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Cycles of the Messages

A discourse on apostleship and Divine Mercy

Beloved Lanello
June 27, 2012

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello.

As you might notice, the Divine Mercy of the transmission of our Messages through our Messenger continues.

I must say that it is not due to the service of the people who are in embodiment and close to our Messenger that this miracle has continued for eight years already. Yes, beloved, each time when the Heavens open their dispensation and grant their mercy to humankind, we hope that our efforts and the efforts of our Messenger will find greater support in your world.

Fortunately, the continuation of the opportunity is taking place. And I must state with all certainty and responsibility that this time the mercy continued, thanks to Lord Sanat Kumara and His vouching.

You have had enough burdensome manifestations in your lives. And if the Ascended Hosts did not understand your difficulties and the limitations that you experience, then we would not try to render all possible assistance to you. Hopefully, my Message will serve you and be the manifestation of help that the Ascended Hosts are giving.

I have come to give some recommendations that I hope will benefit you and that you will be able to use in the near future.

By the way, you should understand and realize that the continuation of this opportunity for transmitting our Messages is possible only while we have a conductor, our Messenger, who has taken proper training. The institution of Messengers has always been used by the Masters of Wisdom to transfer knowledge and Teaching for thousands of years. And of course, each Messenger tinges the transmitted information with her vibrations and her interpretation. Still, such is the time in which the planet and its people are now living. The material world is very dense, and it does not permit the transmittal of the information from the etheric octaves purely enough and without distortions. We can only manage to keep the advancement moving forward and to indicate the direction for your spiritual progress and for your spiritual quest.

Without this guidance, humankind would not be able to continue further evolution even for one century. Therefore, the missions of Light are regularly sent into the physical world. Every century there are several incarnated Messengers or prophets of ours. However, not all missions are successful. Many missions cease at the very beginning. It is no secret that in order to start the mission, each Messenger of ours goes though severe trials. All the trials test the qualities of devotion and detachment from the results of the activity and to the physical plane.

Since the world is now very dense, it is more and more difficult for our Messengers to pass their tests, but it is even more difficult to withstand constant tension during the whole period of the implementation of the mission. The difficulty is the combination of the mission as a public representative and the inner work in the subtle planes that requires tremendous efforts. It is burdensome for the Messenger on both the physical plane and the subtle planes of Being. The qualities needed to communicate with the Ascended Hosts and to maintain adequate communication with public authorities and organizations are different in their essences.

I repeat once again that the tension and the workload on the shoulders of our Messengers are often beyond human abilities. I will tell you more: If not for the help of the Ascended Hosts, none of our Light missions would be able to survive more than a few months. All missions of Light require tremendous resources and energetic consumptions, which are granted by the Karmic Board and the Great Central Sun.

Therefore, your efforts, your diligence, and your abilities are also necessary for our missions to be more successful.

Imagine a person who invests money in a business that is located on the other side of the globe. At every reporting period a businessman must be sure that his investments are profitable, otherwise he will have to move his activity to another place on the globe. And if people in the country where the investment of the money supply is made do not render their assistance in the activity or even interfere with the activity, then with 100 percent probability the entrepreneur will relocate his campaign and business to another country where more favorable conditions prevail.

This is a similar analogy to apostleship. We invest energy in the implementation of the mission of Light, and we periodically monitor our investments, making sure they are justified.

If we apply the above-mentioned considerations to the mission of our Messenger, what will we see?

For eight years, by the decision of the Supreme Cosmic Councils, the energy to maintain the mission of our Messenger has been granted. The Divine energy is accompanied by a stream of purely material energy that is automatically acquired by the country wherein our mission is being implemented. If you review the last few years, you will see that in the most miraculous way, Russia has emerged from hard times to relative financial well-being.

What do we see next? Is this financial welfare spent on providing a certain level of education so that the future generation can, as soon as possible, get a notion about God and the Divine Law that works in this world?

How much attention is dedicated to working with low-income and destitute people? How are social policy and public healthcare service changing for the better?

I must tell you that we do not observe any of this. The entire flow of Divine energy manifested as money energy is being spent on building entertainment facilities, shops, propaganda of wrong behavioral patterns, freewheeling lifestyle, and sexual promiscuity.

Do you think the Divine Law will allow the continuation of the Divine opportunity for Russia, the country where our Messenger has been living all this time?

I cannot say at this time what decision will be made by the Karmic Board, which is still in session. But even speaking at the level of human consciousness, we see a waste of energy.

Granting an opportunity to transmit the Messages is a great Divine Mercy. And it is surprising to see the devaluation of the true values taking place in your world. The Mercy of the Heavens is considered a weakness by you. You take for granted the flow of the Divine abundance.

Until you reconsider your internal and external guidelines, you will learn your lessons in the form of returned karma for your incorrect choices.

Can you imagine what kind of karma is being created by the nation that uses Divine energy not to strengthen the Divine patterns but to affirm the patterns that oppose the Divine?

Boosting the desires by means of advertising and mass media leads to wrong actions in the physical plane, which generates karma. And the karma must be worked off because this is the Law.

Even in this case, God gives an opportunity and shows mercy. Through repentance, through understanding of the wrong actions and sins, it is possible to atone for the wrong deeds. But the consciousness of the nation must attain this level of repentance.

If we recollect the recent history of this country associated with the assassination of the Tsar’s family and the following decades of wandering in the darkness without God, then we can note that even now the majority of incarnated people have no repentance or remorse in their souls.

God will reward you a thousand times for any righteous deed. But why do you not do it?

I AM Lanello.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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