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You must constantly analyze the consequences of your actions and stop trying to teach in those places where your teaching will be immediately dragged through the mire

Beloved Kuthumi
December 26, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you today through our Messenger. I have to give you yet another piece of our Teaching that you have to assimilate because the time for it has come. The present time is such that every manifestation of the Divinity you meet in life becomes a feast-day for your souls because your souls have been aching for the Divine world whence they came and where it is time to return now. That is why I am always happy to forward a Message from the Divine world to you and to give you short precepts.

I know that many of you love me and speak with me. And when you are attuned to my wavelength I almost always hear you and to perceive your thoughts, because this is the way that I serve. Hence, I know about many of you. And I am aware of the problems that you are overburdened with. That is why I would like to do my best and to do everything in my power to show you the roots of the problems cropping up before you and to provide you with a spark necessary for you to be able to overcome within you the reasons for your difficulties.

That is why today we will talk about what is vital and topical for many of you. And this is connected with your interrelations with those people around you who do not understand and accept your teaching, your guidance, your pattern of life, and your system of world-view. Unfortunately, all humans are at absolutely different stages of progress. And by the level of your consciousness, many of you still belong to the previous Fourth Root Race. The majority of you belong to different sub-races of the Fifth Root Race, and there is a certain number — a very small number — of individuals who belong to the final sub-races of the Fifth Root Race and an even smaller number of individuals belonging to the Sixth Root Race, whose time has not yet come, but whose first pathfinders, especially impatient ones, have undertaken their pioneer embodiments at present.

The history of the development of the races is a matter for a time-consuming discussion and will not be a subject of this Dictation. All I want is to direct your attention to an indisputable fact that all of you are standing at different stages of your evolutionary development. And that is why the differences in your consciousness are sometimes so great and the spheres of your interests and the levels of your consciousness differ to such an extent that it seems at times that you speak different languages. For that reason, when you yet again have a desire to start giving a teaching or to propagate your views among those who you think need a sermon, remember this Dictation and call to mind the words of Jesus Do not cast your pearls before swine.[1]

All that is given must be given according to the level of consciousness. And many things that seem to be so obvious to you that you have already stopped paying attention to them could shock the people who are remote from your views. Even worse, it can create in them a whole range of negative emotions and even actions. And who do you think will bear the karma of these negative manifestations? If you have not guessed yet, I will prompt you: The karma will lie on you. It is because a human standing at a higher stage of evolutionary development takes full karmic responsibility not only for his or her actions but also for the actions of the people whom he or she provokes to wrong actions.

This does not mean that people whom you provoke are freed from their karma for wrong actions. I only want to say that the greater part of karma will lie on you because it is you who provoked them to perform the wrong actions. Therefore, before you start preaching and giving anybody a piece of advice about how to act in life, think a good many times about whether you should do it.

Your responsibility is directly proportional to the stage of the evolutionary ladder you occupy.

This does not mean that you should shrink into yourself and stop communicating with people and speaking on spiritual topics with them. Simply, you must constantly analyze the consequences of your actions and stop trying to teach in those places where your teaching will be immediately dragged through the mire.

Think about my words. And always remember that your own behavior in life, the way you react to these or those life situations and disturbances serve as the best model. All of your preaching will lie in your actions. And by the fruits of your actions, people will recognize in you that person who is worth heeding and whose advice is worth seeking. So, I am again driving at the fact that the only person in this world with whom it behooves you to occupy yourself seriously is yourself. And you yourselves are the most worthy recipient of all your forces and abilities.

Do not think that somebody acts imperfectly, and do not think about how he should act. Concentrate on yourself and think about why actions and words of other people irritate you. Isn’t it because everything that irritates you is present within you as a manifestation of your past wrong actions?

The physical world around you is a mirror reflecting your imperfect consciousness. Thus, it would be natural to assume that if someone regularly meets with ignorance and misunderstanding, then these qualities are present in him or her. And if you are constantly exposed to malicious attacks from other people, then it means that the negative energy making people act that way toward you is present within you.

We have covered today’s material many times. And you have certainly heard and read about this many times. However, your thoughts, your own thoughts that you send me, make me repeat this small Teaching to you again and remind you about those Truths that you know well but for some reason do not risk to apply to yourselves.

I am happy with the opportunity given to repeat this Teaching to you. And I will be even happier if some of you are able to put this Teaching into practice. And even if it seems to you that everything I have told about has nothing to do with you, still do not hurry to put this Dictation away and to shelve it. Try to reread this Message at least thrice on different days, at different times of the day, and in different states of your consciousness. And I think that while reading it for the third time you will start to understand that this Dictation is directly relevant to you.

Trust me, I know human psychology very well, and at times it is a great pleasure to me to think out the puzzles composed from those psychological problems that you yourselves have created during thousands and thousands of embodiments on earth. However, I am always glad to help you. And I always answer the requests that you sincerely pronounce in your hearts while looking at my picture or that you risk to write on paper and send me by the irreproachable post where our angels work. Do you know that when you burn the letter and make a call to the angels of protection to deliver the letter to me or to any other Ascended Master, the physical letter burns but its energetic higher substance is immediately delivered to the address you specified?

I have been happy to give you a small Teaching today.

I AM Kuthumi, with great Love toward you and with a desire to help.

[1] Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you. (Matthew 7:6).

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