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Gautama Buddha
March 7, 2007

Gautama Buddha
About Gautama Buddha

I AM Gautama Buddha, who has come to you today hastily in order to give an important Message regarding the current situation on planet Earth.

As always, those of you who read our Messages are the people who are ready the most for concrete actions. That is why I come to you on this day in order to clarify the situation and ask you for help. Your home planet needs your help right now. Not the help that you render in your daily prayers but the help in which all of you need to participate. That is because the situation is very fraught, and a series of earthquakes can be the cause of major destructions and lead to a great number of human losses. That is why I come as a Master who is responsible for the conditions on Earth and for the energy balance on Earth. No other Master can address you in this situation.

I am asking you for help that can be rendered by all of you who are reading this Message of mine.

The moment you read my call for help in this Message, without any delay, pronounce the following call in your heart, or aloud:

"O Earth, I know that it is a hard time for you, I know that you need my help today. I am asking my Higher Self, in the name of I AM THAT I AM, to give the Divine Energy that comes into my body-temple today, for the stabilization of the situation on Earth."

Thousands of you who are ready for such sacrifice will be able to change the situation on planet Earth in an instant.

I recommend you to make this call during any cataclysms or natural disasters that happen to planet Earth.

Now, I would like to use the opportunity to provide some information regarding the solar eclipse that will be happening on March 19, 2007. The sun symbolizes Divine reason, and any solar eclipse that occurs puts extra pressure on your subtle bodies. During the time of the solar eclipse, including several days before and several days after the eclipse, I recommend that you pay close attention to yourselves and to your daily routines. I recommend that you have more rest and more sleep, and of course, maintain your harmony.

Your imperfect energies contained in your lower bodies will become activated, and you may experience somewhat discomforting states. For some it will be unexplained irritability and disharmony while others may fall into depression or perform uncontrolled actions. Solar eclipses are especially dangerous for mentally unbalanced people and people with mental disorders. Therefore, make sure that your close relatives have peace of mind. Try to protect them from experiencing any negative states of mind.

It will be very useful to perform meditations and prayers devoted to Harmony, Peace, and Love.

I have come to warn you about an unfavorable flow of energies on the surface of Earth. I have come to reassure you that everything is in your power and that you are capable of harmonizing the situation on the planet with your own efforts, even without seeking help from the Ascended Hosts.

You need only to imagine that the energy granted by God can be directed by your will toward harmonizing the situation on the planet and preventing any natural disasters.

Nature is not blind. And Nature comes out of her state of balance under the influence of your thoughts and feelings if they are not harmonious. In the same way, Nature can return to the balanced state if you apply efforts toward harmonizing yourselves and the people around you.

Pay attention to keeping your thoughts and feelings in a calm, balanced state — not only today but at a minimum until the end of this month.

We are closely watching the situation on the planet and rendering all necessary help. However, today I have come to ask you for help so that you can feel us beside you and so that we can rely on you in the situations when a cataclysm is impending on the planet.

I was glad that our meeting today occurred and that I was able to bring to your outer consciousness such important and essential information.

I AM Gautama Buddha, with Love and hope in you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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