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A Teaching on the substitution of fear with Divine Love

Saint Michael, the Archangel
January 5, 2007

I AM Saint Michael, the Archangel who has come to you today!

I have come. I AM coming to announce that the New Day has come! The New Day is the day into which your planet is entering. And the New Day is coming in your consciousness. The twilight is over, and your consciousness is clearing from all those night fears in which it has been staying for thousands of years.

You have produced masses of fear by your imperfect consciousness, and now these masses roam about the astral and mental worlds independently. And when you face these fruits of your own consciousness, you feel fear and horror that seem to have no limit or control.

I have come to put an end to your fears! I have come to herald that with the beginning of the New Day, all your fears are fading away and they don't have any power. You and your consciousness are the source of fear and its power. That is why as soon as you clear your fears away from your consciousness they will no longer exist in the outward things, because they will lose the energy that you have been feeding them.

A large number of people feel fear. Fears are actually a scourge of your time. Fear exists where there is lack of Divine Love. And there is lack of Love everywhere in your world. You cannot fight with your fears. The energy you will direct to that fight will only strengthen your fears. But you can dissolve your fears with a universal solvent, which is the Love of your hearts. Therefore, all that you need to do in the nearest future is to open your hearts to Love, Divine Love. And as your world is filled up with Divine Love, your fears will vanish like the mist clears away with the beginning of a new day.

Your state is determined by your ability to let Divine Energy in, and when you are short of Divine Energy you experience different negative conditions including fears.

The fear of death is dominating your world. You are afraid of something that does not exist in nature. You are afraid of something you created by your imperfect consciousness. You are afraid of death, but death does not exist. Death exists only in your consciousness. There is only eternal life and eternal bliss in the Divine World. Death is, in fact, only the transition of your soul from one life form to another.

Your painful perception of states concerned with death is caused by your fear of death. And when you manage and overcome your fear, death will no longer bother you. Moreover, birth and transition will not be so painful and frightful as they seem now in your world. Change your consciousness and many problems of your world will become less critical and vanish like darkness at noon. Although the shadows of the past will stay, they will not be able to take up much of your attention.

I have come to tell you that death does not exist, and I have come to tell you that all your fears are generated by your consciousness. When you let Love in your consciousness, it will dissolve all your fears including the fear of death.

How can you let Love in your heart? It is actually very easy. You have to let all the burdensome things like anxiety, hatred, anger, and envy go away from your heart. Hatred is particularly interfering. Hatred is the sister of ignorance. Hatred supersedes Divine Love in your hearts and precludes the manifestation of Divine Love. So, now when you know your enemies who try to conquer your heart, you can gradually get rid of them step by step.

I will give you a universal method that will help you to clear away from your heart all features that are in your way and that are not Divine.

So, when you have a minute of free time, imagine yourself taking a clean piece of cloth and dipping it in sparkling, absolutely clean water splashing at your feet. Bend over to take some water in your hands. Dip the cloth in the water and imagine you are holding your heart in your hands. Your heart is like a crystal vessel. But it became muddy and cannot let Divine Light in. Take your vessel, your heart, and imagine you are washing all negative qualities and feelings away layer by layer: hatred, hostility, fear, anger, ignorance, laziness, and envy. Each of you has several qualities to get rid of. Wash all these coatings of negative qualities and manifestations.

Repeat that procedure every day. Do not think that you can do the job all at once and clean up your heart from the centuries-old coating of negative energies.

Strive constantly to keep in your mind the image of releasing your negative qualities. Imagine how your heart passes more and more Divine Energy through it every time.

Sometime later your heart will be completely cleared from all accumulations of the past. And you will be able to assimilate in full measure the vibration of Divine Love running through the whole world and Creation. You cannot perceive these vibrations due to your own imperfection and your unwillingness to get rid of it.

I am sure that each of you will think about it and decide to change your approach and the style of your life and will stop frowning, happily exposing your smiling face to the New Day.

Imagine yourself sitting on a river-bank or near a lake or a spring while the sun is shining brightly in your face. The gentle touch of the rays of the sun is so pleasant! The sun penetrates deeper and deeper inside you every day. And one day you yourself become the Sun, giving your Light and Love to all those who need Light and Love.

The time will come when the sun of your Divine consciousness will be able to shine through you and give its warmth to many people who haven't set themselves free of things that do not allow them to force their way to the sun of Divine Presence in them.

You are sun-like. You just need to clear centuries-old coatings of dirt off your vessel so that it can become clean and transparent. You will fill your vessel with Divine Energy, and you will give everyone who is thirsty a chance to take from your vessel.

Divine Energy never comes to an end. Only the human consciousness limits the flow of Divine Energy in your world.

The New Day is coming when there are no limitations but Divine Freedom and Divine Love.

I AM Saint Michael the Archangel, with eternal Love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia