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Ascended Masters About Divinity

Lord Maitreya

The Path of Initiations is always open for those souls who are devoted to God and the Masters.

…the Path of Initiations is an individual path.

This is the Path that gives your soul a chance in one incarnation to reach the next level of evolutionary development. And now this Path is open, no matter what. As external circumstances become more and more severe, the merits for the soul that follows the Path, despite external obstacles, increase manifold.

Even if all of humanity will follow a confident walk into the abyss, your task is to rely on God within you and act according to Conscience in the most difficult situations.

The choice is always the same: either you choose immortality for your soul, or you choose a satisfying and comfortable life for your body.

If you believe in God and the Ascended Masters, sooner or later you will be among Us.

Your task at the current stage is to return to the Divine states of consciousness.

The Path of Initiations is always open for those souls who are devoted to God and the Masters.

I AM Maitreya.

«At the core of the Teaching is the Highest Moral Law. The Divine nature of man is reflected in him as his Conscience, his highest human qualities: mercy and compassion, kindness and honor, readiness to work for the Common Good and the ability to sacrifice……

Man is called on to develop his divine nature».

Tatyana N.Mickushina
From the book “ For Russia with Love “

Lord Shiva

Show your Faith and your Devotion to the Heavens!

The inner worship of God is as necessary for you as the breath of life. If you cannot manage to cultivate this feeling of the Divine within yourself, you will not be able to move any further. Your advancement along the path of evolution is inseparably connected with the extent to which you admit the Divinity into your consciousness.

…feeling of the Divine has nothing in common with walking around the temples, mosques, and churches. In order for you to come to your God, you just need to allow this feeling of the Divine into your heart. When you experience this feeling, a sudden silence comes, even if you are in the center of a big city. You experience delight from contemplating God within yourself, and this enables God to reinforce His presence in you. The feeling of Love, the most elevated feeling of Love that you can experience, resembles the Divine feeling.

Lord Shiva, December 3, 2009


All Honor to the just!

I AM Zarathustra!

I have come to you on this day in order to strengthen the Flame in your hearts!

Ih, human memory is so short. And probably, almost none of you remember that I incarnated on Earth many times in order to bring humankind of Earth the Teaching about its Divine nature. And the Flame perfectly symbolizes the Divine nature of people.

You have forgotten your Divine origin. Therefore, we, the Great White Brotherhood, have to come over and over again through different Messengers to remind you of your Divinity.

I remember those old times when people evaluated the achievements of a person not according to the thickness of their purse or according to the position that they occupied. I remember the times when people appreciated the manifestation of the Divine Flame in a human being most of all. And this Flame could be seen with the naked eye. And it was impossible to hide your achievements or to mislead people with sham merits because everything was obvious: the Divine Flame not only shone through the eyes of righteous people but also it literally encompassed all their bodies, including their physical body.

All moldy corners of your consciousness, all the dust of the old consciousness should be burned with Divine Fire. Let the fiery salamanders start cleaning the space of planet Earth! Let Earth receive a fiery christening and be cleansed from the darkness and degradation!

Your task is to revive the transmission of Fire into your world. You can do this through your chakras.

Devoted and true followers of Sanat Kumara, 144,000 Christ-beings who are constantly in incarnation carrying out their Service! Your hour has come! Wake up!

Due to your heroic efforts, the planet exists throughout this time. And now the time has come for you to step up.

Zarathustra, June 6, 2010

Cosmic Being Powerful Victory

I came to remind you of your Divine origin and the necessity to overcome your unreal part

You have to turn to Divinity and leave your unreality, or the further evolutionary development of this Universe is impossible. We used to come and talk to you about the old man and the other true man in you, but now the time for talk is over, and you have to start undertaking certain actions to set yourself free from the duality of illusion, and turn yourself to the oneness of the Divine World.

Cosmic Being Powerful Victory, December 29, 2006

Nicholas Roerich

The time for choice

All the Heavens are now waiting only for your choice and ability to take action.

Everything will change around you as soon as you change the vector of your aspirations and as soon as you make a choice and strive for the Divinity, throwing aside the cast-offs of your former attachments.

I am calling you to get on the Path! I am giving you the direction. I am waiting for you, each of you who are aspiring.

I am ready to extend my helping hand to you, and pick you up at the most dangerous parts of your Path. All the Ascended Masters are ready to do the same — the Masters, who with bated breath are now observing you, your choice, and the direction of your course.

It is a critical point on your Path. Do not miss it and do not give in to the debris of wandering without the Light for the next 100 years.

Master Nicholas Roerich, July 1, 2007

Beloved Kuthumi

You must constantly analyze the consequences of your actions and stop trying to teach in those places where your teaching will be immediately dragged through the mire

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you today through our Messenger. I have to give you yet another piece of our Teaching that you have to assimilate because the time for it has come. The present time is such that every manifestation of the Divinity you meet in life becomes a feast-day for your souls because your souls have been aching for the Divine world whence they came and where it is time to return now. That is why I am always happy to forward a Message from the Divine world to you and to give you short precepts.

Beloved Kuthumi, December 26,2006

Beloved Kuthumi

Only when you receive the Law from within your heart, do you become the executor of the Law

At all times there were incarnated people who were bearing the Divine vibrations of purity. And there are such people among you. If your eyes were open and your ears could hear, every day you would thank God for sending His incarnated Messengers to you. But you go past them, even taking no notice.

Therefore, it is your first duty to note the manifestation of Divinity in the people around you and help such people because they carry the burden of your karma.

Your world is an upside-down world. And when you learn to recognize the manifestation of Divinity in your world and separate it from any non-divine manifestation in your consciousness, you will really be able to influence the world around you and transform it.

But first you should learn to recognize the Divine manifestation within yourself. Then you will be able to draw similar Divine manifestations from space according to your vibrations. The islets of Divinity will expand and multiply in your world, and we will be able to come to you, first in our denser bodies and then in our lighter bodies. And the prophecy about the Ascended Masters walking among you will come true, and you will be able to communicate with us.

Therefore, it depends only on you that the prophecy becomes the reality in your time.

Create the islets of Divinity and move to them at least for a while.

Beloved Kuthumi, April 28, 2006

Lord Shiva

The future of Russia is bound up with the restoration of the traditions of the true faith

I AM Shiva! I have come!

I have come to you through this Messenger. I have come!

…I am very severe with those people who do not respect God and have forgotten about their Divine nature, who do not worship God within and outside them.

God is everything. God is everything surrounding you as far as you can see. You are God too. Yes, you are God in incarnation, but your Divine nature can be manifested only when you meet certain demands necessary for this.

I will tell you what you have to do in order to become God.

First of all, you should love and respect God in everything surrounding you. There is nothing in the world separating you from other particles of life irrespective of whether it is a tiny ant or the most advanced Guru.

You are all the forms of life, but simultaneously you are a personification of the Deity within your limited physical shape. But it is precisely your physical shape that separates you from your innate divinity. This shape has been imparted to you temporarily in order to enable you to test yourselves in earthly life during many millions of years, coming through thousands and thousands of embodiments on Earth.

You have been using this shape for the purposes set up by God. God wishes to manifest Himself through your physical shape. Your task is to give God an opportunity to be manifested through you.

You have to bend yourselves to God who you are in reality. This is the task of every man. You must take care of your shape, keep it fit, and nourish it with all the necessary elements.

Nevertheless, you must never forget that you are God; therefore, you cannot do things unworthy of God.

I offer you the cheapest way to become God. You simply have to guard yourself against imperfect images and to surround yourself with perfect Divine images. It does not matter to which religion or faith these images belong.

These must be images raising your consciousness and enabling you to dwell in a more perfect state of consciousness and maximizing your approximation to the perfect Divine vibrations as much as possible.

Lord Shiva, April 2, 2005


The Path to the Heavens is inside of you

I lived in India. But I had an opportunity to watch people coming from Europe and America.

Their consciousness and mentality were to a great extent different from the consciousness of people living in India. The basic Teaching and the knowledge that I had to give these people was a sense of the Divine and the Divine feeling, which I was imparting to them during my darshans.

I was pouring Divinity and Grace from my chakras. I gave everybody who was present there an opportunity to experience this Grace.

It was interesting to watch proud foreigners reviving in my presence, forgetting their civilized problems and turning to a simple life and Divine communication.

Babaji, April 8, 2005


Beloved Kuthumi

We come to awaken your Divinity

The potential to be God is laid within you, within each of you.

As a matter of fact, you are Gods. And your task is to master your Divinity little by little, to let the Divinity enter your external consciousness.

Do believe that you are not people going to play the parts of Gods; you are Gods who have come provisionally to play the parts of people.

And your Divinity is hidden from your external consciousness, and your abilities are slumbering within you until you fulfill your task in this world entirely.

The Teaching of God is a very simple Teaching in fact. And all the difficulty of comprehension of this Teaching is in your duty to absorb by your external mind the things that do not belong to your world. You can do it only by using your Divine abilities that are present in you but are slumbering in most of mankind.

We come to awake your dormant abilities. We come to awake your Divinity. The time has come for you to submit yourselves freely to the Higher Reason, manifesting the Higher Will within you.

Beloved Kuthumi, May 8,2005

Nicholas Roerich

The plan of God for Russia is the creation of the Community of the Holy Spirit

Your Spirit, your Divinity, and God inside of you — these are the things you must pay attention to.

You are really giants of Spirit, and those colossi on clay legs that surround you and rule in Russia now will break down and fall to pieces as soon as the bogatyrs[1] move their shoulders.

The Community, the Wealth, and the Good are born from your heart. Your task is simply to open your hearts and to let in the Divinity.

Nicholas Roerich, May 9,2005

Beloved El Morya

Kindle your torches and set off to bestow your flame to the world

All the Ascended Hosts, beloved, are ready to give you all the possible ministration in your Divine task for the sake of which you have come into embodiment on planet Earth at this difficult time.

Why do you ignore the help of Heaven? How long will you scour your beggarly world in search of the sense of life? You will never find the sense of life in the surrounding world! I tell you this with a full sense of responsibility because it is impossible for the mortal to inherit the immortal. The essence of your nature is Divine. And you must return to your Divine nature.

Your search for the sense of life in the physical plane is doomed to failure from the very start. The only true Path lies within you, inside of your hearts. There are many paths in this world that people prefer to follow from one embodiment to another, from life to life. But the only true Path is discarded by them.

God is patient, beloved. No matter how long you wander around the external world, the time will come when you will return Home.

Beloved El Morya, May 25, 2005

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara’s Request

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when you read the prayer Hail Mary, you must keep the image of not only Mother Mary in your consciousness. Each of you must become the Mother of God and give birth to Christ, your Christ-consciousness. Try to identify yourselves with the Mother of God regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Regardless of your sex you are all mothers, and all of you are to give birth to Christ, your Christ-reason, your Divinity.

God the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit reside within each of you.

Sanat Kumara, September 21, 2005

Beloved El Morya

Instructions about your attitude to everything around you in your dense world and in the finer worlds

I AM El Morya Khan, having come to you again through my Messenger.

As it has been before, I have come to talk to you and to give instructions concerning your life and your place in the universe.

Like children who come to this world to explore it, you start the process of exploration of the world, but only of that world, which is still beyond the perception of your physical sense organs.

But that world exists; and it represents the Higher Reality in which you will be born and where you will stay in the course of time.

When your soul was in the fine world, before your incarnation, you were getting education and instructions about what you would face in the dense physical world. Now I come to give you directions about what you will face after your transition to the finer world.

The more you are ready for the trasition to the finer world, the less effort your soul will have to apply to adapt to our world. We speak for everybody, but not everyone is able to perceive the information contained in the Dictations, and especially, to read the information between the lines.

There is information for everyone, but not all can accommodate everything.

…Only if your soul feels joy and triumph when reading our Messages, and you express your willingness to get further education and further perception of the information, knowledge, and energy with all your being, only in this case Heavens open the opportunities before you, and you get access to our libraries, our classes, and databases.

You get information when you are free of merely selfish desires to possess anything. The information arrives to you according to the extent you can get rid of the unreal part of you, and consequently, raise your vibrations to the level at which you can reach the octaves where that information becomes accessible for you.

There cannot be any standard approach for everybody. Everyone has a unique manifestation of Divinity in the physical world. And the main quality will be your ability to feel Love to Creator's plan and to never stop admiring all the diversity of Divine manifestations around you, not to focus on you and your problems but to watch the variety and diversity of Divine manifestations, to be able to see Divine miracles and enjoy them. That is why it is said that until you become like children, you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today I have given you some instructions about your attitude to your relations with each other and the Divine Reality, and about your attitude to everything around you in your dense world and in the Higher worlds.

I hope that the instructions received by you will help your development and enrich you.

Beloved El Morya, April 20, 2006

Lord Shiva

Every effort of yours will be multiplied unprecedentedly because that is the call of the time and such is the situation on the planet now

The time has come when any — even the slightest — action of yours directed at maintaining the Divine vibration in your physical octave will be received, saved, and multiplied by us.

Blessed are your efforts, blessed are your aspirations, no matter in what area they would occur.

Save and multiply your Divinity, your spiritual principle, and introduce the worship of God, the Higher Law existing in this Universe into your life.

Every effort of yours will be multiplied unprecedentedly because that is the call of the time and such is the situation on the planet now.

Lord Shiva, November 27, 2005