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Only when you receive the Law from within your heart, do you become the executor of the Law

Beloved Kuthumi
April 28, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you again.

It has been several months since the moment of our previous meeting, and today I am ineffably happy with our new meeting because this meeting will be taking place in much more favorable conditions, and I will be able to give you the Teaching that was impossible to give earlier. This is the Teaching on how you should take life and on how you should take those changes that are occurring in your life. Only some time ago this Teaching would be irrelevant for you. But now more and more people become thoughtful about their life surroundings and about their attitude to all that. This new view of life and the conditions around you has become possible after the Teaching about the contraction of illusion that was given through our Messenger. Therefore, you have subconsciously started to take everything around you in a different way; you have become thoughtful about creating circumstances around you and about your influence on everything around you in the physical world.

This is the new view of the world. The bigger the number of people who realize that the world around represents a gigantic illusion and that the manifestation of this illusion is completely determined by the collective consciousness of mankind, the more conscious your attitude to your thoughts, feelings, and actions will be; for it is you who create everything around you and all the circumstances of your life. The fact that the changes that have occurred in your consciousness take their time to be manifested in the physical world is just determined by the inertness of matter and by the impossibility for it to appear instantly in front of you in its new form. Another braking function is the consciousness of most of the part of mankind that has not awoken yet and cannot have such critical influence like the consciousness of those people who have started to realize the Divine Laws and make attempts to follow them in their lives.

Therefore, it is in your interests and in the interests of the whole of mankind to spread these Teachings and this Knowledge that you receive through our Messages as widely as possible. You can notice that the information, being received by you, does not differ much from the fundamentals of most of religions of the world. Still, there is a small difference and the difference is connected with the individual inner Path to which we direct you, the Path of cognition of the world through your heart. For any outer knowledge comes to you from without; and therefore, you are inclined not to trust that knowledge. When you become capable of getting the information coming from within you, you take that information in a completely different way. Even if it does not contain anything new for you, the whole incoming knowledge is interpreted in a different way, and it comes home to your consciousness.

There are different stages of perception of information. When you realize in your outer mind that you already know this and have heard it before, it does not mean that you have deeply felt this information and this Teaching in your heart and have realized it to the extent that you become one with this Knowledge and Teaching. Only when you become one with the Teaching, do you become a bearer of this Teaching, and you inseparably link your life with it and submit to the Law that you have accepted with your whole being.

There are different stages of the realization of the Divine Law, and only when you receive the Law from the depth of your heart, do you become the executor of the Law, and you become capable of influencing the life around you without words and without actions. You acquire an ability to influence the environment around you by your presence. You just meditate, stay in bliss and satisfaction, and the life around you changes as if by magic.

That is a very high level of achievement to which all of you should aspire. But in order to have the state of a deep meditation in your world, you should think about creating the conditions for such meditations. Your cities and even less populated places are filled with so much negative energy that it is difficult for you to get in touch with your Higher Self, as well as being hard for us to reach out to your consciousness, which is constantly shielded by negative energies. Therefore, again and again we draw your attention to the conditions in which you live. You should have a chance to stay alone and apply efforts to spend some time in places where you can restore your energy. When you gain the standard of the Divine state within yourselves, you will know where to aspire, and you will limit by yourselves the influence of those negative energies on you in which your world abounds. We give you a chance to compare your vibrations with the vibrations of our incarnated representative on Earth so that you do not lose your Path. We drop a saving rope to you, and it depends only on you whether to accept our help or not.

At all times there were incarnated people who were bearing the Divine vibrations of purity. And there are such people among you. If your eyes were open and your ears could hear, every day you would thank God for sending His incarnated Messengers to you. But you go past them, even taking no notice.

Therefore, it is your first duty to note the manifestation of Divinity in the people around you and help such people because they carry the burden of your karma.

Honoring saints and yogis who incarnate to take people's karma upon themselves in order to transmute it, is very common in the East. There are also many people incarnated in the West who are not of this world and who take and carry the burden of your karma. Learn to be grateful to such people. They cannot always adapt to the conditions of your society because your society is like a company of the insane for those people. However, you hurry to announce that your saints are insane. Your world is upside-down. The least worthy have everything while those who bear the burden of mankind eke out a miserable existence. However, it has always been this way over the period of modern history.

Your world is an upside-down world. And when you learn to recognize the manifestation of Divinity in your world and separate it from any non-divine manifestation in your consciousness, you will really be able to influence the world around you and transform it.

But first you should learn to recognize the Divine manifestation within yourself. Then you will be able to draw similar Divine manifestations from space according to your vibrations. The islets of Divinity will expand and multiply in your world, and we will be able to come to you, first in our denser bodies and then in our lighter bodies. And the prophecy about the Ascended Masters walking among you will come true, and you will be able to communicate with us.

Therefore, it depends only on you that the prophecy becomes the reality in your time.

Create the islets of Divinity and move to them at least for a while.

I AM Kuthumi.

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