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The future of Russia is bound up with the restoration of the traditions of the true faith

Lord Shiva
April 2, 2005

Lord Shiva
About Lord Shiva

I AM Shiva! I have come!

I have come to you through this Messenger. I have come!

Shiva is my name. Shiva!

I AM Shiva!

In India, which is a faraway country in respect to the so-called western civilized world, I am respected as the Highest Deity. Millions of people worship me, pray to me, and make sacrifices to me.

I am the Supreme God and I have a severe temper. However, I am the best friend of the people devoted to me, and they can spend time in communication with me, enjoy my presence and our mutual communion.

I am very severe with those people who do not respect God and have forgotten about their Divine nature, who do not worship God within and outside them.

God is everything. God is everything surrounding you as far as you can see. You are God too. Yes, you are God in incarnation, but your Divine nature can be manifested only when you meet certain demands necessary for this.

I will tell you what you have to do in order to become God.

First of all, you should love and respect God in everything surrounding you. There is nothing in the world separating you from other particles of life irrespective of whether it is a tiny ant or the most advanced Guru.

You are all the forms of life, but simultaneously you are a personification of the Deity within your limited physical shape. But it is precisely your physical shape that separates you from your innate divinity. This shape has been imparted to you temporarily in order to enable you to test yourselves in earthly life during many millions of years, coming through thousands and thousands of embodiments on Earth.

You have been using this shape for the purposes set up by God. God wishes to manifest Himself through your physical shape. Your task is to give God an opportunity to be manifested through you.

You have to bend yourselves to God who you are in reality. This is the task of every man. You must take care of your shape, keep it fit, and nourish it with all the necessary elements.

Nevertheless, you must never forget that you are God; therefore, you cannot do things unworthy of God.

Look back at your life and at its circumstances. Do they correspond to the Divine pattern?

You have to pay attention to all the aspects of your life. What do you eat? What do you wear? Whom do you communicate with? How do you treat your relations and friends?

They are also Gods in the physical shape. And your attitude to them must be similar to your attitude to God. You can attend a temple or a church. You see icons there. You worship these Gods. But there is no big difference between you and the people surrounding you and Gods in the temple. All of us represent manifestations of the Deity.

Yes, all of us are at different levels of manifestation of the Deity, but it does not make a big difference.

Do agree that if you treat yourself as God and if you treat the people around you as Gods, your life will change. The longer you are able to keep the image of the Deity in your consciousness, the sooner your life will change.

That is why it is necessary for you to have a representation of God at home or at your work place.

It is very important for you to have a model for imitation before your eyes. As your world is a world of shapes, it is very important for you to visualize God before you continuously, knowing that you are indivisible with Him.

Do you agree with me? You gradually become one and indivisible with the images that you are keeping in your consciousness and to which you are aspiring.

Look at everything surrounding you at home, in the street. Pay attention to those images that you are staring at when looking at advertisements filling up your TV programs. Do you think all this resembles the Divine reality?

I offer you the cheapest way to become God. You simply have to guard yourself against imperfect images and to surround yourself with perfect Divine images. It does not matter to which religion or faith these images belong.

These must be images raising your consciousness and enabling you to dwell in a more perfect state of consciousness and maximizing your approximation to the perfect Divine vibrations as much as possible.

I am Shiva. I seldom come through people who do not adhere to the Hindu beliefs. People in the West cannot respect and treat God correctly.

That is why I advise you to learn the traditions of India as the country that managed to save the traditions of respect for God and in which the people who spend their lives in service to God are highly appreciated.

There is no other country in the world with such conditions for the service to God as in Mother India.

I love the people of this country and I aspire to dwell in the people of India.

If Russia manages to create a correct attitude to the moral upbringing and to God, it will be happiness for this country. Russia is a country loved by God. The future of Russia is connected with the restoration of the traditions of the true faith — the faith based not on the external manifestations of respect but on the inner respect for God dwelling in every man.

At present the foremost task is to bring up the new generation in the tradition of respect for the older generation and for God dwelling in every man.

Any external image of God is necessary for you just to remind you about your Divine nature and about the Divine nature of the people surrounding you.

The respect for God has nothing in common with religion. Religion represents an external path that is necessary on a certain level, but you should not pay too much attention to this path.

In India there are many temples where people serve Gods. But there are also many wise men and yoga teachers in this country who teach people to respect the Deity in their hearts and who show them how to obtain a direct communion with the One within themselves and with gods who are always ready for it.

I promise to come to each of you who appeals to me in your heart. I will come and help you to resolve the most urgent problem that delays your spiritual evolution.

I AM Shiva, and I have been happy to communicate with you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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