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About the opportunity to unburden your karma of the next month and about the letters to the Karmic Board

Beloved Surya
June 23, 2005

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya, having come to you today through my Messenger.

Today is such a day when you can put in your devotional efforts and direct the energy of a prayer onto the transmutation of the karma of the next month. Your request will be granted precisely to the extent of the purity and sincerity of your hearts and as much as the Law of karma will allow it.

That is why I recommend you not to be lazy but to work on this day. You can even dedicate all your actions during this day to the transmutation of karma. While washing up and tidying up your apartments, just imagine that you are washing away all the karmic layers of the past from everything your hands touch.

The water is your helper.

You may expand your experiment and transfer it to the mental plane. You may imagine yourself taking a duster and washing away all the dark thoughts that have ever come into your mind. After that you can move to the astral plane and wash away all the layers of your negative feelings.

Just imagine yourself spring-cleaning all your bodies.

You can visualize yourself taking off your mental body or your astral body like clothes and dusting your imperfect thoughts and feelings out of them. The air is your helper.

You can place your bodies under the sun and expose them to the rays of the bright summer sun in order for the sun to transmute the traces of your karma. The sun is your helper.

You may visualize the violet flame penetrating all your bodies and burning everything not from God in your four lower bodies. The flame is your helper.

On this day the Karmic Board meeting starts on Earth. You may apply to the Karmic Board with your letters and requests. You task is to ask for help. The task of the Karmic Board is to consider your request and to render you the help the cosmic mercy can render you. Ask the angels to deliver your letters to the addressee; do not forget to put your name, last name, and the date and burn the letter. If you decide to keep a copy of your letter, you will find out in some time that much, if not all, of your request to the Karmic Board has come true.

The burden of karma hanging over mankind is too heavy, and the Ascended Hosts use literally every chance to help you, the people of Earth who are in embodiment now. Do not neglect the mercy and the opportunities granted to you.

The Cosmic Law does not allow us to intervene into your karma if you do not ask us about our intervention. But as soon as an appeal has been pronounced and heard, the Ascended Hosts are ready to render you all the possible help.

However, you should not rely entirely on the Ascended Hosts. If a human asks once for help with getting rid of some heavily loaded karma, such as the karma of an abortion, we help. But if some time later this human commits the same action again and creates the same karma, the Ascended Hosts find it much more difficult to help in this case.

Therefore, every time you ask for help in the deliverance of the consequences of your wrong actions in the past, you must consciously take upon yourself the duty never to repeat in your life such actions that lead to the creation of karma.

And if it is difficult for you to constantly bear in mind your obligation not to create karma, take a clean sheet of paper and list the qualities in you that you think are negative and that you want to get rid of. Every time you start your devotional ritual, direct the energy of a prayer onto the dissolution of the energies contained in your four lower bodies that are burdening them greatly due to the heavy errors committed by you in the past.

If the knowledge of the Law of karma or the Law of retribution were widespread among the people of Earth and especially among the youth, it would be possible to prevent many actions committed by humans due to their ignorance.

To know the Law of karma is the first step necessary for every individual in order not to sin but to act in life according to the Divine principles.

Therefore, the major task for each of you in the near future is to better acquaint more people, the more people the better, with the Law of karma or retribution.

The best example will be your own. Show your example to your child, your family, and your colleagues at work.

The negative energy cannot evaporate by itself. But the energy of your prayers can dissolve the negative karma, just as it can be dissolved by your visualizations that I mentioned at the beginning of our meeting today. And the energy of the good karma created by your right actions can be directed at your will onto the unburdening of the karmic loads and on providing you with the easiest path to work out your karma.

You must work out the karma of your wrong actions, but you can do it, for example, either by falling and having a fracture or by getting off easily with a light bruise or a livid spot.

That is why I recommend you to apply with a request to the Karmic Board today or in the near future. You can also specify in your letter what you concretely promise to do in order to direct the energy of your actions onto the unburdening of your karmic loads.

This may be a responsibility to say a certain number of prayers or Rosaries during a definite period of time. This may also be a responsibility to help the penniless and the infirm.

Only such responsibilities should be taken upon yourself that are not beyond your power to fulfill. If you take upon yourself too many responsibilities in the hopes of working out as much karma as possible, you can find yourself unequal to the task. Do not forget that you will have to pass through tests in your life and to maintain the highest state of consciousness in spite of all the barriers and life disturbances you will have to encounter.

The negative vibrations and the irritation you can feel if you fall down on the task taken upon yourself can blot out the positive effect from your right actions and deeds.

Do not understand your task as first to sin and then to repent of the sins. Your task is not to create new karma, yet you will have to work out your old karma in one form or another. For that reason, be careful not to create new karma.

Our talk today has been very useful, as it has provided you with the tools that, if used correctly, will be the keystone of your success in the progress on the Path.

Keep in mind that the unreal part of you, your ego, will look for any chance to set you on the wrong track and to prove to you that your prayers and letters are of no use, or that you are exhausted today and can relax without fulfilling the responsibilities undertaken.

You have been creating your karma for millions of years, during your countless earthly embodiments. And do you really wish to get rid of your karma in a moment?

If the Law allowed you to experience the consequences of an instantaneous return of karma, no human would endure for a split second the effect of the negative energy — he would be snowed under. You would be literally torn asunder. For that reason, the Law of karma returns your karmic duties for performance to you gradually during a significant period of time. And the help you ask us for cannot be given to you at once either. We need time to render you help. The time for rendering help can be different for each of you depending on the heaviness of the karma, the content of your request, and the responsibilities you undertake upon yourself.

The time of giving help can also be different and take a period from six months to twelve years.

Consequently, you should gird yourself for everyday labor. Miracles are possible in your life, but you predetermine the miracles in your life yourselves by creating good karma day after day.

I AM Surya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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