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The Path to Heaven lies within you

April 8, 2005


I AM Babaji. I have come through this Messenger.

You may not know me. I was incarnated at the end of the 20th century in India. I was not born the way children are usually born. I was created by the power of thought.

I came to restore the traditions of true faith in India. I was the embodiment of Shiva.

Oh, it is very difficult to understand how one and the same Master can come into embodiment through different people and in different ways. However, I must say that the Masters, the Higher Beings, who come to help the Earth and its mankind, look for every opportunity to be present in the physical world.

Your world is too dense now and does not allow the Higher Beings of Light to dwell among you for a long time. That is why we use partial incarnations or temporarily reside within those people who have properly prepared their body temples in order to give us an opportunity to be present within them.

When you invite guests to your house you try to put the house in order. You put away unnecessary things, wipe the dust, and wash the floor.

It is very strange to see how many of you expect the manifestation of a miracle, wait for the presence of the Ascended Masters within you, or wish to communicate with your Higher Self, but at the same time do not make any effort to at least clean up the dust of your carnal thoughts and unnecessary human desires.

Our worlds are much closer to each other than it may seem to you. Our world is always open for communication with you. You only need to tune in to the correct frequency of our vibrations.

We are ready to communicate with people in embodiment. The question is, are you ready?

Although, I will not conceal the fact that the places where you live are not quite suitable for our presence. During my last incarnation, despite the fact that I hardly ever visited major cities, I had to make considerable efforts to restore my energies and put my temple in order after being among people, to allow the Higher Beings to communicate with me.

I lived in India. But I had the opportunity to observe people who came from Europe and America.

Their consciousness and mentality are very different from the consciousness of people living in India. The basic Teaching and knowledge that I had to give these people is the Divine feeling, the Divine feeling that I sent them during my darshans.

I poured out this Divinity, this Grace from my chakras. I gave the opportunity to all those present to experience this feeling of Grace.

It was amazing to see how proud foreigners flourished in my presence, how they forgot their civilized problems and turned to a simple life and Divine communion.

If we could be present in a large number of people who prepared their temples for our presence, then you can imagine how the situation on the planet would change.

Many want to receive this Divine connection for the sake of strengthening their ego. It is very interesting to observe how a person tries to hold two large watermelons in one hand.

He wants to receive Divine communion and at the same time to strengthen his ego.

Do you think such a person can receive Divine communion?

Man always receives what he aspires to. And if a person is very eager to receive communication with the Divine but has not brought the necessary order to his temple for the arrival of Higher Beings, then he will receive communication with beings, but only with those beings that correspond to the level of his consciousness.

There are so many beings that are just waiting for a moment to get such a person into their own hands and to control and speak through him. You know that like draws to like.

Therefore, you are required to completely renounce in your consciousness any human desires and thoughts connected with obtaining any benefits for yourself personally.

You simply give all your shortcomings and imperfections to God and say:

“Lord, yes, I am not perfect but I love You, Lord. Help me. Help me, Lord. I miss You, I miss Your Grace, Your Love. There is nothing in this world that attracts me, Lord. I want to be United with You. I want to fulfill all Your wishes. I will serve You. I will serve all the living creatures in which You dwell. Help me, Lord. I AM Yours.”

After such a call, if you made it sincerely, from the heart, you will receive our help.

However, people are deluded when they think that they will immediately receive this Grace and become the very perfection in the flesh. Unfortunately, this call is only the beginning of your Path to God.

And I will tell you what will follow your call. You will get an accelerated return of your karma. You will face situations outside of you, in the surrounding world, and situations inside of you in the form of your psychological problems that will rise before you tirelessly every day.

You will have the opportunity to prove to God that you are actually ready to fulfill what you have promised.

Your aspiration to God should help you overcome all these tests and difficulties, no matter how difficult they are.

This is the stage of discipleship. And this stage can take place without the presence of an incarnated Teacher near you. Your energies, which are contained in your aura, will be the best teacher for you. These energies will bring to you those situations that you need to pass in order to prove that you are actually ready to part with everything that binds you to this world.

You do not have to lose everything — your family, work, home, wealth. But you have to give up your attachment to anything in this world. And not only to the tangible things that you can touch with your hands, but also to those internal problems that are inherent in you and that accompany you from life to life. For some people this can be envy, criticism, condemnation, for others this can be self-pity. There are a lot of qualities that you have to part with. And this is a very painful process. Because during your stay on Earth, you have literally spliced with these qualities. And you have to tear them off you. This can be compared to if you actually had to cut off pieces of skin. However, it is different pain. This is the pain of the soul, and it is sometimes absolutely unbearable.

If you meet a teacher who tells you he will relieve you from your karma, from your problems, and will take it all upon himself, never believe such a teacher. Regardless of whether he takes money from you for that or not.

You can part with your problems and your karmic baggage only by yourself.

An external teacher can only tell you your problems but not solve them for you.

That is why I come to warn you about the difficulties of your Path and to give you all the possible help with my advice.

I understand the complexity of the situation you are in, sometimes not having the opportunity to receive advice from a true Guru who is in embodiment. And your souls need advice and help. And we, in turn, strive to provide you with such assistance and advice.

Therefore, sooner or later, we will meet.

Heaven and Earth will meet. And it will happen inside your temple. Because the Path to Heaven lies within you. You can go around the entire Earth, looking for a true Guru; you can spend all your savings on it and still find nothing.

The door to Heaven is actually inside of you. And now you even have all the necessary keys to this door. But the last effort you need to open this door, you will still make yourselves.

I have been happy to meet you today, and I think it was useful for you.

I AM Babaji, and I impart my Love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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