for the active deeds has come. You will be rendered help from the Heavens in all of your endeavors if they correspond to the Will of God!

What are you still waiting for?

Shall I really come to you and show you what to do? Then hold up your shoulders, and I will shift off a part of my duties and a part of my work on to you.

Everyone should do his business. Start working and you will be astonished with the help that you will be given.

I AM El Morya, and I am always with you wherever you perform your concrete deeds in the name of God.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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