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You should apply maximum effort to return God into your life

Mother Mary
December 24, 2013

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary.

I have come to you today to show you the omens of a better life and the better fate that awaits the sons and daughters of God on planet Earth.

Now there is very little sun in the northern hemisphere, and only hope warms peoples’ souls. You know that some time will pass and the sun will start rising above the horizon, higher and higher every day.

It is the same way in your spiritual life: The twilight of your human consciousness will inevitably be replaced by a bright sunny day. The sun of your Divinity should illuminate your mind and all your thoughts and feelings. And this will happen, beloved.

Now the dark forces and energies are raging in your world. And each person transmitting the light energy into your world is exposed to censure and even persecution. And this is very sorrowful.

Some time ago, my son Jesus experienced the manifestation of human hatred and hostility to the fullest extent. He devoted his life to serving others. Many incurably ill people were healed by Him with God’s help. Many people came to see the miracles performed by my son Jesus.

However, the more that He did for the people, the greater was the opposition that formed and grew stronger against Him and His mission.

In terms of human logic, it is very difficult to explain what happened when the frenzied crowd, which included the people healed by Jesus, furiously demanded the execution of my son.

However, if we allow ourselves to rise to a higher level of consciousness, then that sorrowful event of Christ’s crucifixion will become clear. Jesus brought a huge amount of Light to the world, and it is not only the light of knowledge but also a huge amount of Divine energy.

On the subconscious level, everything that was not from the Light felt an aversion to the mission of Christ. This aversion was the manifestation of the forces opposite to the Light. You know the law: For every action there is an equal and opposite counter-action. This law of the physical world is entirely applicable to the spiritual processes taking place in the world. If a person has the potential to bring the Divine light into the illusory world, then he will face the opposition of the forces that stand for the illusion.

This is so, beloved. And this law still keeps working in your world.

By the example of Jesus Christ, many generations of Christians had the opportunity to study the work of this law. Many true followers of Christianity, the followers of the essence of the Teachings of Christ but not of the letter, still experience the pressure of the opposing forces.

This confrontation in your world is inevitable and cannot stop at once. Like everything in your world, the confrontation between the two main forces acting in the Universe cannot instantly stop. But, in the course of time, this opposition must become less destructive. In the distant future, these two forces will be balanced in their manifestation to such an extent that collaboration and cooperation will arise from this confrontation.

Many of you, beloved, confront each other. It happens even when you seem to follow the same spiritual path.

This confrontation is explained by the imperfection of your world. Therefore, the two opposite forces manifest themselves through your beings. At this stage, this manifestation represents animosity, suspicion, and even hatred. One and the same person can fall under the influence of different forces during the day.

Beloved, all this happens because of the lack of Love in your hearts. And the lack of Love in your hearts is caused by the isolation of your world from the world of the Divine.

No God, no Love. Therefore, you should apply the maximum effort to return God into your life.

Look at everything that is around you in your world: advertisements, urban landscapes, gloomy faces of passers-by, and TV programs. Your world is not a friendly one. And always staying in the states of fear, tension, and gloom, people absorb these states of the outer world. Even the youth in their early years lose the charge of optimism and joy that should be characteristic of a young person.

The true joys are being replaced by substitutes: the surrogates of movies, music, and drugs.

True Love is being replaced by surrogate love that has nothing in common with the great feeling of Love.

While staying in the non-divine external environment, it is very easy to lose your soul. Your time is dangerous for the souls of many people who are in embodiment and especially for the youth. This is why the other Masters and I come to you: to give you an understanding of the processes taking place in your world, to remind you that the world was not always so unfortunate, and that a bright future awaits humanity.

First, this future will germinate in the hearts of a few people who possess a strong Spirit and can oppose the surrounding illusion with their faith and devotion to God and the Masters. Later, when there are more of these souls that have the Divine state of consciousness, humanity in its majority will start turning to the Light. And people having the state of consciousness that most of humanity currently have, will be considered exceptional black sheep who require unlimited Compassion and Love.

Only under the influence of Compassion, Mercy, and Love, the souls of many of you can stretch the spiritual folds of your garments and rise up to Life.

The feat of my son Jesus was in the fact that He continued to feel Love toward the people who tortured Him and were out for His death.

That is exactly why millions of Christians all over the world continue to worship the feat of my son.

I foresee that in the future many of those who are now reading this Message of mine will be able to respond with Love to all the traps and tricks of the illusory forces. And even in the face of death, my children can show Mercy and Compassion to the souls of those who torture them, for many people know not what they do. If they knew, they would never allow themselves to carry out many of their deeds.

You can show the Path to many lost souls. Do pray for the insight of humanity and forgive everyone.

I AM Mother Mary.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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