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Cycles of the Messages

I congratulate you on the success of the forces of Light!

Master Morya
June 29, 2013

Master Morya
About Master Morya

I AM El Morya!

I am glad to meet you today!

I see your sincere interest in the Teaching being given by us, and I am satisfied with the fact that despite all the difficulties, we managed to give this cycle of the Messages through our Messenger!

Yes beloved, we have to overcome significant difficulties every time in order to perform the transmission of our Teaching. Unfortunately, the resistance of the opposing forces has reached such a high level of tension that it takes us great effort to transmit every cycle of the Messages. And every time we expect that our efforts and our energies will not be wasted but will be mastered by you.

We have completed the new cycle of the Messages that we have been giving through our Messenger — this time in Germany!

We do expect that the energy released at the point of the reception of our Messages will be assimilated by those people who are able to assimilate the energies of the Higher worlds.

Our efforts welcome your interest to spread the Teaching. Only if we find hearts ready for Service and if we are sure that they will not spill the energy of the Word, then we will transmit our Messages.

We are interested in spreading the energy released during the reception of each cycle of the Messages evenly around the surface of Earth. Therefore, we thoroughly choose and prepare the place for the reception of each of the cycles of our Messages.

Nothing is accidental. Everything is carefully planned by us, and every erg of the released energy is used to change the situation on the globe and to manifest the preponderance of the forces of Light in the physical plane.

Now I must tell you that never before have we faced such a resistance as we have faced during the transmission of this cycle of the Messages. The situation worsened because we could not find those on whom we could rely, who could take care of our Messenger during the reception of the summer cycle of the Messages.

Every time, the situation repeats itself. Every time we find our followers, who before their incarnation had assumed obligations upon themselves to serve the Brotherhood and our Messenger, just when the moment for Service comes, they find more important things to do and one by one leave the Path.

We have been watching this situation for several thousand years. When we are far away and there is no direct transmission of our energies, many of our chelas find their comfort in the illusion that they are following the Path and are serving the Brotherhood. However, when we approach and come near them as closely as possible, they suddenly find more important things to do and they go away one by one, leaving us and our Messenger.

Beloved, God will always take care of the Messenger! The Messenger is under my personal protection and patronage. But will you have another opportunity to carry out the service during this or the following incarnations?

Remember once and for all: It is not YOU who do a favor when you serve our Messenger, but WE and our Messenger do you an honor by permitting you to serve the Brotherhood.

This truth, like many other Divine truths, you have turned upside down.

However, there is the Divine order and the Divine Law. And no matter how you try to move the Divine Law away from you, it keeps working constantly.

The main thing that we attain with every transmission of our Messages is the separation of the grain from the weeds. With certainty, we can judge which side you really take according to the actions you perform when the Divine energies approach you. All your words and assurances about your devotion to the Brotherhood and our Messenger are left aside. You forget about your devotion, about your service, and about your obligations, and rush to the first temptation that appears in the external world. And your carnal mind will always explain to you and tell you why this was right when you chose to stroke your ego instead of continuing to go further along the Path.

Many of you do not even suspect that this is the last opportunity for your souls to return to the Path. You are not even aware of the fact that you are making a fatal choice. And this is very sorrowful to understand. And what makes it even more sorrowful, is that many of you have been reading our Messages since the first day.

God cannot be profaned, beloved. But you are making your choices one by one. And God attains His main objective: to separate those among human individuals who are ready for the next stage of evolution from those who are no good and who will make up the unsuccessful pages of human history.

In the presence of our Messenger, the real separation of the Light from the darkness in the surrounding reality always takes place, above all, in the souls of people. This is the quality of the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, and it is as essential as the Word of God and the Masters, which our Messenger is transmitting.

And now I must tell you that the cycle of our Messages is over. And we are satisfied with the fact that we have managed to release an unprecedented amount of Light through our Messages this time.

I congratulate you on this success of the forces of Light!

My wish for you is to acquire that degree of awareness that will allow you to discern the slightest manifestations of the forces of darkness inside your being and outside of it.

My wish for you is the reinforcement of your faith and devotion to the Brotherhood that will lead you through all the traps of the dual world and will allow your soul to return Home — to God!

During the transmission of this Message I am sealing all the Light that was released in this cycle of our Messages so that no one who is not from the Light can take advantage of it.

It is done! It is completed! It is sealed!

I AM El Morya!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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