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The best practices of your Spirit are the only things that will remain with you

June 18, 2005


I AM THAT I AM. I AM in you. I AM everywhere. I AM omnipresent.

I AM in every living creature. I AM that which the universe is made of. I AM all this.

When your consciousness breaks away from the earthly measures, you will be able to assimilate the entire storehouse of knowledge about everything that is manifested. Therefore, now, while your consciousness is limited, I AM giving you only the knowledge that contributes to the growth of your consciousness and helps to overcome its limitations.

The creation of this universe has never been subject to any limited mind, but only a narrow mind could create that part of the universe that has limitations of space and time.

If you try to hang a rose in the air, it will fall down. If you put the rose on the ground, it will lie.

Thus, every element corresponds to its destination. And everything is used in correspondence with its intended purpose.

The material world has its own laws. It is impossible to apply the laws of the Higher World to the lower world. This would be like a rose you wish to hang in the air.

However, the lower worlds comply with the laws of the Higher Worlds. And if a rose bursts into a flower, it is going to wither. Your world is like this rose.

You are creating your world, but it is you who will ruin it. First you create the things corresponding to your undeveloped consciousness, and then you contract the created illusion through your consciousness. As you reach new stages in knowing the world, you draw nearer and nearer to the cognition of the Truth, and little by little your world becomes closer to the Divine world by its vibrations.

With the coming of each stage, sparks are created. Each of these sparks or monads serves as an embryo of a future being. Every being goes through numerous stages in its evolution, gradually becoming denser and perfecting itself.

First you were a non-manifested mineral, and then you became a stone. You became a plant and you were a lower animal.

You changed your lower bodies, but your immortal particle remained.

Eons[1] of years had passed before you received your human bodies that bore little resemblance to your present ones.

Then you obtained your physical body and mind. And now you are standing at the stage of evolution when you have to give up the physical body due to the rise of your consciousness.

You had been everything. You had passed all the stages of evolution before you reached the human stage of development. And at every stage of evolution you had a particle of me inside of you.

I AM always with you over the entire period of your path.

I am like a crystal lowering into a solution and taking from this solution everything necessary for growth.

Initially you were just a Divine spark and you had no form. It took you billions of billions of years to reach the human stage of evolution. And it will take billions of billions of years more before you reach the stage of evolution of the highest beings of this universe.

How often do you think over these things in your life?

Your life is so rich in events that you have no time to stop and think. But until you can ponder over the orderliness of the universe you will not be able to obtain the knowledge about it.

You should aspire in order to receive.

If you do not have aspirations within you, you will not be able to attract the necessary knowledge from the space.

The process of the development of consciousness is very measured. You are like children, and you need care. And you receive this care from the invisible Beings of Light whom you call Angels, or the Ascended Masters, or Gods. You always know in your consciousness that there is someone who takes care of you and watches over your development. But it is naturally for you as for all children to be keen on games. You are playing and you do not even hear your parents calling you home when the time has come to return.

The call of the Divine world is not heard by the physical ear. When the sun starts sending its rays to the earth in spring, it does not call the grass to shoot from under the ground. But the time comes and the shoots appear from under the ground. The time comes and the leaves appear and the flowers come into bloom.

Just as the sun’s rays reach the ground, you receive invisible rays that awaken your consciousness and make it flourish like flowers in spring. Such is the call of the world where you are to sprout with your consciousness.

At present you are like embryos of the future beings. In exactly the same way as a butterfly does not resemble a chrysalis, you with your new qualities will not be the same as you are now.

Your consciousness has an ability to expand and to take in new knowledge and new ideas. But if you do not aspire to receive the new knowledge and if you hide yourselves from the fine energies penetrating the earth, you will not be able to develop.

Many seeds perish without shooting from under the surface of the earth. But the life goes on and the energy of these seeds continues to take part in the structuring of the universe.

Your immortal part cannot be annihilated, but it can lose its individuality and the experience that you have obtained during millions and billions of years while being a stone, a plant, a lower animal, a higher animal, and finally a human being.

Your consciousness and your personal experience are the main things for you. They are the things that will remain with you after your human evolution has finished. These are the things that will transit to the Higher Worlds together with you and will help you exist there. When your consciousness outgrows the world and the shape you are temporarily living in, careful hands will transplant you into other bodies that will dwell in other worlds.

It is like a careful gardener who transplants a flower that has overgrown its former pot into a more spacious pot to allow the flower to go on growing.

You shoot into the new worlds with the help of your consciousness. And every time, you have an opportunity to be admitted exactly to such a world that corresponds to the level of your consciousness.

Now you are in your world. And you will stay in your world still for a long time until you outgrow it and aspire in your consciousness to the Higher Worlds.

However, it will not be right to experience depression from the infinite cavalcade of the worlds that you are to visit. You must learn to feel joy from staying in each of the worlds. And this joy is not like the joy from the satisfaction of your wishes and lusts. There is another joy — the Divine Joy, the causeless Joy: the Joy from the fact that the sun shines, that you live and breathe, the Joy from the voice of the stream, from the whisper of the grass, from the sight of the clouds.

You are much bigger than the forms you are wearing now. And the time will come for you to change these forms. But your Joy and other feelings that are eternal will transit to the new worlds together with you and will live within you forever. And one of the most important feelings is the feeling of Love that acquires more and more exquisite features and manifestations as your consciousness rises.

There are qualities and features inherent in all the worlds. And one of these qualities is the quality of Love, the feeling of Love.

As you are able to raise your consciousness and to wrest out of the frames of your world, the things that are hidden from you behind the objects of the surrounding world and the things still invisible for you at the point of time and space you are in now will be revealed before you with a new strength.

Peace. Harmony. Beauty. There are a lot of qualities that do not seem to be valuable to you now but that are of the same great value in the Higher Worlds as gold and diamonds are in your world.

The qualities of the Spirit and the best practices of your Spirit are the only things that will remain with you.

You will forget your occupation. You will not need it in another world. You will forget your habits — they will seem unnecessary to you. But you will keep the qualities that are of lasting value in all the worlds.

Therefore, do find time and think of which of your qualities can be useful for you in the Higher Worlds. Develop these qualities in yourself and do not allow the surrounding bustle to kill them within you.


[1] Eon – an indefinitely long period of time; the longest division of geologic time containing two or more eras. (Translator’s footnote.)

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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