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You must erect a pyramid of the Divine reality in your own consciousness

Gautama Buddha
March 10, 2005

Gautama Buddha
About Gautama Buddha

I AM the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, and I have come today through this Messenger who has given me the opportunity to speak through her.

Since the time of my incarnation on this planet as Prince Siddhartha, I have come to this planet many times, and I have been present in the temples of those who have prepared themselves for my presence. And I continue doing this now. The degree of the achievement of Buddha enables us to project our presence inside many individuals dwelling in different systems of worlds.

Therefore, a part of me can be present simultaneously in many individuals on this planet.

I have to inform you that I am also present in this Messenger, no matter how strange it may seem to you. The degree of my presence is determined by the level of the person’s attainments in this embodiment, and the degree of my presence can vary, from time to time. At present, the degree of my presence in Tatyana equals 50 percent. It is a very high degree, and it is this degree of my presence that allows her to reach the 33rd etheric level from where she receives these Dictations.

I want to slightly reveal the secret how this happens.

First, we raise the vibrations of the Messenger through supercharging the energy of Light in her chakras. In doing so, all of her bodies are coordinated and become consonant with the Higher Reality of Being. When the degree of consonance with the Divine Truth reaches its highest point possible under the circumstances, we start to send the energy that brings certain information to the lower bodies of the Messenger.

It is just as if we fill up a reservoir with the energy of Light.

The capacity of this reservoir is limited by the individual degree of achievements of the Messenger. Then this energy is transformed into an accessible form in the shape of thoughts and visual images that arise in the physical brain of the Messenger, and can then be pronounced or written down. During the writing down of these thoughts and images, we use the inner language of the Messenger and the inherent features of her verbal formulations.

Therefore, at this stage of transformation, the originally pure energy carrying the absolute Truth, is tinged with the system of the world outlook inherent in this Messenger, and is limited by her external consciousness.

I am describing the mechanism that we use to transmit the Dictations in so much detail so that you understand that we have no secrets from you. We are ready to disclose all the secrets of the Cosmos. The question is whether your consciousness is ready to accept these secrets. Will it endure it?

Therefore, every time some part of the Truth is transmitted not in the form of words, but in the form of energy, which is carried by the very text of the message. This helps us to get around your external consciousness and reach out directly to the part of you that has never forgotten about its Source, and to awaken this part of yourselves.

Therefore, the main task that we wish to achieve by transmitting Dictations through this Messenger is to awaken your memory of yourself and bring this deep memory to your external consciousness.

You have noticed that these Dictations are given in very simple language. They do not contain any confusing statements or unintelligible truths. It is because in reality, the Divine Truth is very simple and is accessible even for the child’s consciousness. Or rather, it is accessible only for the child’s consciousness.

The so-called life experience that you acquire in the course of your life on Earth, as a rule, complicates the perception of this Truth.

Your life experience is what allows you to exist in conditions of physical illusion. And in order to realize the Divine Truth, you just need to give up this physical experience you have acquired.

This is the quality you will have to learn. You must constantly feel the presence of two principles within yourself — the spiritual and physical origins. You must constantly remember that the spiritual origin is the main part of you. And your physical part is transient and necessary for you only at a certain stage of your individual evolution.

When your identification with your true spiritual identity reaches a certain critical point, you will gradually begin to lose the unreal part of yourself. Your bodies will become less and less dense, and gradually you will get rid of your physical bodies. However, you should realize that this is not a one-time process. This is a process lasting for many hundreds of thousands and millions of years. Along with the change of your physical bodies, the surrounding physical environment of your world will change, which is in fact, just a mirror in which your consciousness is reflected.

Therefore, in hundreds of thousands of years, you will exist in another, less dense world. But this will not happen until you transform your consciousness.

Therefore, you see that everything that is too attached to the things of this illusory world will not be able to exist in the new reality, which is the plan of God for this planet, as well as for other planets and worlds.

And truly, these people will identify themselves with last year’s grass that cannot exist in the new world, and should simply be burned in the cosmic furnace.

We come time and again to awaken your consciousness for the realization of the new epoch, the new time.

And we tirelessly repeat the same things to you, again and again. We will do this again and again until you identify yourself with the immortal part of you, until you stop clinging to the old world, your old physical home that has been serving you faithfully, and where you had the opportunity to receive everything necessary for the evolution of your souls.

But now it is time to move to a new, more perfect home. It is exactly now that the period has come when you must build this home for yourself.

This construction is carried out within you by changing your consciousness, and this is an absolutely grandiose construction. You must build a pyramid of the Divine Reality in your own consciousness.

And you are doing this; you are already building this pyramid while reading these Dictations and receiving the necessary information in the form of words and energy necessary for the transformation of your consciousness.

I am happy to have met you today. And I wish you success on your Path.

I am happy to have met you today. And I wish all of you success on your Path.

I AM Gautama, and I am looking forward to meeting you through this Messenger in the near future.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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