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Instructions about your attitude to everything around you in your dense world and in the finer worlds

El Morya
April 20, 2006

El Morya
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I AM El Morya Khan, having come to you again through my Messenger.

As it has been before, I have come to talk to you and to give instructions concerning your life and your place in the universe.

Like children who come to this world to explore it, you start the process of exploration of the world, but only of that world, which is still beyond the perception of your physical sense organs.

But that world exists; and it represents the Higher Reality in which you will be born and where you will stay in the course of time.

When your soul was in the fine world, before your incarnation, you were getting education and instructions about what you would face in the dense physical world. Now I come to give you directions about what you will face after your transition to the finer world.

The more you are ready for the transition to the finer world, the less effort your soul will have to apply to adapt to our world. We speak for everybody, but not everyone is able to perceive the information contained in the Dictations, and especially, to read the information between the lines. That is the difference between the Dictations that come from the Higher octaves from those messages that you get from the lower levels of astral and mental planes. The Messages are multidimensional. The information is supposed to be understandable for everyone, regardless of his or her level of consciousness. However, there is something that is hidden behind the general phrases, and it only becomes understandable for those who can read between the lines and hear the voice in the silence of the quiet.

There is information for everyone, but not all can accommodate everything.

Do not be confused with the fact that many things slip from your outer consciousness. There will be the time on your Path when you will suddenly start realizing what you have not been able to realize before. Knowledge will be coming into your head, and you will not understand why you know that. You will try to remember the source of the information but you won't be able to remember it. However, once you remember that you have been reading the Ascended Masters' Dictations, you will realize that you have gotten the information between the lines unconsciously.

You join the certain information and energy egregore through reading these Dictations, and you become able to come out to different layers of the finer world spontaneously and to get information from the Higher octaves directly. You get your education during your sleep, and you get your education in the form of insights and understanding, coming out to a high etheric level spontaneously.

Therefore, it is not as simple, as it seems at first glance…

However, I have to prevent your anxiety. There will not be any information or any connection to the source of information without your consent. You can read these Messages, feeling distrust of the source, feeling doubt, and with that you put an insurmountable energy barrier between you and us.

Only if your soul feels joy and triumph when reading our Messages, and you express your willingness to get further education and further perception of the information, knowledge, and energy with all your being, only in this case Heavens open the opportunities before you, and you get access to our libraries, our classes, and databases.

It is similar to getting a password to access certain information. That password is given to you only when you express your willingness to cooperate with us and to get our information. However, on our side we evaluate the level of your consciousness, and you get access to those energies and information that you can assimilate. We watch carefully that the dose of energy received by you doesn't exceed the threshold that can be harmful for your health and subtle bodies.

Therefore, the process of penetration of the worlds and the process of cooperation of the worlds is under thorough control. A person with mercenary motives cannot get access to the information that he can use to cause harm to anybody. The criterion is always your vibrations. Each of you bears a unique vibration spectrum. You are a unique manifestation of the Divine Flame. And the degree of your achievements puts non-washable traces on your Flame and your vibrations. So we can always distinguish you according to your flames and vibrations, and consequently, according to your consciousness level.

You should not worry that you do not get information directly from us. The process of transmission and accessing information from the Higher plane is a century-old and tuned process. You get as much as you need and only when a suitable moment comes for that.

However, you should always be in a state of constant expectation. If you do not aspire or show your willingness, then the energy will not be able to penetrate your aura, and you isolate yourself from the information that comes from the Higher plane.

On the one hand, you should not worry that you do not get information; on the other hand, you should express constant willingness to receive the information right at the moment when it should come to you.

The combination of these two qualities, which only seems incompatible, becomes the barest necessity.

You get information when you are free of merely selfish desires to possess anything. The information arrives to you according to the extent you can get rid of the unreal part of you, and consequently, raise your vibrations to the level at which you can reach the octaves where that information becomes accessible for you.

There cannot be any standard approach for everybody. Everyone has a unique manifestation of Divinity in the physical world. And the main quality will be your ability to feel Love to Creator's plan and to never stop admiring all the diversity of Divine manifestations around you, not to focus on you and your problems but to watch the variety and diversity of Divine manifestations, to be able to see Divine miracles and enjoy them. That is why it is said that until you become like children, you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today I have given you some instructions about your attitude to your relations with each other and the Divine Reality, and about your attitude to everything around you in your dense world and in the Higher worlds.

I hope that the instructions received by you will help your development and enrich you.

And now the time has come to remind you of the dispensation of the 23rd of each month that was given by me in the previous Dictations.[1] Now I have to announce that the dispensation becomes accessible and is practiced by many groups and separate individuals. Therefore, it is decided that the efficiency of the given dispensation will be multiplied not only by the number of people who participate in the dispensation, the efficiency of this dispensation will also be multiplied tenfold for everyone who will not miss any 23rd day during this year, starting from the 23rd of April 2006.

I congratulate you because this new Divine Grace has become accessible thanks to your achievements on the Path.

I AM El Morya Khan, and I worship the Light of God within you.

[1] Refer to the Dictations of Beloved El Morya: About the new Divine Dispensation, June 27, 2005, and I have brought you two pieces of news — one is sad and the other is joyful, January 7, 2006, in Words of Wisdom Volumes 1 and 2.

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