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You are to return to God

Quan Yin
December 25, 2013

Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin.

Like my sister Mary, I have come to you with a Message in which I intend to give you the foundations of faith and to teach you to follow your faith regardless of any external difficulties and obstacles.

Therefore, get ready for a serious talk.

We have come to realize the need for a transformation in the consciousness of humanity. It is the time of the turn of the cycles, and this is the time when your consciousness must change.

This will literally be the revolution in your consciousness that beloved Babaji told you about.

I have come today in order for you to realize the forthcoming changes.

Humanity in its majority has gone to the dead-end branch of development. The prevalence of the concentration on the external, on consumption, and on getting pleasures from life leads to the degradation of human consciousness. Therefore, in the near future we will take all the necessary steps to turn humanity back toward the evolutionary path of development, which is characterized by the predominance of inner Divine values.

There are eternal values that remain with you all along your evolutionary path. These qualities are known to everyone and do not require any justifications in their favor: kindness, Mercy, Compassion, Love, nobility, courage, devotion, aspiration, and constancy.

Many of these qualities are now pushed to the back burner and left on the sidelines of human interest. Therefore, our task and your task now is to return these Divine qualities in your lives.

You are to return to God. So this means that you are to carry out the revolution in your consciousness in the nearest future.

Only when you are able to overcome the magic of the illusory forces, will you wake up to the eternal Life.

I wish that you live forever.

For this I come to you and give you my instructions.

It seems to you that my words are simple and do not have any depth. You wish to get food for your intellect, for your carnal mind.

No, beloved. Muscles of the flesh have nothing in common with spiritual attainments. It is precisely because the Teaching is very simple that it is ignored by many intellectuals who got used to pseudo-scientific phrases and expressions.

The Truth, the Divine Truth, lies beyond your aspirations to any of the outer manifestations, including intellectual refinement. God cannot be where there is a desire to prove your importance and priority.

God does not imply the creation of any exclusiveness in the physical plane. No part of the organism, of the whole body of the one God, can have a claim to be exclusive and insist on its right to govern and lead.

Divine guidance is not manifested from the outside but from the inside of human individuals.

That is why the focus of attention must be redirected from the external to the internal.

All that the illusory forces do is constantly try to hold your attention on the outer manifestation. Shapes and the appearance of goods change very quickly. The same fuss is seen on television. You are constantly shown the flickering of the pictures and the effects of sound and light. These techniques suppress your inner Divine essence. The inner Divine qualities are replaced by the abundance of the outer surrogates.

You are always staying in the informational flow, and you have no time to think about eternity.

If you do not think about the eternal, you will not be able to live eternal Lives.

If you do not spare time for solitary considerations on your qualities, you will not be able to develop your Divinity.

If you do not spend time reading texts of high quality, you stop thinking.

If you stop thinking, then you lose your independence and expose yourselves to the flow of poor-quality information that pushes you to the sidelines of the evolutionary path of development.

I tirelessly repeat to you that it is time that, in the diversity of life, you find what represents eternal values and give up everything that is momentary and perishable.

Those loud voices and harshness that are characteristic of modern mass media have only one objective — to take you away from the evolutionary path of development. Our task is to save and take as many souls out of the thickness of the illusion as possible.

Now we are applying enormous efforts in order to imprint the image of the Divine Path of development in the consciousness of as many people as possible. We use all possible methods. However, I must tell you that many of the things can only be done while being in embodiment, only with human hands and feet.

That is why we tirelessly call you to take concrete actions in the physical plane. Our Messages have a prolonged effect. They can change the consciousness of the daily reader within just a few years. However, our opposing forces adopted new technologies that replace people’s natural desire for knowledge with the thirst for information.

There is a difference between the acceptance of knowledge and the satisfaction of informational curiosity.

Knowledge is eternal, but information becomes obsolete very quickly. Staying constantly in the informational flow, you lose the ability to analyze and to make distinctions. The quality of distinction is blocked by new information technologies. If you do not tend to believe in the Supreme, in the reasonable structure of this Universe, and in the end, if you do not tend to believe in God, then you almost have no chance to get out of the labyrinth of the illusion to the eternal Life.

I have come to warn you that each of you has to make your conscious choice in the nearest future: whether to thoughtlessly slip down into the abyss of godlessness and ignorance, or to raise your eyes and turn to the summits of the Divine consciousness.

The illusion obediently shows you the side that you expect it to show.

If you are driven by constant desires to consume the pleasures of life, you are helpfully offered more sophisticated forms of these pleasures. If you make inner decisions and aspire along the Divine Path, you will find all the necessary things in your life that will help you to step on the solid ground of the evolutionary path.

All the keys and mechanisms are hidden within you, and only you can make this decision. Some people go along a wide road to nowhere, while others find a narrow path leading to eternity.

The choice is yours.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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