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All Honor to the just!

Beloved Zarathustra
June 6, 2010

Beloved Zarathustra

I AM Zarathustra!

I have come to you on this day in order to strengthen the Flame in your hearts!

Îh, human memory is so short. And probably, almost none of you remember that I incarnated on Earth many times in order to bring humankind of Earth the Teaching about its Divine nature. And the Flame perfectly symbolizes the Divine nature of people.

You have forgotten your Divine origin. Therefore, we, the Great White Brotherhood, have to come over and over again through different Messengers to remind you of your Divinity.

I was the prophet of my Teacher Ahura Mazda or Ohrmazd. Probably, the other name of my Teacher is more familiar to you — Sanat Kumara!

Yes, of course, Sanat Kumara! This Great Spirit has done way too much for humankind of Earth and continues his work now.

Many of you remember your long-standing connection with Sanat Kumara. You remember this connection that exists on the inner levels and hardly manifests in your external consciousness.

Righteous people of Sanat Kumara!

Virgins of Sanat Kumara!

Many of you read these Messages. Many of you are incarnated now on the planet in order to keep the balance and to transmit the Fire through your bodies, the Divine Fire that is symbolized on the physical plane as flame. This flame reminds you of your essence. From the finer plane, all of you look like flames. And I am happy when, in the reigning darkness, the flame of Service blazes up here and there on the planet. And everything around you is illuminated with the Light of Inspiration that fills your whole being.

I remember those old times when people evaluated the achievements of a person not according to the thickness of their purse or according to the position that they occupied. I remember the times when people appreciated the manifestation of the Divine Flame in a human being most of all. And this Flame could be seen with the naked eye. And it was impossible to hide your achievements or to mislead people with sham merits because everything was obvious: the Divine Flame not only shone through the eyes of righteous people but also it literally encompassed all their bodies, including their physical body.

Those were the blessed, incomparable times. And Sanat Kumara had an opportunity to manifest his presence once a year at the festival of Fire. And everyone had an opportunity to see this Face through the fire into which he descended.

The closer a person managed to approach to bow to Ohrmazd, the greater his spiritual achievements were. Those whose egos were overshadowed by the Divine mind, also tried to approach to demonstrate their oneness with the Divine. But they immediately burned in the Divine Fire or ran away like singed cats.

It is not like this in your times. Not the virtue but the vice is appreciated in your times. And there is no criterion that could allow you to make a distinction. Everything seems equally gray and unattractive to you. However, I affirm that there are righteous people among you! And I am sending the ray of Fire into their hearts. This ray will now be able to ignite the Flame on the altar of their hearts! And the Fire that was almost extinguished will be kindled and lit up again!

Your task is to bring back those blessed times when Gods could come to you. Let that happen at least for a short time, even once a year, but in this case you will be able to keep your consciousness for the whole year and to not allow the abomination of desolation that now reigns in your world.

All moldy corners of your consciousness, all the dust of the old consciousness should be burned with Divine Fire. Let the fiery salamanders start cleaning the space of planet Earth! Let Earth receive a fiery christening and be cleansed from the darkness and degradation!

I have come to strengthen the worship of Fire in your hearts! I have come to strengthen faith and devotion to Sanat Kumara in your hearts.

New religions came in the place of the one that I had preached about and whose prophet I had been. In essence, those religions did not contradict Zoroastrianism in any way. However, the manifestation of the Fire became less. And people lost the high level of consciousness that allowed them to transmit the Divine Fire to planet Earth. And everything started to degrade more and more. And people stopped distinguishing the Light from the darkness.

Your task is to revive the transmission of Fire into your world. You can do this through your chakras.

Devoted and true followers of Sanat Kumara, 144,000 Christ-beings who are constantly in incarnation carrying out their Service! Your hour has come! Wake up!

Due to your heroic efforts, the planet exists throughout this time. And now the time has come for you to step up.

All honor to the just!

You must strengthen and affirm the Divine principles on the planet! Strengthen and affirm the Divine principles in every sphere of activity. In everything!

All who try to keep the old consciousness, who try to impose selfishness and the worst models of behavior, will escape like singed cats from your holy Fire that rises up in your being.

Virgins of Sanat Kumara, warriors of the Spirit, go ahead! It is your turn now!

I AM Zarathustra, in the flame of Service to the humankind of Earth!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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