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You need to decide what is more important for you: this world or the Divine world

Beloved Babaji
June 20, 2010

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji. I have come to you again.

I have come again today in order to talk seriously. A few hours remain until the summer solstice. And the Divine opportunity that was given to humankind in the course of this mission of Light comes to its end.

We are sad. I do not know how you feel.

Three years have passed since the time of the Masters’ appeal to the people of Russia.[1] We were observing. I was also among those who were observing because I still have my last incarnation in front of my eyes. I had the opportunity to be a conductor of the Divine energy. And due to this energy, I attracted many people who gathered to consume the Light. I saw through each of those people. I read their thoughts and I knew about their souls, even what they did not know about themselves and what they hesitated to admit to themselves.

All the people who came to me in the Ashram from different countries all over the world were mainly attracted by the Light. They were also interested in participating in many beautiful rituals, which I performed as well, such as singing bhajans.

Of course, many Europeans were attracted to the exotic. However, I always adhered to the course that I carried within myself. And I endured all external worship and veneration because I understood that many people needed the external worship of the Guru and because that was the level of development of those people.

Several hundred people came to me in my Ashram every year. And there were only a few among those hundreds of people who revered me as their Teacher and shared my mission.

Now, we have come to another country, to Russia. And the method that we use is different. We give Messages because most people who use the Internet or read books perceive the energy through the word. And for them the mental food for their carnal minds is more important than the energy essence of our Messages.

Now, not only a few hundred comprehend our Teaching but also tens of thousands of people all over the world.

And the situation is repeated. There are many who come to see the miracle, but there are very few who are truly devoted to the business that the Masters are carrying out, and there are even fewer people who are devoted to our Messenger.

The external representative of the Hierarchy is a key figure in this process. And the way people perceive our representative and the Teaching that she gives either opens the Divine opportunity for the development of humankind or closes it.

So, there was a term of three years given for the nation to care for the Messenger. What happened during this time?

For two years our Messenger was dealing with the construction of the Ashram. The third year passed in continuous court cases. During the time between the cases, she was dealing with household problems: fixing the plumbing, cultivating the fields, and repairing everything that needed to be repaired.

Probably, all those activities are necessary, and like every kind of work aimed at Common Good, these things create eternal reserves of fortune in Heaven for our Messenger.

What about the nation? The nation was deprived of the most significant thing: the transmission of the living Word, training, and seminars.

Now put yourselves in the place of the Ascended Masters. Would you continue to put energy into a business that does not bring you the expected income? Our understanding of income is different from yours. Who knows why you think that the whole essence is in the money: If there is money, there will be everything. However, by income we mean the level growth in the consciousness of the nation. There are criteria by which we can judge this level of consciousness. The main criterion is the attitude toward the Messenger of the Word.

Does our representative on Earth have due respect?

Are there people who arrange their lives according to the Teaching that we give?

You can convince me that you act in accordance with the received Teaching and you do everything that the Masters say: read the Rosaries, build houses in nature, educate children and youth.

Probably, all of this is really being done. However, it is being done at the level of amateur art activities. It is being done the way you see it from your level of consciousness, and we would like it to be done the way we see it from our ascended level of consciousness. In particular, there is a mass of underwater stones and vortexes that have to be taken into account. In essence, every step has to be considered and must be in accordance with the Divine direction and the Divine models. Meanwhile, you measure everything by your human standards. It is easier for you that way. You do not need to change anything within yourselves. And soon, I am sure the businessmen of evil will be selling turn-key communities or turn-key ashrams.

It will continue happening that way until you think about why you need all this without the most important thing: the level of consciousness that is necessary for you to achieve.

The criterion of your level of consciousness is your attitude toward our Messenger. It is impossible to take the Teaching and disregard the source of the Teaching. Everything that you take will immediately turn from gold into ashes before your eyes.

The worship of the Higher Source is a necessary condition.

We have been giving our Teaching for three years despite all the obstacles that stood in our way, regardless of the construction and the court cases.

However, will there be any benefit from this Teaching of ours?

The Law is inexorable. You will be able to get a new level of consciousness only when you receive this knowledge with the feeling of unconditional love for the Teacher and devotion to the Masters.

We will not decrease the level of our requirements for disciples according to the ego of an individual who wants both to serve God and not to forget himself.

You need to decide what is more important for you: this world or the Divine world.

All the ostensible diversity of choices that you make every day is reduced to just this one main choice only.

We have been keeping the doors of the Divine opportunity widely open all this time. And now the cycle has changed and the new stage has come.

The Karmic Board will draw its conclusions and will make a decision in the coming two weeks.

I AM Babaji.

[1] The Master’s appeal to the people of Russia, a fragment of speech of the Messenger in Moscow on March 24, 2007. The text of the appeal is an Appendix to the sixth cycle of Messages in Words of Wisdom Volume 2.

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