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A Teaching about our Path

June 30, 2007


I AM Babaji, who has come to you again.

I want to put so much into these minutes when I have an opportunity to speak with you; however, it is not always possible. The energies that come through to your world together with these Dictations, do not allow us to give more information than what has been allocated. Our worlds are still communicating with each other thanks to the special dispensations or the Divine Grace. A certain amount of energy is allotted to support each of these dispensations. This energy is aimed at providing protection to our Messenger from external influences and inner imperfections when receiving a Message.

No matter how hard we try, our capabilities are limited by the work of the dispensation. I will tell you how you can expand our capabilities, how you can bring our world closer to you. We can take action only when there is a person on the physical plane who is a pure conduit capable of transmitting our energies. In order to become such a conduit, each of you must go through your Path and overcome your human attachments and imperfections. As soon as our conduit appears among you, we begin our work on the transformation of the physical plane through him or her, and each person who comes close to our Messenger receives our energy and help. You cannot always comprehend the essence of the processes that take place. I have been called today to explain certain things.

When you come in contact with our Messenger, you receive additional energy into your bodies and auras from the aura of our Messenger, and the more you communicate with the Messenger and with us through him or her, the higher your vibrations rise. Every time when you receive an additional portion of energy into your auras, that energy begins to force out all your imperfections and all the negativity that you have accumulated throughout your many incarnations. Therefore, it may seem to you that the hardships in your life increase when you find this Teaching and when you come in contact with our Messenger. In reality, you are receiving a mere acceleration on your Path, and the negative energies that you yourselves have produced in the past appear before you, and your negative qualities become aggravated.

That is the attribute of our Messenger — to accelerate the return of your karma and to raise your vibrations. Therefore, we tell you and warn you: Before you come in contact with our Messenger, and especially before you take on a commitment of discipleship, evaluate carefully whether you will be able to withstand those additional hardships that will come into your life at the same time you start the Guru-chela relationship with our Messenger. Do not blame anybody for what will be happening because each step on the path Home is attained with difficulty.

You expect wonders and you expect goodness. The wonders happen. Your advancement on the Path accelerates, and what you were supposed to have in the natural return of karma over many dozens of incarnations, comes back to you in several years, over a term that depends on the severity of your karma. However, you cannot count on goodness in the sense of a constant state of bliss — at least until you work off the lion’s share of your karma.

Without this explanation of the processes that you are undergoing, you will not understand how the mantles of our Messenger function, and you will experience unpleasant feelings. Everything must be as clear as possible to you. That is why we explain to you in simple terms the mechanism of how the mantles of our Messenger work and the mechanism of how the dispensation works.

You approach and you start certain relationships with the entire Hierarchy of beings of Light, whose representative on Earth is our Messenger. That is your choice and your desire. Without your free will and without expressing your desire to follow the Path, you cannot stand on the steps of our Hierarchy. That is why we explain to you meticulously all of the mechanisms of the Divine opportunity that accelerate your Path. That Path of accelerated growth is called the Path of Initiations. Before, in the good old times, that Path was accessible and easily understood by only a few people, but now the time has come when the Divine opportunity is open to millions of people who desire to quickly overcome the remaining stages of the evolution and move on to the new, unfolding, cosmic opportunity for the evolution of planet Earth.

There are those who are not ready, and there are those who resist the changes with all their might. Well, that is also your right and your free will. However, unlike our followers, you are slowing down the evolutionary development on Earth, and come in direct opposition to the Divine Law.

I would like to remind you that everything in this Universe is God, and by separating yourselves from God, you doom yourselves to burn in the fire, like the garbage that you burn in the spring in your back yard or in your garden.

If the universe does not get rid of the cosmic garbage, it will not be able to develop further. The same processes take place in your body. If you do not take any measures to cleanse yourselves from wastes and toxins, you will become ill and die.

God operates through the Hierarchy of intelligent beings. The representative of our Hierarchy is our Messenger. Therefore, make the decision in your consciousness regarding your further advancement.

The decisions that you make are not always fatal for you. There are many opportunities that God grants. However, in the case with the cosmic deadlines, any extension is very difficult to obtain.

You may not walk your Path to the end, but I would take courage and try it if I were you. Create the conditions on Earth by which we could transmit our energies and give our education. First and foremost, creating the conditions for the work of our Messenger is your duty.

Always remember that depending on your attitude toward our Messenger, the Heavens determine your attitude toward the Hierarchy of cosmic beings, known as the Great White Brotherhood or the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light.

We are with you during the entire course of your Path. That is why you should think and evaluate all of the pros and cons of your decision. You need to make a conscious decision whether to follow the path of Divine evolution or to try to find your own path.

There are many paths that lead to God, but it is impossible to follow all the paths at once.

Sometimes, when you are trying to find your own unique path and follow it, you are driven by common human pride. You must remember that the main quality on the Path is humbleness and submission to the Will of God. As long as you are separating yourselves from God in your consciousness, you are trying to find your own special path. When you realize your unity with every particle of life, you stop arguing, you stop tearing around, and finally, you attain that state of goodness that you have not been able to attain before.

All of you will come to God. We are just showing you the shortest Path that has been tested over thousands of years.

I AM Babaji, with Love to you and care for you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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