SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Image of the Sun in the Ascended Masters Messages

Lord Shiva

Beloved, I have come to tell you that at this time an abyss of reasonableness is now separating you from the Divine world.

It is very hard for you to understand me because you are in an upside-down world, an imperfect world — literally in a cesspool.

Yet, I am asking you simply to believe me and to continue moving — on your Faith and Love.

It is always hard to move in total darkness and unfavorable weather conditions. However, if you start moving in the chosen direction and continue to go surmounting yourself, then later on you will see the sunrise and everything will start changing and reviving around you.

Believe me, at the very beginning it is very hard to break out of the fog of the veil of illusion surrounding you. When the rays of the dawn of the Divine consciousness start illuminating the twilight of your being with the light of reason, you acquire distinction of the Light from the darkness, the reality from the illusion.

Lord Shiva, December 21, 2014

Beloved Helios, May 13, 2005

Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven

You see the sun every day, and it seems to you so natural to watch the sunrise and the sunset that you do not pay any attention to them.

However, the Sun is just that center in our solar system without which life would be unable to exist on any of the solar system planets, both visible and invisible to the naked eye.

Beloved Helios, May 13, 2005

Beloved Surya

It is time to wake up to the Higher Reality of Being

You need to part with many of your attachments. You need to give up a lot. There is less and less time left. I understand you very well. I know very well how delightful it is to sleep in the illusion. You do not want to wake up.

However, the sun of the Divine Reality is already rising and calling you to new worlds that are even more wonderful than your world.

Lord Surya, December 2, 2009


Mystical moment

The Ascended Hosts are ready to help you. But in order for this help to be rendered, it is necessary for you to believe in the reality in which the Ascended Hosts exist. The Faith in the Higher reality and the aspiration to the Higher worlds can pull humanity out of sweet dreaming in the illusion.

The time to awaken has come.

The sun of the eternal reality is rising.

I call you to this everlasting reality. Now.


I AM THAT I AM, December 31, 2011

Beloved Mother Mary

You should apply maximum effort to return God into your life

Now there is very little sun in the northern hemisphere, and only hope warms peoples’ souls. You know that some time will pass and the sun will start rising above the horizon, higher and higher every day.

It is the same way in your spiritual life: The twilight of your human consciousness will inevitably be replaced by a bright sunny day. The sun of your Divinity should illuminate your mind and all your thoughts and feelings. And this will happen, beloved.

Beloved Mother Mary, December 24, 2013

Serapis Bey

A narrow path leads you to the Heavenly summits of the Divine world

The new consciousness should sprout among the thistle that the planet is covered with. The sprouts that overcome all existing obstacles and rise toward the Sun, the Sun of the Divine Consciousness, should be stronger.

I am giving you an image of what you really come across in your lives. This image of aspiration for the Sun of the Divine Consciousness should be constantly kept in your mind's eye.

Serapis Bey, December 31, 2008

Master Hilarion

There is a likelihood that the Golden Age will come to Earth

There is a likelihood that these times of the Golden Age will come back. There is a likelihood that the Golden Age will come to Earth. And we are waiting and wondering where the conditions necessary for the advent of the Golden Age will be created on Earth.

I will not be telling you about our plans. But you should know that it is not always that the sky is grey and it is raining. The time will come when the sun of the Divine consciousness will shine on Earth. I can only say that the conditions needed for the advent of the Golden Age are already being created now, and those souls who bear in themselves the consciousness of the Golden Age are preparing for embodiment and are already coming into embodiment

Master Hilarion, July 5, 2009

Beloved Surya

A Teaching on responsibility to the evolutions of planet Earth

So, as soon as you become adults with busy workday needs, you forget your childhood games. But sometimes you experience nostalgia for your childhood and for carefree days spent playing. And in the everyday fuss you forget about the most important thing: why you have incarnated on a planet that isn't the most attractive one. The craving for sun on these days is combined with your longing for our world, which your soul remembers.

Beloved Surya, December 22, 2007

Beloved Mother Mary

About the spiritual mission of Russia

Come outside at dawn and watch the sunrise. In the same way, the sun of the Divine consciousness has started to rise in the people of Russia.


Beloved Mother Mary, June 25, 2007



Gautama Buddha

One more vital point is added to the dispensation on the 23rd of each month

I AM Gautama Buddha, having come to you again to give a new Message inspired by the force of Love that I, as well as the other Ascended Masters, feel toward you, people of Earth embodied at present. The time is very stressful, and the turn of the year is a time of special importance and complexity. It is at the turn of the solar cycle that we come and give you our training, since everything we plant on the growing sun will germinate in spring and summer when the next solar cycles come, which are the day of the vernal equinox and the day of summer solstice. The old is nearing its completion and the new is beginning to show, and this new is absolutely gorgeous!

Gautama Buddha, December 25, 2006

Gautama Buddha

About the current situation on Earth

Now, I would like to use the opportunity to provide some information regarding the solar eclipse that will be happening on March 19, 2007. The sun symbolizes Divine reason, and any solar eclipse that occurs puts extra pressure on your subtle bodies. During the time of the solar eclipse, including several days before and several days after the eclipse, I recommend that you pay close attention to yourselves and to your daily routines. I recommend that you have more rest and more sleep, and of course, maintain your harmony.

Your imperfect energies contained in your lower bodies will become activated, and you may experience somewhat discomforting states. For some it will be unexplained irritability and disharmony while others may fall into depression or perform uncontrolled actions. Solar eclipses are especially dangerous for mentally unbalanced people and people with mental disorders. Therefore, make sure that your close relatives have peace of mind. Try to protect them from experiencing any negative states of mind.

Gautama Buddha, December 25, 2006

Beloved Melchizedek

Let your holiday resemble the visit of the Higher, etheric octaves

…we are ready for many of your earthly lives to witness how the seeds that we have sown gradually arise from under the ground and stretch out to the sun of the Divine consciousness.

If your aspiration is strong and your faith is firm, then those patterns and images that we place into your consciousness in the course of these Dictations will certainly sprout in your world. And the stronger your faith and aspiration, devotion and love, the sooner the changes around you that we are waiting for will occur.

Beloved Melchizedek, December 31, 2005

Beloved Surya

About the opportunity to unburden your karma of the next month and about the letters to the Karmic Board

…I recommend you not to be lazy but to work on this day. You can even dedicate all your actions during this day to the transmutation of karma. While washing up and tidying up your apartments, just imagine that you are washing away all the karmic layers of the past from everything your hands touch.

You can place your bodies under the sun and expose them to the rays of the bright summer sun in order for the sun to transmute the traces of your karma. The sun is your helper.

Beloved Surya, June 23, 2005

Beloved El Morya

Your consciousness is the only restriction of your Divine freedom

…this world represents a battlefield between two opposing forces. And until the feeling of conflict is blotted out of the consciousness of the last embodied individual, the conflict will go on.

Picture two armies ready for a battle. The files of the warriors are deployed in battle order. Their faces are stiff. Every warrior is only waiting for a command to join battle.

Your position in the world is like that of those warriors.

Now imagine that a miracle takes place. A sunburst appears through the sinister clouds hanging over the battlefield, and it spotlights both the battlefield and the severe frowning faces of the warriors. Can you imagine at least for a moment that a miracle can happen and the soft sun’s rays penetrating the clouds can dissolve any hostile feelings in the hearts of the warriors? Can you imagine that the inner state of the warriors can be transformed? One thought, one impulse from the heart of every warrior is enough to endow the consciousness and the external mind of every combatant with a more elevated character.

Just as the Sun bursting through the clouds is capable of sending you a ray of hope and endowing you with a feeling of love and compassion at times, you can endue every person that you meet in your life with the Love from your heart.

Beloved El Morya, June 21, 2005


The best practices of your Spirit are the only things that will remain with you

The call of the Divine world is not heard by the physical ear. When the sun starts sending its rays to the earth in spring, it does not call the grass to shoot from under the ground. But the time comes and the shoots appear from under the ground. The time comes and the leaves appear and the flowers come into bloom.

Just as the sun’s rays reach the ground, you receive invisible rays that awaken your consciousness and make it flourish like flowers in spring. Such is the call of the world where you are to sprout with your consciousness.

I AM THAT I AM, June 18, 2005

Lord Maitreya

A Teaching on the serpent-tempter and the serpent of wisdom

The Higher Cosmic Forces were no longer able to maintain the existence of man who had no mind and, consequently, had no chances for his development.

Therefore, the Sons of the Sun, the Sons of Wisdom descended into the bodies of the humans and endowed them with the opportunity to obtain mind — the fire of mind, with the help of which man acquired an ability to create like Gods.

Lord Maitreya, June 17, 2005

Beloved Babaji

Make preparations for the rise of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, and the Sun of the Divine consciousness over the land of Russia

But you should always remember that the dawn will come and the sun will clothe all the things with the bright Light of the day. And the light of your flashlights will be hardly distinguishable in the bright sunlight. The things you were spotlighting with your flashlight in the dark take completely different shapes in the bright Sunlight. Is it worth going to so much trouble to convince each other of the rightness of your opinions? The day will come and the sun of your Divine presence will brightly light all the things and you will be able to know the Divine Truth not by your imperfect human mind but by the mind of an Ascended Being of Light.

Even if you make every effort not to allow the Sun to rise and glow with its Light in the murky corners of your consciousness, the Sun will rise in spite of everything.

For that reason, make preparations for the rise of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, and the Sun of the Divine consciousness over the land of Russia.

I AM Babaji.

Beloved Babaji, June 16, 2005

Beloved Mother Mary

The rebirth of Russia as the land of the Mother will take place very soon

Please be patient, beloved. It is not too long to wait. Come out at dawn and feel the delightful moment when the Sun is still below the horizon, but everybody around is already anticipating the instant of the sunrise. And right now the whole world is at the point of expecting the rise of the Sun — the Sun of Faith, the Sun of Love, and the Sun of Hope.

The sunrise of your consciousness is as inevitable as the rise of the Sun foreseen by your being.

Make preparations for the rise of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, and the Sun of the Divine consciousness over the land of Russia

Beloved Mother Mary, June 13, 2005

Saint Michael

A Teaching on the substitution of fear with Divine Love

Imagine yourself sitting on a river-bank or near a lake or a spring while the sun is shining brightly in your face. The gentle touch of the rays of the sun is so pleasant! The sun penetrates deeper and deeper inside you every day. And one day you yourself become the Sun, giving your Light and Love to all those who need Light and Love.

The time will come when the sun of your Divine consciousness will be able to shine through you and give its warmth to many people who haven't set themselves free of things that do not allow them to force their way to the sun of Divine Presence in them.

You are sun-like. You just need to clear centuries-old coatings of dirt off your vessel so that it can become clean and transparent.

Saint Michael, the Archangel, January 5, 2007

Beloved Helios, May 13, 2005

Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven

All this will happen in the near future according to the cosmic measures. And all these changes will take place through the change of your consciousness, through your minds and hearts.

Your consciousness changes under the influence of many factors, among which the main factor is your Sun and the processes occurring on it both in the physical and in the higher planes.

Even the receiving of these Dictations is realized with the help of the sun’s energy, on condition of my immediate participation and in my presence during the transmission of every Dictation. Yes, beloved, the transmission of our Messages is realized on condition of using the sun’s energy that helps to intensify the transmitted information.

Beloved Helios, May 13, 2005

Beloved Helios, May 13, 2005

Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven

Your Sun is a star inhabited by very reasonable and highly evolved beings. Therefore, all the processes that take place in our solar system are under our absolute control. No matter how much your scientists will prove that life cannot exist in such high temperatures, I am here. I exist and I render my help and sponsorship to every planet of the solar system including your Earth.

Beloved Helios, May 13, 2005