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I came to remind you of your Divine origin and the necessity to overcome your unreal part

Cosmic Being Powerful Victory
December 29, 2006

I AM Victory, coming to you this day.

I AM Cosmic Being Powerful Victory!

As I am Victory, I am triumphant!

The whole evolution of the Universe is destined to Victory. The quality of being triumphant or victorious is what you need to develop in yourself. That quality is extremely necessary for you because that is the quality that you have been lacking during the whole period of musty human history.

Maybe what you understand by Victory is not the quality that I mean because in your dual world there is an antipode of every Divine quality. For the quality of Divine Victory, there is a non-divine quality of triumph over somebody. But I came to teach you to firmly establish Victory. At the time when you reject any human imperfection and faulty condition to overcome the unreal manifestation, you establish Victory in yourself.

I came to remind you of your Divine origin and the necessity to overcome your unreal part. You have gotten used to your unreal part from the millions of years of wandering about your world. However, nobody can make you overcome the unreal part of you. You have to make that decision in your heart by yourself.

You have to turn to Divinity and leave your unreality, or the further evolutionary development of this Universe is impossible. We used to come and talk to you about the old man and the other true man in you, but now the time for talk is over, and you have to start undertaking certain actions to set yourself free from the duality of illusion, and turn yourself to the oneness of the Divine World. Believe me, the illusionary manifestation is concentrated only in your mind, and you must overcome your illusionary consciousness. There is no other way. And the way for you to overcome your illusionary manifestation makes up the major part of the Teaching given through our Messenger.

You have to make it your everyday rule and begin by analyzing the manifestation of unreality in yourself that comes up on your way to the Victory. Try to abstract your mind from the world around you and imagine that you are in the Divine World. There are no usual forms in that world. There is nothing that has to be made with the hands. You don't have to take care of the body. That is the Fiery World, the world where fiery thoughts rule, the world created by the power of thoughts, which lives because of the Divine Love that fills all the space of the Fiery World. Thanks to that Love, that World exists.

Now think of the things of your world that may be necessary in the Divine World?

Will you need the things around you such as money, luxuries, food, or clothes?

No, none of the listed things will be needed in our world. So, what is left then?

What can be left with you in our world?

I will tell you. In our world only your Divine qualities may stay with you: unselfishness, devotion, faithfulness, love, compassion, Divine mercy and charity, and purity. There are so many qualities in the Divine World that you may keep with you. But in order for you to have these qualities, you have to develop them in your physical manifested world.

Otherwise, when it is time to return to your Father's House, you will appear there without your radiant garments of virtue. It is worthless to wander about the Divine World naked. You will always feel compassionate looks from the inhabitants of the Divine World, but you will feel embarrassed for wasting time during your earthly lives. That is why you have to find the strength and courage to leave your human qualities and try to acquire the Divine qualities and perfection based on the description of the Divine World that you get from our Messages.

Everything that seems good in your world is not good in the Divine World. But there is room for manifestation of the Divine qualities. These are the states when you experience the feelings of self-sacrifice, Divine compassion, and unconditional Love. Each of you was able to experience these states of consciousness at least once. You only have to remember these moments and extend them in your life for as long a period of time as possible so that all your life consists of high, Divine states of consciousness.

I come to remind you of your Divinity because in your everyday fuss you lose contact with that reality. It is time to remember your true Home and your Divine life purpose. Do not be afraid to look funny in the opinion of people around you. We will see who laughs when you get to the Divine reality. If I say that the cycles shorten and time accelerates, I mean that not so much time is left for experimenting in the physical world. Hurry up, because what you can easily get during your physical life is impossible to reach when being in the Divine World. Due to the density of the manifested world, every action in this world has almost a flash-like result. And to reach the same result in the Fiery World you will need millions of years.

Our worlds are complementary, and what is possible in your world is impossible in our world. Unfortunately, you have to take that on trust because to reach my world you need millions of millions of earth years.

I hope that there are individuals for whom every word of today's Message brings such an important energetic and informational component that your lives will change so quickly you could not even expect it in your most daring dreams.

I wish for you to develop the quality of Victory and to aspire to your Divine Victory with all your might.

I AM Victory!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia