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Your level of consciousness is determined by the Divine qualities that you gain on your Path

Beloved Great Divine Director
July 2, 2006

I AM Great Divine Director, coming to you today through our Messenger. I have come in order to draw your attention to the current information connected with the session of the Karmic Board, which has just ended. This time, we took part in this session with high spirits because the changes that we had been waiting for started to be realized. The rate of the changes has even exceeded our expectations. Not all, and far from all, have accepted our Messenger and the Messages that we give through her, but there is already a sufficient number of individuals who have started reading our Messages and began working on themselves, their thoughts, and their feelings, so that the changes are beginning to occur in the consciousness of people. And you know that everything in this world is determined by your consciousness, by the level of your consciousness that you are able to achieve and keep with your daily hard work.

Our task as the Ascended Hosts, is to direct your development and help to ensure that you do not go beyond the boundary of the evolutional corridor given to you. Now we are happy to state that you have moved away from that boundary of the evolutional corridor, which could lead to a catastrophe even if there was one more slight deviation from the set evolutional course. We have obtained a stable and balanced state. And mankind is ready to continue its evolution in this state, and we are able to direct mankind and to coordinate the creative efforts of the most advanced individuals. Fortunately, there are more and more of those individuals. Many of you who have found the Path and the Teaching again are able to do great things. You do not realize the work and responsibility that rests on your shoulders. However, not much is required of you. You just have to remember every day that you are not just the physical body that you see as your reflection in the mirror. Your life does not end with the death of your physical body; it continues. You will evolve more and more successfully when you constantly identify yourselves not with the physical body but with your immortal part, and when you constantly think about how your present actions influence your future and the circumstances of your next incarnation. Unfortunately, most of mankind still does not believe in reincarnation and lives as if only death is ahead. Every time you think that way, you limit your possibilities and lose the opportunity to connect with the Higher octaves and with us, the Ascended Hosts. Your world just obediently follows your consciousness. That is why you are being told about the expansion of consciousness and about the ability to allow more expansion and to exceed the usual scope of a single religion or a single country.

That is why we would like for our Messenger to have an opportunity to communicate with representatives of different religious beliefs and of different countries, because the information we can give through her depends on the scope of her consciousness. It is very seldom that we can meet a conductor so diversified and at the same time unconditionally devoted to us, so that we can give the amount of information through her that mankind needs at the present stage. But mostly, we have to use the conductor that we are able to obtain. Therefore, I appeal to you to please render all the help that you can to our Messenger because we might not get another conductor of that kind in the near future, someone who can bring up their level of conscious to work with the Brotherhood. Therefore, do accept our Messages with gratitude. Your level of consciousness is not determined by the amount of mental information that you are able to let into your mind. Your level of consciousness is determined by the Divine qualities that you gain on your Path, and devotion, sincerity, unselfishness, and humility are the most important among them.

Without these qualities, no mental skills will allow you to ascend to a new level of consciousness.

Therefore, each time we come, we keep repeating the importance of the development of the Divine qualities within you. Your aspiration compels you to get what is necessary for your development. Therefore, aspiration and persistence are the next qualities that you will need.

Think carefully about what I have said and about the requirements that our disciples should meet. How many of you are ready to maintain the right guidelines in your consciousness every day? Does your daily fuss and the objectives that you set for yourselves in your world divert you from service? Each of you chooses the extent of the sacrifice that you can make. But I can assure you that the utmost sacrifice you can make is to completely renounce everything that attaches you to the physical world and to achieve that state of liberation from the bondage of matter that will allow you to never incarnate in the physical body.

Thus, there is an evolutionary way of development that we teach through our Messenger, just the same way we taught about this Path through many other Messengers and prophets in ancient times and also not so long ago. You can always catch common things in many Teachings that we gave. And despite the distortions that were introduced by the followers who either did not get the essence of the Teachings completely or deliberately distorted the Teaching, the essence can still be distinguished in many religions, faiths, and doctrines by those with an open and inquisitive mind. There are no contradictions between the Teaching that we are giving through our Messenger now and those fundamentals that we gave through all the founders of all world religions. Do try to catch common things in your consciousness, and you will understand that exactly the same Teaching that we are giving now, also lies behind many dogmas and rules. There is no other Teaching in the world that we would give, but there are many people who try to gain the attention of the masses and invent rather strange practices and doctrines, and what is more, find their followers. Therefore, it is very important for you to raise your consciousness to the level where the veil falls from your eyes, and you can see the nature of each false guru and can distinguish where there is truth in his teaching and where there is a blatant lie. Therefore, we do not hesitate to repeat again and again that your main tool, by which you should be guided when acting in your world, is your heart and the sincerity of your motives. If you are honest, unselfish, and inquisitive in your mind, you will get access to the true sources and will be able to quench your thirst of knowledge, pressing your lips to the cup of cool reviving water of our Teaching that we always give for you, the people of Earth.

The complexity of living in your time is caused by the fact that informational flows are so saturated and littered with different substitutes, that all your attention and intuition are required to sort out these flows. Never aim at trying everything — you can get indigestion. Take only the food that is tested and of high quality, which we give through our Messengers and prophets. Now that you have been warned, you are completely responsible for the choice of literature you read and for the source that you use. This is your choice and you will carry the karma of the wrong choice.

One of the tasks that the Karmic Board performs is to ease the burden of karma caused by the wrong choice of the teaching that you decided to follow. In order to lighten the karma of going along the wrong path, you can apply to the Karmic Board and to me personally, and ask to create such circumstances for you in your lives so that you can understand and realize all your delusions and can consciously overcome the karma from the wrong choices in your lives.

Today we have been talking about many things, and I hope that the talk will be useful for you.

I AM Great Divine Director, always with you!

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