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The Path to the Heavens is inside of you

April 8, 2005


I AM Babaji. I have come to you through this Messenger.

Maybe you do not know me. I was incarnated at the end of the 20th century in India. I was not born the same way as children are usually born. I was created by the force of thought.

I came in order to recreate the traditions of real faith in India. I was a personification of Shiva.

Oh, it is really hard to understand how one and the same Lord can come into incarnation through different people and by different ways. But I should say that the Lords, the Ascended Masters, who came to help Earth and its humanity, are looking for any opportunity to dwell in a physical body.

Your world is too dense now and does not allow the Cosmic Beings of Light to stay among you for a long time. That is why we use either a partial incarnation or a temporary dwelling within those people who take care of their body temples properly in order to give us an opportunity to stay within them.

When you invite guests to your place you try to clean it up. You put away unnecessary things, dust, and wash the floor.

And it is really strange to watch many of you waiting for a miracle of the presence of the Ascended Masters within you and wishing to commune with your Higher Self but at the same time not doing anything in order to get rid of the dust of your carnal thoughts and aimless human wishes.

Both of our worlds are much closer to each other than it may seem to you. Our world is always open for communication with you. You should just tune yourself in to the necessary frequency of our vibrations.

We are ready to communicate with people in embodiment. The question is whether you are ready for it too.

I should tell you that the places you are living in are not good for our presence. In spite of the fact that I almost did not visit big cities during my last incarnation, great attempts were demanded of me in order to restore my energies and my temple after staying among people, and let the Higher Beings communicate with me.

I lived in India. But I had an opportunity to watch people coming from Europe and America.

Their consciousness and mentality were to a great extent different from the consciousness of people living in India. The basic Teaching and the knowledge that I had to give these people was a sense of the Divine and the Divine feeling, which I was imparting to them during my darshans.

I was pouring Divinity and Grace from my chakras. I gave everybody who was present there an opportunity to experience this Grace.

It was interesting to watch proud foreigners reviving in my presence, forgetting their civilized problems and turning to a simple life and Divine communication.

Can you imagine the improvement in the situation on the planet if only we were able to dwell within a large number of people who have prepared their temples for our presence?

Many people want to be granted this connection with the Divine for strengthening their ego. It is really interesting to watch a person trying to hold two big watermelons in one hand.

He wants to commune with the Divine and simultaneously to strengthen his ego.

What is your opinion about his possible chances to commune with the Divine?

Man always receives the things he is aspiring to. If a person really wants to be granted a deep, heartfelt communion with God but at the same time forgets to clean his temple properly so as to enable the Higher Beings to answer his call, he will receive communication but only with those beings that correspond to his level of consciousness.

There are many spirits waiting for a moment to master such a man and to direct him, and to speak through him. You know that like draws to like.

That is why it is necessary for you to get rid in your consciousness of any human wishes and thoughts about getting personal profit.

You should just give all your weaknesses and imperfection to God and say:

Lord, yes, I am not perfect but I love You, my Lord. Help me. Help me, Lord. I miss You, I miss Your Grace, Your Love. There is nothing in this world that attracts me, Lord. I want to be united with You. I want to fulfill all Your wishes. I will worship You. I will serve to all living creatures in which You dwell. Lord, help me. I AM Yours.

If your appeal is made sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, you will get our help.

But people are deluded when they think that they will receive the Grace at once and will become the perfection in the flesh. Sorry to say but this appeal is just the start of your Path to God.

And I will tell you which things will follow your appeal. You will get an accelerated return of your karma. You will face situations outside of you, in the surrounding world, and situations inside of you, revealing your psychological problems. These situations will crop up before you every day and will not give you any rest.

You will get an opportunity to prove to God that you are really ready to carry out everything you have promised.

Your aspiration to God should help you overcome all these trials and hardships and it does not matter how difficult they are.

This is a period of discipleship. This period can pass without an incarnated Teacher near you. The energies of your aura will be the best teacher for you. These energies will attract to you the situations you should go through in order to prove that you are really ready to give up everything that ties you down to this world.

It is not demanded that you should give up everything — your family, job, house, wealth. But you should give up any attachment to anything of this world, not only to real things that you can touch with your hands, but also to those inner problems that are particular to you and accompany you from life to life. For some people this can be envy, criticism, condemnation, for others this can be self-pity. There are very many traits you will have to give up. And it is really a painful process because during the time of your living on Earth, you have literally spliced with these traits. Now you have to tear them off you. This can be compared to the pain you would feel if you really cut off parts of your skin. However, this pain is of another kind. This is an inner pain of the soul, and sometimes it is absolutely unendurable.

If you meet a teacher who says that he will relieve you from your karma, from your problems, and will take everything upon himself, you should never believe such a teacher. And it does not matter if he takes money from you for that or not.

You can part with your problems and your karma loads only by yourself.

An external teacher can only reveal your problems to you but not solve them for you.

That is why I come to warn you about the difficulties on your Path and to help you with my advice.

I understand all the difficulty of the situation you are in when you have no opportunity to receive the advice of a real incarnated Guru. Your souls need advice and help. And we try to give you such help and advice in our turn.

So, we will meet sooner or later.

The Heavens and Earth will meet. And this will happen inside of your temple because the Path to the Heavens is inside of you. You can go around Earth looking for a real Guru; you can spend all your money and still find nothing.

The door to the Heavens is in fact inside of you. Now you even have all the necessary keys for this door. But the last effort in order to open this door will be made by you.

I have been happy to meet you today, and I believe this meeting has been worthwhile.

I AM Babaji, and I impart my Love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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