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We come to tell you about the principles on which the Community is established

December 23, 2006


I AM Babaji, having come again to transmit the Teaching, which is as ancient as the world. I have come today, and the Sun has announced my arrival.[1]

I am happy about the provided opportunity because every opportunity for our communication still requires considerable efforts and sufficient energetic consumption for its realization. But we are moving toward you, overcoming all temporal and spatial barriers associated with the difference in vibrations between our worlds.

I have come in order to affirm the ancient truths and the wisdom of centuries in your consciousness once again. This truth and this wisdom say that nothing that has separated itself from the world has ever managed to exist for a long time. Many times there were sages and prophets who separated themselves from the world and tried to cognize the entire fullness of Divine Truth in solitude; their path was not easy and was full of various deprivations. Many of them merely died without knowing the Divine Truth and even without coming in touch with it. It is the path of solitary individuals; it is the path of pathfinders. Very few of them, at the cost of tremendous efforts, managed to touch the Divine Truth concealed deeply in their hearts, and then the world obtained a new philosopher, a new sage, or a prophet who was able to share the acquired Truth with thousands and millions of other people. These two processes — to comprehend the Truth and to deliver the Truth to other people — are the processes that complement each other and cannot exist without each other, because it is impossible to access the countless riches in the Heavens without sharing them with others. When one endeavored to acquire the Divine treasures personally for himself and for his own development, he failed every time. God wishes that the development of mankind takes place in a more or less regular rhythm, and it is impossible to exist in your world if you are too far from everything around you, according to the level of your vibrations.

That is why I come and teach you, and all the Ascended Hosts come to you to give you their Teaching because it is impossible to be isolated in this Universe. Sooner or later, the individual who becomes too isolated will not be able to exist.

I am trying to convey to your consciousness the principles of a Community — the principles enabling us to spread our Teaching in your world on the basis of the Community. Tested by centuries, the principle of the Community is the principle of consolidation of the new Knowledge and of raising the morality of people of Earth to the new level. Each time a Community is established, it aims to affirm, at the new qualitative level, the Knowledge introduced in the physical plane by the Heavens at a particular stage of human development. The Community, as it is, has no practical value. The Community is only valuable if it fulfills its tasks defined by the Heavens. When a Community is considered as people living together in one settlement, it fulfills the principle of a false community. An authentic Community may only be established around those beings who are vested with our power and trust, because if a Community is established on our principles, we pour in the cup of the Community the Divine Energy needed for its development and maintenance.

And now I recommend that you ponder in your heart over everything that you have been told today and everything that you have ever read about communities and its coworkers.

As soon as the person representing our interests in the physical plane leaves the Community, this Community gradually loses its significance and breaks up. There is still no proper mechanism that would enable the Community to exist without the basis, which is the focus of Light that we affirm in the heart of our Messenger. It resembles a house that cannot exist and be inhabited in the conditions of severe winter if there is no fire in its hearth.

We come to tell you about the principles on which the Community is established. The process of establishing a Community is very gradual. First, a matrix in the subtle plane is created. This matrix completely corresponds to the Divine patterns, the Divine principles of Community establishment. Then, within a certain cosmic period of time, one cycle after another, this matrix begins to precipitate in the physical plane and to germinate in the physical world in the form of an area, a building, and purely human rules and principles that form the basis. The Community always has to adapt to the conditions existing in the country that we choose for the Community establishment. The conditions establishing of the Community are always formed by us in the subtle plane and precipitate in space and time. Now the Community and its establishment are completed in the subtle plane, and we expect this Community to begin its precipitation in the physical plane in the near future. This will not be the materialization in the full sense. This requires a great allowance of energy that we are not able to provide so far. But we will be pleased to accept your help and your resources that you are ready to sacrifice for us in order to establish our Community. Of course, it will not be possible for all comers to enter the Community. This Community will open its doors only for those people whose vibrations and aspirations correspond to our plans and hopes.

I would be very happy if within a few years such a Community could be established in the territory of Russia because it is the country in which we are commencing this establishment. Russia is the country to which we provide our sponsorship, and it must soon realize the principles that we would like to adopt in every country of the world.

I am very glad that today I have managed to give several fundamental points needed to affirm the consciousness of the Community in your minds and hearts. I am very glad that it has taken place at an important astrological moment of the changing of the solar cycle. Therefore, the new consciousness and the new thinking will germinate in your consciousness along with the lengthening of the day in the Northern hemisphere. And everything that prevents the establishment of such a Community will be fading away like nightly darkness at sunrise.

I have been talking about the Community, and some of the principles of the Community have been brought to your consciousness by me. I will be glad if what has been sown will be able to germinate, sprout, and harvest in the appropriate seasons.

Later, when you come to reread this Message, newer and newer details will germinate in your consciousness. And you will be able to comprehend the plan that we have and are bearing in our hearts in the land of Mother Russia.

I was happy to give you this important Teaching particularly at this time.

Now I have to say goodbye, and I do not lose hope for our next meetings. Om.

I AM Babaji.

[1] That morning was overcast, it was snowing. At the moment when Babaji came, a ray of sun appeared in the clouds, and the sun was shining throughout the transmission of the Dictation. Later the sky became gray again, and it started snowing.

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