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Prepare yourselves for the rise of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, and the Sun of Divine Consciousness over the land of Russia

Beloved Babaji
June 16, 2005

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji, having come to you again.

I have come for guidance and what I would like to say will be important for your spiritual development. Today, I have to speak about those prophecies and those predictions that are known to many, but have not been widely spread in your world.

When I was in embodiment, the place where I gave my Teaching was called Haidakhan. People came from all over the world to attend my darshans. I gave them blessings from my heart. I nourished their beings with Light. And even those who did not have an idea of how to treat a Teacher, felt awe during my presence and communication with them.

God has many secrets that cannot be revealed to your consciousness, because your consciousness does not have a sufficient degree of purity, integrity of perception. I gave some of these secrets to my closest disciples.

The time has not yet come to reveal these secrets to a wider audience. But you should always know that God still has many unrevealed secrets for you.

And the instruction that I would like to give you, concerns your sense of God, your Divine feeling. Never think that you have already comprehended all the Divine secrets. Never think that the views and beliefs that are now present in your head, in your external consciousness are infallible and the only true ones. I understand that it is important for you to have certain dogmas in your head in order to restrict your perception and to better discern the objects around you. This is similar to how you illuminate a certain area with a flashlight, and you can discern the things that you are illuminating and get a more or less clear picture of them.

However, one should never judge the whole of Creation by that illuminated area that your consciousness is able to illuminate.

A wise man always remembers, that beyond the area that is illuminated by his external consciousness, there is a large area of what he is not yet able to perceive.

Your main mistake, which causes most of the troubles in your world, is that you argue among yourselves that it is your flashlight that illuminates all things much more correctly. And only the light of your flashlight should guide the lives of all people on Earth.

You can even argue among yourselves hoarsely, and convince each other that it is necessary for the whole world to use your flashlights and then it will be happy.

You should always remember that the dawn will come and the sun will illuminate all things with the bright Light of the day. And the light of your flashlights in the bright sunlight will be hardly visible. And those objects that you lit with your flashlight in the dark, take on completely different shapes in the bright Light of the sun. Is it worth spending your efforts, proving to each other the rightness of your beliefs, when the day will come and the sun of your Divine presence will clearly illuminate all things, and you will be able to know the Divine Truth not with your limited human mind, but with the mind of an Ascended Being of Light.

A wise man will never argue with the system of worldview that other people have. It is very bad for your health to come to a foreign country with your own traditions and start convincing the people of this country that they all live the wrong way and have the wrong idea of God.

All missionaries have sinned in this way at all times. They arrived in a foreign country and tried to instill their traditions of faith in this country.

There is only one Divine Truth that is behind all the religions of the world. Wise men always try to know this greatest Truth, and not to impose their understanding of the Divine Truth on the world. If you each stand on your beliefs and prove that only they are right and there is nothing more in the world that is true and correct, then you will limit your progress and begin to cultivate non-divine qualities in yourself, such as spiritual pride and idolatry.

Therefore, I encourage you to constantly strive to keep your consciousness at the level of high Divine vibrations. In this state, you become kinder, more tolerant. Your whole being radiates love, cordiality, joy, and peace.

Learn to discern these states of your consciousness within yourself. And strive to these states of your consciousness. Only when you are in this state of consciousness do you become able to perceive the Divine Truth.

Now I would like to tell you a little about the land of Russia.

There are prophecies, and these prophecies are widely known in India that Russia must revive; Russia must become a country that will be based on new principles — on the principles of true Faith. The history of Russia, and especially recent history, gave the people of this country the lessons of non-attachment to any system of worldview. It is as if on purpose the consciousness of the people of this country underwent the influence of completely different ideologies and views.

For the consciousness of a person in embodiment, a quick change in external ideological attitudes is like a hurricane or tornado. Any breaking of stereotypes of perception of reality is perceived by a human being as a catastrophe. And for a person, especially for his lower bodies, including the physical, such a change of ideology represents a great threat and is a cause of stress.

However, for the development of the soul of a person, such jolts play an extremely important role. A person, who experiences such stresses, associated with the collapse of his former worldview acquires a more expanded consciousness and is able to look at the world more broadly.

In this respect, Russia differs favorably from any other country in the world. Of course, India and Tibet are countries with rich spiritual traditions. However, it is precisely because these traditions are many thousands of years old, that they hinder the development of the consciousness of people.

What is good on the physical plane is not always as useful for the development of the soul.

People who have been living all this time on the territory of Russia and who continue to live now, despite all the difficulties, have received the highest initiations, comparable to the initiations that the greatest adepts of the past gave to their disciples.

Russia occupies a leading place in the world by the number of people who have reached Christ consciousness.

Therefore, Russia will be the country where people from all over the globe will come and undergo their training. The wealth that Russia possesses is not in the ground. It is not gold, it is not oil. The wealth of Russia is of a much higher value, and it is concentrated in the consciousness of the best representatives of the peoples, inhabiting this country.

And just as there are many waste rocks, among which one can find nuggets of gold, similarly there are many people who have not been able, for some reason, to overcome their consciousness and pass the initiations. But those people who have been able to do this have deserved truly the best spiritual rewards and have received the recognition of the Ascended Hosts.

All these last hundred years, the melting process in the Divine furnace has been going on. And now we have the opportunity to view the pure gold of the Divine consciousness in the form of halos, surrounding the heads of the light-bearers of Russia.

Everything that occurred in Russia and that concerns the passing through initiation by many sons and daughters of this country was predicted. And this prophecy is hidden even in the geographical names that exist on the territory of this country.

The rivers Om and Tara, symbolizing the unity of the masculine and feminine principles of Deity, flow in the place where the revival of Russia will begin. First, people appear who have the level of consciousness of Christ and Buddha. They have earned this consciousness by passing through difficult initiations and trials. Then, through the consciousness of these people, the surrounding world changes, and acquires qualities that are closer to the Divine world.

Now, these people, these nuggets are hidden under a thick layer of waste rock. And an inexperienced eye is unlikely to see these nuggets of the Spirit. However, if you cannot see the gold in waste rock, this does not mean that there is no gold in it. You have just not reached that level of discernment that will enable you to see these nuggets of the Spirit.

So, the prophecy has been pronounced. And the prophecy must be fulfilled.

And even if you apply all your efforts, to ensure that the sun does not rise and does not illuminate the dark corners of your consciousness with its Light, the sun will still rise.

Therefore, prepare yourselves for the rise of the Sun of Knowledge, the Sun of Faith, and the Sun of Divine Consciousness over the land of Russia.

I AM Babaji.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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