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A Teaching on responsibility to the evolutions of planet Earth

Lord Surya
December 22, 2007

Lord Surya

I AM Surya, having come to you today from the Great Central Sun. Every time I come, I try to bring a part of the solar energy to your planet. You and your planet need solar energy as never before, especially at this time.

I have come today in order to give the next Message to the people of Earth. I am enjoying the favor of our Messenger. She kindly invited me to use all her abilities so I could give you a Message.

So, as soon as you become adults with busy workday needs, you forget your childhood games. But sometimes you experience nostalgia for your childhood and for carefree days spent playing. And in the everyday fuss you forget about the most important thing: why you have incarnated on a planet that isn't the most attractive one. The craving for sun on these days is combined with your longing for our world, which your soul remembers.

Of course, your existence on planet Earth is temporary and fleeting. And it would be unreasonable from the Creator's point of view to limit your existence to one life and one planet.

Later you will remember the true world where your souls have come from. And one of the tasks of my coming to you today is to remind you of that.

I have come at the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere where a considerable part of Earth’s population lives. I have come during the session of the Karmic Board, and I have come before the 23rd day, when you are given a Divine opportunity to transmute the karma of the following month.

You see that my coming is not accidental; I have been thoroughly preparing for this coming of mine. Now I have to tell you about the new Divine opportunity and to give you hope for a bright tomorrow.

We fully realize that the karma that humankind has created does not give you a chance to feel the entire bliss of being Alive. You have forgotten about the bliss. You have plunged into the material world. I have come to give you the opportunity to intensify transmutation of your past karma.

Those of you who wish to do that can ask me, turning to me personally with the following call:

"O, Beloved Lord Surya! I am tired of living without the Sun. I am tired of the sadness of this world. I would like to return to the bright and joyful worlds sooner. I am longing for the transformation of planet Earth into the most beautiful planet in the Universe. I am asking you to help me and our planet!"

When I collect 10,000 of your sincere calls, I promise you that as soon as I get back to the Great Central Sun, I will obtain new mercies for planet Earth.

During your call to me, you have to so earnestly desire good for your native planet that, at that moment, nothing should be more important for you than the transition of planet Earth to the new level of consciousness. Ten thousand of your sincere calls are enough for me to change the situation on planet Earth immediately.

Think over my proposal. Aren't there 10,000 devoted and sincere hearts really?

I have come to announce this opportunity. Use it and we will see what happens.

I would also recommend that you join the meditation Earth, I Love you![1] which will take place tomorrow. Your participation in that meditation will reinforce the impulse of those similar ardent hearts, and we hope that the released energy will be enough for planet Earth to pass to a qualitatively new level with minimal losses.

You see that the situation on Earth is changing. You see it with your physical eyes, and you hear it from the radio and TV news.

It is not easy to keep to a path to change the planet and at the same time to balance all the different kinds of energies generated by the collective human consciousness. The situation is that it literally depends on each of you how the process of changing will happen. Earth, as well as each of you, is in a very difficult situation now. Earth is experiencing a terrible strain connected with the impact of this so-called civilization of yours. Imagine how Earth and the elementals who maintain the order on Earth and look after the planet feel, bearing all the violence over nature that is committed in your world.

Only the influence of one loudspeaker, working at high volume, spreading the irregular beat of rock music, is enough for thousands of elementals to be shocked, and instead of fulfilling their duties connected with keeping order on the planet, they become ill or even die.

You should think not only about yourself. It is your duty to care about those inhabitants of planet Earth who evolve on the subtle plane. Think about the example that you show to your younger brothers, not to mention the fact that you should think deeply about the example that you show to your own children. None of your actions or words passes away without a trace.

Your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings exist in the subtle world as astral clichés. And in order to cleanse the planet from all of the human garbage accumulated on the subtle plane, an army of angels, elementals, and volunteers from other worlds is needed, as well as the best representatives of humankind who use their sleep during these long nights to participate in the cleaning of their native planet. In the morning they wake up exhausted, as if they didn't have that sleep at all. In fact, in their finer bodies those volunteers have been doing the hard work of cleansing the subtle planes of planet Earth from human garbage and have been giving help to ill elementals.

Today I have revealed to you the work being done by Beings of Light to cleanse your planet from the garbage of human thoughts and feelings. If this work was stopped even for a day, nothing would remain of planet Earth. It would cease to exist like many other planets that perished under the influence of non-divine civilizations.

Therefore, I come to you over and over again and urge you to come to your senses and to stop acting like those individuals who do not want to hear anything about God and about the Divine Law existing in this universe.

With the lapse of time everyone will receive what he has deserved. And Heaven's mercy is truly infinite.

I have visited you today to remind you of your responsibility to the evolutions of planet Earth and Life itself.

I AM Surya, having been with you today.

[1] Discourse is about the worldwide meditation I love you Earth which was given on December 23, 2007. In the beginning of December, Sanat Kumara sent me the idea that at this dark time in the Northern hemisphere would be nice to hold the meditation which will stabilize situation on Earth. (A note from T. N. Mickushina.)

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