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A Teaching on true and false Messengers

Sanat Kumara, May 11, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come to you through My Messenger again.

I have come again to testify to the fact that you are living at a blessed time. You understand that every time we come to give a Dictation, we do it with a certain intention. The purpose of my Dictation today is to support the impetus of energy exchange that has been obtained between the octaves.

You understand that, apart from bearing the informational and energetic components, these Dictations also serve the function of energy exchange between the octaves. Our aim is to obtain a point of Light located between the worlds. Such a point is of unconditional importance for us. With its help we can establish our presence in your world and provide an embodied Messenger with an opportunity to reach our octaves. Whatever one person has the strength to do will sooner or later be mastered by everybody.

We expect you to become able to stay in the point between the worlds. Dwelling in the point between the worlds is the state that you should reach either during this embodiment or during one of your future embodiments.

The duties of a Messenger do not mean a post demanding respect and worship. The duties and the mantle of a Messenger mean only an opportunity to serve more efficiently in the name of God.

The mantle of a Messenger allows the space vibrations to change, and we obtain an opportunity to be present and to give our Messages at the point where the worlds join each other.

Think over the opportunity for each of you to develop into such a point. In fact, it is just a question of your choice, your wish, and your aspiration.

To deserve the mantle of a Messenger you will have to sacrifice much. You will have to give up everything that ties you down to this world. And if some of you wish to choose the path of apostleship, I will gladly teach you either directly in person or through this Messenger.

It is time to part with the usual myth inherent in your world that a Messenger is an exceptional person. There are certain limitations connected with your karmic past that can block your path to becoming our Messenger, but they cannot prevent you from offering your service in a more limited way that can be very close to the service of a Messenger.

Today I would like to give you some explanation of the question concerning the subject widely discussed in your world. It is a question of the false apostleship, false teachers, and the false path.

Today I am determined to clear up this question for you definitively. The question of apostleship, like any other question concerning your world, contains the same duality that is inherent in your world.

Therefore, in reality there are Messengers who represent the Forces of Light, the Hierarchy of the Light Forces. And there are messengers who say that they represent the Hierarchy of the Light Forces, but at best they represent just themselves, and at worst they have really given themselves up to the disposal of those forces that can be called the forces of the dark. I prefer to call the latter the forces multiplying the illusion — that is, the forces that currently oppose themselves to the Divine plan for this stage of evolution in this universe.

What is the difference between the true and the false Messengers? What should you be guided by when making a choice? This question is a very serious one because your choice of a Messenger to follow determines the side on which you will find yourself at the moment of separating the weeds from the wheat. You may make it appear that you do not need to make any choice and give preference to any messenger and that you trust only God who is present within you and your Christ Self. And this will be a correct position on the condition that you really have a relationship with God or with your Christ Self inside of you.

Nevertheless, the majority of people do not have this connection, and consequently they have to be more or less guided by the information that comes to them from outside, from the people who declared themselves as our messengers or teachers.

What are the criteria and what is the difference?

A true Messenger will never force you to follow or not to follow him. The task of a Messenger is just to deliver the information to the physical plane and to help people orientate themselves in the sea of various religious movements and teachings.

A true Messenger needs neither your support nor for you to be their followers. You yourself make a decision of your free will whether or not to be guided in life by the information that comes to you through this Messenger. Such qualities as disinterestedness and absence of the desire to make a name and become famous are obligatory. The only task that a Messenger should carry out and that we welcome, is to spread the Teaching as widely as possible by all available means.

If we examine the category of messengers who have devoted themselves to service to the forces opposed to us, here you will see the exact opposite: they strive to be surrounded by followers and disciples and to use the latter in order to multiply power, control, and wealth in the physical world. Since the forces opposed to us do not have their own source of energy (they preferred to be torn off the only source of energy in this universe — the Divine energy), they need your energy in the shape of your recognition and worship, and your gifts and tithes to support their existence. Such people will use all their influence to prevent you from receiving access to communication with the Forces of Light on your own. But they are not able to teach you such a communication, because they do not possess this communication themselves. All they can do is to attach you to their egregore, formed by the energy of their followers who grant their energy to these false messengers and false teachers.

It will not be easy for you to differentiate, because everything looks alike on the surface. You hear the right words. You see the correct actions. You can even experience a state of religious ecstasy. But your spiritual advancement is impossible under the guidance of false teachers. At best you will mark time; at worst you can lose all the impetus of your merits.

Beloved, if you have chosen a true teacher and listen to the words coming to you through our Messenger, then the result, the fruit, and the consequence of your correct choice will tell you — not in tens of years and not in your next life — but you will already feel an inner change within the next several months.

Yes, there may be trials and you may fall back, and there may be conflicts and disagreement with your ego and with the false part of yourselves. And these disputes, these trials, and this conflict may be rather painful. But you must understand that in the absence of such a conflict, your false part will not be able to leave you and you will not manage to gain victory over it if you constantly pander to your ego and your wishes.

Sometimes it is necessary to make a cut in order to let out the pus, and this can be painful and very unpleasant.

But if you do not get rid of the pus in your organism, the inflammatory process can seize the whole organism and bring it to death.

In your dual world it is not always that unpleasant things are harmful and things that provide pleasure are useful.

That is why, beloved, the gift of making distinctions is the quality that you must beg to be granted to you as a mercy in the first place.

I have to touch upon another important moment: A Messenger is a human who stands on the peak of a mountain, and all the lightning and hurricanes strike them in the first instance.

Therefore, there are very few people in your world who can hold their ground on the peak of the Divine consciousness. Many people who had passed our tests and deserved their mantles of Messengers were not able to hold their consciousness at the proper level and were subsequently deprived of our mantles.

Therefore, beloved, I completely understand your obstacles connected with the duality of your world and sometimes the impossibility of obtaining a true idea of these or those people, events, or things.

I can assure you that your Higher Self always knows the Truth. That is why you should trust only your Higher Self but not the external impressions, words, and even deeds performed by these or those people who have declared themselves as our Messengers or your teachers.

False teachers and false messengers feed on your energy. Everything they can teach you is to cultivate your ego. Unfortunately, a person with a rather big ego is able to distinguish neither our vibrations nor our true Messengers. But we know that sooner or later, trials and situations of life will bring him to our Messengers. And after all the ordeals that will fall to his lot, he will be grateful to be granted an opportunity just to sit at the feet of a Guru and to listen to the words of the Truth. And his heart, hardened through suffering, will be deceived neither by the appearance of the Guru nor by the fact that the Guru is not recognized by the powers that be.

Beg for the gift of making distinctions, and you will obtain what you ask for.

I AM Sanat Kumara.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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