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The time for choice

Master Nicholas Roerich
July 1, 2007

Master Nicholas Roerich

I AM the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich, who has come to you again through our Messenger.

I have come after a long pause in our communication. That pause was related to the fact that in my previous Dictations[1] I had given certain directions and aspirations for the future of Russia, and I was waiting patiently for the people of Russia to answer my call. Unfortunately, I have to acknowledge that too few Russians who are living now have perceived my call with their hearts. Many people read the Dictations and forgot about them, while others simply felt disapproval. I have come to make another attempt to convey to you the essence of the Teaching, which is related to the great future of Russia. You may not believe me, but God has a plan for this country and whether you want it or not, this plan must be brought to fruition.

We come in order to awaken the current generation of people and to motivate them to fulfill our plans that concern this great country. This does not mean that we preach the exceptional nature of this nation. It only means that there should be a spot on Earth from which new thinking and new ideology will begin to spread. This ideology will become prevalent in the world very soon, by Earth standards. This ideology is not related to politics or fulfilling any plans on the physical plane. This ideology is related to the arrival of Spirit into matter. It is the same ideology that had been taught by the prophets of the past. If people in their consciousness had been ready earlier to perceive and spread the Divine Truth widely, everything would have happened several centuries earlier. It is only due to the opposition of the dark forces that act through ignorant people that the terms have been stretched out.

And now we are saying that the time has come and the messenger is Russia, ready to fulfill the plan. The only thing that is needed is your support. Only the lack of your real help and support holds back the dispensation of our plans.

We will begin as soon as there are hearts that are prepared and ready to withstand the Divine Fire. As soon as we begin in Russia, we will arouse interest in the entire world right away. An example is needed. It is necessary to start.

The new ideology is ready for dispensing already. The labor pains have run over time. The birth and arrival to Earth of the new consciousness will begin.

We are eagerly awaiting this moment.

Your thinking is connected with your physical world, and it cannot encompass all the possibilities that the Heavens are preparing for you. You just need to believe in our existence, believe that all Heavenly Hosts are ready to come and help you. We are waiting for your call and your readiness.

Awaken from your long sleep! Get up and take action!

Enough sleeping and lounging around, turning over from side to side.

Russian people have always been inert until they receive an active impulse to take action. We come to awaken your sleeping intelligence, to give you that impulse for the development of your consciousness and for targeted actions to transform your world, based on the principles of the Divine expediency.

The whole difficulty is in the fact that your consciousness is waiting for an external impulse, an external organization, and an external leader. However, this time the Heavens put their focus on the arrival of a new type of leader. This leader will be your own Higher Self. All you need to do is to listen to the voice of the real part of yourself. Feel the touch of the Higher worlds. Stop pretending that you do not hear anything and do not feel anything. We are waking you up every day! We are giving you signs and ringing bells!

The warning bell is ringing over Russia.

The time has come to take action! No matter how much your outer consciousness is driving away the thought that Divine actions are necessary, you will have to begin them.

All your actions must be made based on a deep inner urge. All your actions must also have as their base an absolutely immaculate motive, a motive that is coming from your heart. Any of your attachments or bad habits will be impeding you. You should separate in your consciousness the physical part, the attachments to the lower levels of the subtle worlds, and the higher consciousness.

This separation should inevitably happen in the hearts of everyone who aspires. The whole battle and the whole victory lie within you. The Armageddon is happening in your hearts. The separation of the wheat from the chaff is happening in your hearts. You are judging yourselves by making the final choice in favor of immortality or in favor of dying together with the cast-offs that surround you and consist of your carnal thoughts and feelings.

We are calling you to the mountain peak of the Divine consciousness. Stop sleeping! Lift in your spirit! It is a battle of life or death, a battle for each person, each soul that is currently incarnated. And you continue to sleep peacefully…

All your actions in the physical plane require checking against the inner compass stored within your hearts. Stop paying attention to the outer circumstances that surround you in your lives. All these circumstances will change soon; God will change all your life and all of the circumstances of your life. As soon as the sailing ship of your being chooses the right heading, we will fill you with fresh wind, and you will be able to move in the right direction with the speed that the prophets and visionaries of the past had never dreamt of. I am telling you, New opportunities are ahead of you!

All the Heavens are now waiting only for your choice and ability to take action.

The Divine opportunity is open to Russia, and through it to the rest of the world.

This opportunity is related to the new consciousness that must come to replace the old consciousness.

Everything will change around you as soon as you change the vector of your aspirations and as soon as you make a choice and strive for the Divinity, throwing aside the cast-offs of your former attachments.

I am calling you to get on the Path! I am giving you the direction. I am waiting for you, each of you who are aspiring.

I am ready to extend my helping hand to you, and pick you up at the most dangerous parts of your Path. All the Ascended Masters are ready to do the same — the Masters, who with bated breath are now observing you, your choice, and the direction of your course.

It is a critical point on your Path. Do not miss it and do not give in to the debris of wandering without the Light for the next 100 years.

I have hope in you.

I AM Nicholas Roerich.

[1] Refer to the Dictations "The benighted times are over for Russia!, Nicholas Roerich, April 14, 2005; "The Plan of God for Russia is the creation of the Community of the Holy Spirit, Nicholas Roerich, May 9, 2005; "I believe in the great future of Russia and I would like to endow each of you with a particle of my Faith, Nicholas Roerich, May 30, 2005, in Words of Wisdom Volume 1.

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