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Kindle your torches and set off to bestow your flame to the world

Beloved El Morya
May 25, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you through my Messenger.

Our meeting today will be fully devoted to our actions connected with Russia and the problems that we have to solve in this country in order to implement our plans.

You know that during the last 150 years we have been trying to go ahead with our plans concerning this country that stands aloof from many countries and cannot be compared with any of them. But every time we set out to implement our plans and found a person-transmitter in the physical plane through which we could act, the opposing forces turned against us and we had to go back on a decision.

However, no one can escape his destiny. Since there is a plan from God for this country, Russia — and I assure you that such a plan does exist — it must be put into action. All the difficulties can just harden a warrior on the Path. The obstacles are needed exactly to help warriors to acquire experience and better skills.

If you, your parents, and your grandfathers had not overcome the severe tests that had befallen them during the last century, you would scarcely be able to comprehend our Teaching now.

It is a delusion to think that we sustained a defeat. This defeat, beloved, is related only to the physical plane. All the sacrifices that were made in this country during the years of wars, revolutions, and repressions were made only in the physical plane. But if you look at the events happening in the higher plane at that time, you will see a gigantic evolution of souls. You will see the opportunities that were provided to each soul for its development.

You can see that some people sacrificed for the sake of Common Wealth and the Good, while others committed dreadful crimes and created karma pursuing the transient benefit in the physical plane.

That is how it happened during the entire period of modern history.

God wants you to evolve. God wants you to perfect yourselves and to develop.

For as long as God has loved Russia and its inhabitants, He has been giving the people of this country a chance to go through accelerated tests and accelerated development.

A lot has been endured; a lot of grief and suffering had to be felt keenly. Today the country is in a deep spiritual crisis and is enduring the years of a deep stagnation.

This is the result of the karma of atheism that was permitted by the people. Just imagine that right now a new generation of people is being born who in their previous lives fought with each other in the fields of the civil war and met each other at the interrogations during the repressions.

You can picture the former victims and executioners right now sitting at one desk at school — those who killed and those who were executed and tormented. But the karma has not disappeared. The karma remains, and the karma must be worked out.

You know that if a pendulum has deviated to one side, then according to the law of physics it inevitably has to deviate to the other side with the same amplitude. If during the last hundred years you have been watching the deviation of the pendulum towards the side of atheism, distrust, and rejection of the Supreme Law for everything which exists, this means, beloved, that Russia is predestined to have Faith in God and to have Faith in the Supreme Law during the next hundred years. As long as these hundred years have not passed without leaving a trace in the evolution of people’s souls, the experience acquired by these souls will no longer allow them to be carried away by the blind faith and dogmas of any external church.

That is why We are beginning the new cycle in a state of a full spiritual vacuum, and it makes it even easier for Us to plant the verdure of the new knowledge, new ideas, and new understanding of the structure of the world in the hearts and minds of the generation living in Russia today.

Neither the collapse in the physical plane nor the irreparability in the minds of people can be barriers. The most important thing is to sow the seeds of aspiration within people’s minds and hearts, to kindle the fire of knowledge, and to fan the flames of the Divine freedom.

You have gotten used to relying on the external. You have gotten used to making plans that are based on the external knowledge received by your mind. The time has come when you must give God an opportunity to act through you. All you need for that, beloved, is to get rid of your ego and of all your attachments to the things of this world. You should provide your temples for the Divine guidance. Your ego obstructs us, as well as the bustle of your minds and your empty inquisitiveness.

You should simply pin your hopes upon the Will of God. You must fully submit to the Will of God.

The Will of God is not manifested in the churches. There is no organization in the physical plane that acts in accordance with the Will of God. The Will of God, beloved, can be manifested only through you, through your hearts. That is why you should long to provide all your lower bodies for the realization of the Will of God for this country.

You should be possessed by the realization of the Will of God. You should be possessed by the aspiration to become an obedient tool of God in the process of implementing the plan for this country.

I do not ask you to submit your will to any external organization. I do not ask you to apply for any instructions to the Messenger through whom I am giving this Dictation.

No, beloved. You do not need a mediator between you and God, between you and the Ascended Hosts any longer.

Your Higher Self and your Guardian Angel are always aware of the Divine plan for your lifestream. You do not need to go to messengers, clairvoyants, psychics, or servants of the cults in order to know the plan of God for your lifestream. Everything is written in your heart.

Tell me, how many of you have talked to your heart lately? How many of you have tried to understand what your heart tells you?

You are so busy in your life that it is hard for you to find at least five minutes to be alone with yourself in silence, far from the vanity.

Your heart is constantly trying to talk to you. But you do not hear it. You prefer to listen to your friends and acquaintances, to watch TV, to listen to your horrible music, or to pick up knowledge from newspapers, books, and magazines.

Beloved, there is no source of information in your world that can tell you what your life plan is, why you have been embodied, and what you are to do now and in the near future.

You will not hear about it on the radio, you will not manage to learn about it from the TV programs. You cannot read about this in any books.

Your heart is keeping the innermost information so necessary for you, and it longs to share this information with you.

All the Ascended Hosts, beloved, are ready to give you all the possible ministration in your Divine task for the sake of which you have come into embodiment on planet Earth at this difficult time.

Why do you ignore the help of Heaven?

How long will you scour your beggarly world in search of the sense of life? You will never find the sense of life in the surrounding world! I tell you this with a full sense of responsibility because it is impossible for the mortal to inherit the immortal. The essence of your nature is Divine. And you must return to your Divine nature.

Your search for the sense of life in the physical plane is doomed to failure from the very start. The only true Path lies within you, inside of your hearts. There are many paths in this world that people prefer to follow from one embodiment to another, from life to life. But the only true Path is discarded by them.

God is patient, beloved. No matter how long you wander around the external world, the time will come when you will return Home.

Therefore, your major task for the present time is to feel this Path in your heart. And you will become living guides on this Path for many lost souls.

When you start following the Path leading you Home, you will have to give up the superfluous burden that makes you encumbered and attached to the physical world.

Your vibrations will rise, your thoughts and feelings will become purified, and you will serve as a luminary on the Path for those who are still continuing to wander in the dark.

All the miracles and treasures of the world are hidden in the depth of your hearts. When you manage to kindle a torch in your heart, everything will change within you and around you.

We need devoted collaborators. We need warriors of Light whom we can count on in the implementation of our plans for this country and for the entire humanity.

Kindle your torches and set off to bestow your flame to the world.

I AM El Morya, and I am giving you the flame of knowledge.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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