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A Teaching on the Path of Apprenticeship

Lord Shiva
April 22, 2006

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva, having come to you again!

I have come, and as always, I have come to give you the information that you need, and that your outer consciousness and your subtle bodies need.

There have been a number of important events since our previous communication. The result of those events can be briefly described as Heaven's approval of the current situation on Earth. And if earlier, during the days of the winter solstice when we were giving the previous cycle of the Dictations,[1] we expressed our displeasure with the situation on Earth, now we can't stop repeating that the Heavens express their approval and joy due to the changes that are occurring on Earth.

The situation is changing, and if it is still not noticed by the majority of humanity, those who can feel higher energies notice the changes and follow these changes in their consciousness.

As it was at our last meeting, I have come to give a short Teaching concerning the Path of Apprenticeship. The vital need for this Teaching becomes more and more obvious. As soon as humankind of Earth is carried away by the illusion, the connection with the Hierarchy and our Teaching, which we have been giving for many centuries through different incarnated Teachers and Messengers, becomes lost.

So, every time we have to restore our connection again and again through the conductor that we get in the dense world. At this moment we are talking about our Messenger, Tatyana. You see that we continue using this conductor. We are proceeding with our work because when getting a worthy conductor, we try to use it at full capacity. We do not take into account the state of the person's physical body or their inner state. Nothing can stop us when it is necessary to transmit information and the Law for its application in the physical world.

Having this conductor, we will try to use it not only for the transmission of our Messages but also for creating our outpost, the base, the foundation, and the focus of Light on the physical plane. When we get something on the physical plane that can allow us to fix our focus of Light, we will transmit our information and will influence the raising of the vibrations of many, using the bodies of the Messenger. This is similar to the process that happens when you throw a stone in the quiet water of a pond: The waves from the thrown stone spread around the whole pond. Everything that has gotten into the scope of that spreading wave starts to feel the vibrations.

Therefore, the transfer of knowledge is not always connected with giving information through the Word. There is a certain law that allows the transfer of information from the aura of a Teacher to the aura of a disciple. In order to do that, Guru-chela relations based on complete unconditional Love and cooperation should be established. At the moment when the auras of a Teacher and a disciple touch, the momentum of the Teacher's achievements goes to the disciples on that complete and unconditional feeling of Love.

We try to create the conditions in which we could use the potential of our Messenger at full capacity, not only giving information through her in the form of the Word, but also giving the information to our chelas through her conductors to accelerate their development.

All that we need is to create very comfortable conditions in any place of planet Earth, where people can come and stay for some period of time. You can call it an ashram, a community, or a training center. But the purpose of that place is to serve as a focus on the physical plane where we can fix our energies and transmit our vibrations. The only requirement for the place on our part is its maximum distance from any center of population and the absence of any place where there are people who do not have a significant level of vibrations, so as not to create the state of premature testing in those people. Every person who gets into the sphere of our focus of Light experiences the rising of vibrations. And you know that as soon as you get an additional portion of Light, that Light starts to intensively push out any manifestations of imperfections from your aura. So, the person who is not ready, who has not started Guru-chela relations with our Messenger, will feel different uncomfortable states and it will cause increased tension.

Therefore, the more isolated, quiet, and comfortable the place of our future focus is, the better results we will be able to achieve. I appeal to those who have information about such places at their disposal: Where is it possible to organize our ashram? Would you mind telling our Messenger about that or applying to me personally with your letter?

This is a very important step. In order to make our place safe, to a certain extent, from negative influences and any property arguments, I have informed our Messenger about the conditions on which that ashram ought to exist.

I repeat once again that there is a certain Law according to which we perform our work on the physical plane. And that Law assumes the presence of disciples in the Teacher's aura in order to accelerate the process of advancement along the Path.

Those of you who have attended our events that we have carried out together with our Messenger could feel how the process of changing your consciousness has accelerated after those events.

We will continue holding our events. I think that all of you who wish that those events should continue will be able to visit them in due time.

In the near future Tatyana will have to carry the additional responsibility of creating and fixing our focus of Light. Therefore, I ask you to give her all the necessary help and support no matter what kind of help or support it is. Sometimes it is enough just to express your mental support, to send your Love and gratitude for service. And the impulse of your heart can neutralize the impact of a huge amount of negative energy that is drawn to our Messenger automatically because she is on top of the peak, and all winds and hurricanes hit her first.

I have told everything I have planned to tell during today's talk. I hope that I can count on you and your help in our work.

I AM Shiva.

[1] The cycle of Dictations from December 12, 2005 to January 7, 2006.

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