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We come to awaken your Divinity

Beloved Kuthumi
May 8, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you through this Messenger again.

I have come to give you some clarification relating to the Teaching I gave a few days ago.[1] This is the Teaching of twin flames.

Many of you did not expect to hear such an interpretation of this Teaching in the form that I gave.

However, sooner or later your conception of yourselves and of your soul should be broadened.

In reality you are absolutely different from that image of yourselves that you have created in your external consciousness. And your might is unlimited.

The potential to be God is laid within you, within each of you.

As a matter of fact, you are Gods. And your task is to master your Divinity little by little, to let the Divinity enter your external consciousness.

Do believe that you are not people going to play the parts of Gods; you are Gods who have come provisionally to play the parts of people.

And your Divinity is hidden from your external consciousness, and your abilities are slumbering within you until you fulfill your task in this world entirely.

Millions of years ago the seeds of your souls sowed the planets that were appearing at that time. Your immortal particle, your monad, has passed in its evolution all the stages and all the levels of development of the material universe.

You were a stone, you were a plant, you were an insect, you were a representative of the lower animal world and you were the higher animals. You have passed all these stages of evolution. You have passed them not only on this planet but on other planets as well.

All this took milliards of terrestrial years.

The particle of God, constituting your basis, was gradually being enriched with the experience of your entire existence in the material universe.

It looks as if you have come to work at a plant in a large company. You know that you are to become the director of this plant in due course. But in order to be a good leader you have decided to pass all the stages and steps of the career ladder beginning from that of a basic worker through that of a leader of the lower and medium levels, to that of the president.

When passing through all the stages of your work at the plant, you acquire grains of knowledge and experience shared with you by the people who have already gained work experience and mastered all the skills of their profession.

Imagine that you have come to the designers’ department, and the leader of this department spends many hours with you, teaching you all the nice points of the designer’s work and the skills that he has been mastering during long years of his work in his position.

To draw an analogy with your being in the position of the people on Earth, at a certain stage of your evolution you receive an inner mentor that is your Christ Self and belongs to the higher beings that have already passed the human stage of evolution many million years ago. And this highly evolved being grants you his particle that becomes your mentor and your closest and best friend.

At the same time you are endowed with reason, which differentiates man from animals and is your tempter rightfully. It is so because after being endowed with reason and with free will, man can use his reason both to maintain his life in the physical world and to advance on the path of evolution and perfection of his self in God.

Your reason is the very thing that sets you apart from animals, and at the same time, in accordance with your free will, it allows you to use it exactly to get merely animal pleasures of life and to surround yourselves with all the pleasures of the physical world that can come to your mind.

To return to the analogy of your work on probation in the designers’ department, you start using the knowledge you have gained in the sphere of design and wish to design something that will enable you to create a machine that will fulfill all your wishes. And imagine that you start designing this machine and begin to use all the resources of the whole designers’ department and finally the power of the whole plant for that.

Sooner or later your actions will be cut short because your activity does not correspond to the purpose for which this plant was built.

And you will have either to submit to the purpose for which you were invited to work or to leave the precincts of the company where you have started your work.

Exactly in the same way you are faced with the task of the current stage of your evolution: either to give up satisfying your irrepressible wishes in the physical world and concentrate on the task for which your immortal particle has come to this world in order to pass the necessary probation, or you will have to leave the precincts of this world. Your interests have come into conflict with the plan for this universe, and you must be stopped.

The difference is that there is no other plant in this universe where you can find a job.

You were given your mind at a certain stage of evolution, and your task during all this enormous historical period of development of humanity has been to master your mind and to place its mere carnal and animal inclinations under the command of the Divine guidance.

The time has come when you must give up the carnal part of your mind and completely submit yourselves to the Divine reason. Both are present in you. You are only to differentiate one from another in your consciousness and give up of your own will everything that can obstruct you at the next stage of evolution when you are to pass from animal-man to God-man.

At this stage you will need your friend and mentor, your Christ Self, who is patiently waiting for you to pay attention to him finally and to be able to start studying under his immediate guidance.

It is high time you should part with your children’s toys filling your material world and fix your eyes on the real world.

Your Christ Self is exactly that part of you with which you must unite in your consciousness in the near future. This is your authentic twin flame, the bridegroom of your soul.

You see how simple everything is, beloved.

The Teaching of God is a very simple Teaching in fact. And all the difficulty of comprehension of this Teaching is in your duty to absorb by your external mind the things that do not belong to your world. You can do it only by using your Divine abilities that are present in you but are slumbering in most of mankind.

We come to awake your dormant abilities. We come to awake your Divinity. The time has come for you to submit yourselves freely to the Higher Reason, manifesting the Higher Will within you.

I have been glad to give you this additional clarification concerning the current stage of the evolution of your soul.

I AM Kuthumi, and I AM always with you on your Path.

[1] See the Dictation A Teaching on twin flames, Beloved Kuthumi, April 26.

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