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Every day ask God to be with you and to guide your whole life

Lord Shiva
December 21, 2014

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva!!!

I have come!

Today! On this day!

I am glad that, thanks to the Divine mercy, I can come again to give my directions, which I am sure will help you at this difficult time for humankind of Earth.

So, I have come.

Now, when you are better adapted to my energies, I have to talk about the main reason of my visit today.

All of you who have read our Messages for all these years are already familiar with the main Teaching that we are giving. It refers to the Teaching on the choice and the Path.

Many souls are incarnated now on planet Earth.

For every soul there comes a time when it must make a choice. And this choice will determine its future destiny, the energy level at which this soul will either continue its evolution or will cease it.

Divine mercy is boundless. At the moment, there are a great number of souls in embodiment, and for many of them this is the last opportunity to continue their evolutionary development.

Of course, almost all of the souls have already decided on their choice. And of course, it is very difficult sometimes, being in the hustle and bustle, to understand the entire reality and seriousness of the choice made.

You can understand that sometimes it is unbearably hard to watch how many people are literally killing themselves and destroying their souls. The energies that are in their auras and are determined by the succession of their choices in past incarnations literally force these individuals to make low-grade choices.

It is exactly for this, in order to help even a small number of individuals change their destiny that we continue to come and give our Teaching.

It is very difficult to understand many simple Truths that we are giving because many Truths are easy to understand only at a certain energy level. To reach this level you need a certain degree of solitude, and you must not be under the influence of mass consciousness. Very few people have such a luxury as solitude, and very few are not under the influence of the negativity that is prevailing in the world.

I will tell you more. As soon as people break out of the vanity of their everyday lives and get a chance to spend at least several days in solitude and prayer, the very state of getting closer to the Divine arouses fear and discomfort within them

It would appear that you approached God, your vibrations rose, your consciousness elevated, but discomfort, depression, and fear started to encircle you densely.

Why is it so, beloved?

You are living in this negative environment because your karmic energies attract you to this environment. When, thanks to the Divine mercy, you get into more harmonious conditions, your karmic energies rise and deprive you of an opportunity to enjoy your contact with God living within you!

Facing unexplainable states of their consciousness at the moment that seems very close to the Divine world, many spiritual seekers stop their spiritual practices in fear and return to their habitual environment, typical in the mass consciousness.

Beloved, I have come to tell you that at this time an abyss of reasonableness is now separating you from the Divine world.

It is very hard for you to understand me because you are in an upside-down world, an imperfect world — literally in a cesspool.

Yet, I am asking you simply to believe me and to continue moving — on your Faith and Love.

It is always hard to move in total darkness and unfavorable weather conditions. However, if you start moving in the chosen direction and continue to go surmounting yourself, then later on you will see the sunrise and everything will start changing and reviving around you.

Believe me, at the very beginning it is very hard to break out of the fog of the veil of illusion surrounding you. When the rays of the dawn of the Divine consciousness start illuminating the twilight of your being with the light of reason, you acquire distinction of the Light from the darkness, the reality from the illusion.

All of you lack faith and aspiration. These fundamental and necessary qualities on the Path are the main targets of the forces opposite to us and are attacked through the media, television, and the Internet.

You are palmed off to surrogates, and you cannot distinguish between Divine Light and lights of advertising, between true values and the tinsel of a mass holiday.

Only few of you are able to oppose the forces of illusion with your devotion and aspiration.

It is impossible to develop the qualities that lead your soul to liberation from the shackles of illusion within one incarnation. However, if you do not start cultivating these qualities within yourself, you risk never getting out of the trap of illusion.

Imagine that you are in a mystery school. All the inhabitants of planet Earth are in a gigantic school for initiates.

You, each of you, can count on your own efforts only. You face dangers every day. Every day you make your choice, the only choice between the world of God and the world of illusion. There are millions of choices, but the essence of them is reduced to the only choice: whether you choose eternity or you choose decay.

So, the purpose of my visit today was to direct your being toward the real world.

You must devote every day of your life only to God, to God that resides within you, and to God that resides within every living being.

Only one thought must be in your mind when you wake up: I am with God!

Only this thought can shield you from the forces of illusion throughout your day.

Only permanent concentration on God can tear you out of the nets of illusion.

Tirelessly, every day ask God to be with you and to guide your whole life and all your choices.

Only God can help you and your soul at this difficult time in the twilight of human consciousness.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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