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A Teaching on Divine Gratitude

Lord Maitreya
April 10, 2006

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come to you through my Messenger. I have come for guidance in the sphere of the Divine Knowledge.

The minutes of our communication are sweet and having a physical transmitter that meets our requirements is too rare. Therefore, everything that is being said and everything that will be told is to have everlasting and unconditional value for you, like precious pearls.

We come and grant you one pearl of wisdom after another. And you string these pearls on the necklace that you collect throughout your life.

It is truly an invaluable necklace of Knowledge. And you should treat it with care.

That is why I am giving this long introduction, so you could check the purity of your motives once again and tune to the Divine state. We notice that many of our chelas who have already been briskly following the Path of Initiations, at a certain stage begin to doubt, and temptation starts taking them away from the Path, the True Path that they were searching for in many incarnations and that they found at last.

What is the reason for this situation? And why does it happen?

I will tell you the reason. You constantly feel hunger and lack of Divine Love and Divine energy. But as soon as you get a bit of our Love, of our energy, you immediately forget about those states of hopelessness and despair in which you had been before you found our Teachings.

Human consciousness is very active and unstable. And the quality that you have to develop in yourselves is the feeling of Gratitude for the Teaching being given to you, gratitude toward the Heavens, the Creator, the Ascended Hosts and our Messenger.

It is exactly the feeling of gratitude, because this feeling remains the purest and unblemished in your physical octave.

The feeling of Love is the highest of all, but reaching the purity of that feeling is very difficult in your octave because there is no other feeling that has as many distortions as the feeling of Love.

Therefore, I recommend that you start cultivating the feeling of gratitude for the received Knowledge and Teaching within yourselves.

Without gratitude you will not advance along your Path. Do not be confused by the fact that you will have to express your gratitude and thankfulness in public. Many European people do not have a clear understanding of how to serve God, the Masters, and the Most High, which is inherent in the people of India and Tibet. Therefore, you have to restore within yourselves those traditions of worshipping God, worshipping the Divinity around you, and worshipping the Divinity within you.

You have to find the balance, the equilibrium, in your relationship with God. If you receive everything that is given to you without feeling gratitude and without expressing it, you will voluntarily deprive yourselves of further advancement. Heavens cannot give you more if you do not balance the given energy with your energy that you send to our octaves. There is no money in our octaves, but the Divine energy is the equivalent of money. Therefore, when you get knowledge, you have to give us the equivalent of the Divine energy that is able to penetrate into our octaves. You know that no imperfect energy can penetrate into the octaves of Light. Therefore, I recommend that you start cultivating the feeling of gratitude within yourselves.

You can feel Love and send us your Love. But unfortunately, many people have such a low standard of love in their hearts that such Love cannot penetrate into our octaves.

However, you should constantly watch that your gratitude and worship do not go to another extreme when you begin external worship without having the true feeling of gratitude in your heart. Any external worshipping should only compliment the internal manifestation of your feelings. Contrary to this, many people think that it is enough for them just to have the feeling of gratitude in their hearts without expressing it externally. In this case, carefully analyze your state and your motives because sometimes you are just guided by your pride.

You live in the physical world; and you should manifest your gratitude at the physical level.

Do not forget that you are responsible for taking care of our Messenger.

That ancient Truth is erased from the memory of the current generation. When Divinity predominated in people's minds, those people who heard the voice of God in their hearts and could bring God's Word to the people always prospered.

The way that people treat our heralds, prophets, and Messengers can be seen as fallen morals of the society and how far society is from the Divine ideal.

Therefore, do not hesitate to provide our Messenger with your patronage and care. Always remember that our Messenger is the representative of the Hierarchy of Light on Earth, and it is your duty to show respect and to take care of our representative.

When you are able to accept this simple truth in your consciousness without different stipulations and twists of your minds, we will talk to you in a different way and will give more profound Knowledge and Teachings.

No matter how we try now, you cannot assimilate our knowledge. First, you should restore the return flow of the Divine energy going back to our octaves. Then we will be able to give.

This law is indisputable, and it should be realized.

You stop the flow of the Divine energy yourself. And the reason for blocking this flow is your pride and your unwillingness to pay for what is given, regardless of whether your gratitude is expressed in the material form or it is expressed in your feelings.

The combination of inner and outer gratitude is ideal in your time. And you should watch and control that combination yourself.

I have given an important Teaching for you today. This Teaching is well known and widespread in the East. But the people in the West are not acquainted with it in practice. However, without the realization of this Teaching, the West will not be able to get the wisdom of the East in full.

I AM Maitreya, and I have been with you today.

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