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Your consciousness is the only restriction of your Divine freedom

Beloved El Morya
June 21, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you again.

The situation that occurred during the receiving of my last Dictation[1] reminded me about the fact that the opposing forces maintain their combat readiness, and they will not be slow to take advantage of any gap in our defense.

Three detachments of angels, 144 angels in each, secure the receiving of each Dictation.

In addition, Archangel Michael’s legions of angels of defense are heavily involved. But, in spite of this seemingly impenetrable wall, the forces of the dark manage to defeat us at the most inappropriate moment.

Well, this world represents a battlefield between two opposing forces. And until the feeling of conflict is blotted out of the consciousness of the last embodied individual, the conflict will go on.

Picture two armies ready for a battle. The files of the warriors are deployed in battle order. Their faces are stiff. Every warrior is only waiting for a command to join battle.

Your position in the world is like that of those warriors.

Now imagine that a miracle takes place. A sunburst appears through the sinister clouds hanging over the battlefield, and it spotlights both the battlefield and the severe frowning faces of the warriors. Can you imagine at least for a moment that a miracle can happen and the soft sun’s rays penetrating the clouds can dissolve any hostile feelings in the hearts of the warriors? Can you imagine that the inner state of the warriors can be transformed? One thought, one impulse from the heart of every warrior is enough to endow the consciousness and the external mind of every combatant with a more elevated character.

When you are able to rise onto a higher level in your consciousness, you can notice that everything separating you from your enemies and rivals loses its significance. It is because you are struck by the beauty and the omnipotence of the Divine Truth suddenly bursting upon your view. And you are not able to feel any hostile feelings any more as you experience your unity with every particle of life. And you feel the pain of every particle of life. You realize that any feeling of conflict, any feelings of hatred or dislike are not Divine and that the people that have come under the influence of such negative feelings are just to be pitied. And you understand that you can help these people. You can endue them with your feeling of Love and your understanding and give them a particle of the Divine energy that will enable your rivals to feel your Love.

Just as the Sun bursting through the clouds is capable of sending you a ray of hope and endowing you with a feeling of love and compassion at times, you can endue every person that you meet in your life with the Love from your heart.

Believe me, it is only Love that is able to oust all the negative manifestations from your world.

However, I would like to return to the topic of our interrupted conversation: to the quality of Freedom, Divine freedom, and to the understanding of this quality by the Ascended Hosts.

The understanding of Freedom as total permissiveness and the absence of any restrictions is a distortion of the quality of the Divine freedom inherent in the Ascended Hosts.

In exactly the same way as you in your world restrict all the manifestations of insatiable lusts and aspirations of separate individuals capable of harming other people, there is a restriction in the Divine world.

The energetic barrier that exists between our worlds cannot admit to our world the individuals who have not subdued their consciousness to the Law governing in this universe.

Any imperfect manifestations, including the imperfect quality of freedom that is present in the minds of the mortals, cannot penetrate the energetic barrier separating us. In order for you to be able to overcome this barrier, you must successively give up all of the non-divine qualities and manifestations in your being and substitute them with perfect models and manifestations.

As you perform this difficult work upon yourselves, you free yourselves from the negative energies contained in your aura. Your auras become attuned with the Divine reality, your chakras open, and the level of your vibrations allows you first, to dwell in our world — in the etheric octaves — for a short time and next, when you confirm your achievements and corroborate the achieved level by passing numerous tests, you acquire the right to be present among the Ascended Hosts and become one of us.

In exchange for rejecting your imperfect qualities and your human understanding of freedom, you acquire the Divine freedom — not as permissiveness but as the voluntary subordination of your entire being to the perfect Law governing in this universe. Only then, you receive the stage of freedom that enables you to overcome the barriers between the worlds and to get access to any information. You will be able to attend our libraries and to read the Akashi records. You will get access to any information that your consciousness is able to take in.

That is why your consciousness is the only restriction of your freedom, your Divine freedom.

If the level of your consciousness is not high, but your desire for the journeys to other worlds is great, you can leave your body in your astral body and travel around the astral worlds. But you should never forget that your level of consciousness is your limiter, and you will make journeys around those worlds that have the same level of vibrations as yours.

Therefore, we say that the worlds are open to you, but your main task is still to take care of your consciousness and its level and to aspire to get rid of any imperfection preventing your development.

You develop with your consciousness into the new worlds. You progress into different levels of the Heaven. And you surge higher and higher toward Infinity.

However, while you are in your material manifested world, you should never forget that in this sphere of your activity, as in any other one, some distortions are possible. You can master the technique of coming out of your body by training or by remembering the experience of your previous lives. But if you have not yet achieved a certain grade of purity of your four lower bodies, your journeys will take place within those levels of the astral and mental planes that are close to you by vibrations. And you will be unable to benefit from these journeys for the unfolding of your soul. These exercises of yours will be similar to the journeys of drug addicts who, with the help of different chemical substances, reach a state in which their higher bodies separate from the physical body and make journeys around the astral plane.

As the worlds draw nearer, more and more people appear to be capable of receiving the abilities to communicate with the beings of the higher worlds.

You will need all your ability of making distinctions in order to form an opinion on the descriptions of the stories and experiences of the journeys to other worlds.

You should always remember that like draws to like. For that reason, keep an eye on a person who tells you about his experiences and experiments, trace his actions and opinions, and you will understand which worlds this person can visit.

There is nothing unusual in the fact that people can travel around the astral and the mental planes. You do it every night. But the point is in how much these journeys contribute to the evolution of your consciousness and how much they contribute to your progress on the Path.

Only perfecting yourselves in God is of importance. And your attachments to the astral and even to the mental planes must be overcome with time, as well as your attachments to the physical plane, because the lower levels of the higher plane cannot give your soul the knowledge it needs.

You can wander around the valley for a long time, but we call you to the peak — to the summit of the Divine consciousness.

I am happy with the fact that our talk has taken place today.

I AM El Morya, and goodbye for the moment!

[1] While receiving the Dictation of El Morya on June 19, 2005, the major part of the Dictation was lost because of a computer fault.

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