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Sanat Kumara, December 27, 2011

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara.

I have come today, as always, at the end of the annual cycle in order to give the necessary comprehension of the further Path, to strengthen you on your Path, and to bring home to your consciousness the points that you need for your further advancement.

Thus, today we will continue the talk about the Path of Initiations, about how this Path of Initiations of your time differs from the Path of Initiations that was known to humankind in ages past.

You know that in the past times, only a very small percent of the incarnated humanity had a notion about the Path of Initiations and had access to the knowledge that is necessary on this Path.

Now the time has changed. Now humanity is on the cusp of the new stage of its development. And greater openness and greater freedom are characteristic of this stage. We come and give you the knowledge that was hidden from humankind under the veil of secrecy just a while ago, openly and freely.

The time has come when almost all the knowledge is available and accessible on the bookshelves and in the Internet.

However, the peculiarity of the coming age is connected with the fact that the true knowledge opens to people similarly as the knowledge and the information that are not true but are the fruit of mental speculation and consideration of the carnal mind.

Divine Wisdom and speculations of the carnal mind are lying side by side on the shelves of bookshops, and then they move to the bookshelves that you have at home.

How safe is it for the development of your souls, and is it reasonable in terms of evolution?

Let us turn to an example.

Small children are protected by their parents against any false steps and any threatening danger. Matches and prickly and sharp things are taken away from them so that they cannot hurt themselves. And then the moment comes when the children grow up and start their exploration of the surrounding world. In this case, it is more difficult for the parents to control their children because they go out in the street, go to school, and go on the Internet. What they see and face there slips their parents’ attention.

Now the moment has come when humanity grows out of its childish state of consciousness and moves to the world of adults.

However, not everything in this world conforms to the Divine patterns. And many things are the opposite of the Divine world.

How can one make a distinction and discern? Wise parents do not hasten to familiarize their children with the wonders of modern technologies or with the achievements of modern civilization. Wise parents, first of all, try to give their children the idea of the moral law and of the inner guidelines. Wise parents hasten to provide their children with the wisdom of the heart. Then, when a person has the right guidelines within himself, they will lead him through life as the sound of a tuning fork. And what is not consistent with the sound of the tuning fork of his heart will go past his external consciousness without leaving a trace in his soul.

Buddha goes through life quietly, not noticed by anybody, and no mud of life is attached to the golden robe of his aura.

Likewise, we try to give you the right guidelines that will lead you through your life, showing the direction and protecting you. Then, when there is a sensation of reality and Divinity within you, everything that is less than the Divine perfection will go past your consciousness, leaving no traces in it. And you will aspire to your Victory, to your Freedom from the chains of matter.

Those human individuals who do not have that feeling of the Divine that sounds like a tuning fork within them are forced to learn their lessons of life in order to gain that distinction and comprehension that are needed for further evolution. And life offers rich and diverse material for your development.

The refinement of the illusion and of its facets makes you develop your distinction and gain merits on this path of distinction.

There are also other people who do not wish to burden themselves with any effort, who see the surrounding world only as a source of satisfaction of their desires and needs.

Well, this group of people is also given an opportunity to satisfy all their desires and all their aspirations so that one day, when they are tired of the race for knickknacks and pleasures, they can stop and raise their eyes toward timeless reality.

There is a definite amount of time for each human individual to reach the border beyond which the real world of God begins. Everyone is given a chance.

All opportunities are open in your time.

All the processes are accelerating, including the processes of your choices.

When you persist and continue to wander about in the illusion, choosing one toy after another while it is time for you to start doing the deeds of adults, your mistakes and errors will be pointed out, at first gently and then in a clearer and a more insistent way. Everyone is given a chance. Everyone is shown the Path.

If you were not so involved in your illusory processes and could observe your life from a higher visual angle, you would be able to understand and to perceive how carefully your soul is protected.

However, there is the law of free will that inviolably governs in this Universe and on your planet. None of the Ascended Masters can help you if you have been choosing the world liable to decay, from embodiment to embodiment, for tens and hundreds of thousands of years by your own free will.

Sooner or later the term of the experiments in the earthly reality will be over for those individuals. And like pupils left back in school, they will be forced to continue their education but in another reality. Millions and billions of years of evolution will be provided for them again.

For those who heed our guidance, the days of staying in the illusory world will be reduced. Unprecedented opportunities are opening up for you, for your spiritual growth and advancement along the path of evolution taught by the Ascended Masters, the Masters of Wisdom.

We are always beside you at the most slippery parts of the Path. Just wish and you will be able to start communicating with us directly.

You only need the ability to escape from the surrounding illusion into the Divine reality. And nothing is needed for that except for your inner efforts. Like athletes train their physical muscles in order to win in competitions, you need to train the muscles of your soul in order to achieve your Victory on the Path of Initiations.

Your aspiration and your daily spiritual practices with our help will inevitably raise you to the next evolutionary stage.

I was happy to give you my helping hand today and to give the right direction to your aspirations.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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