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Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven

Beloved Helios
May 13, 2005

Beloved Helios

I AM Helios. I send you my greetings from the Sun of our solar system!

I have come to give you a small Teaching on the nature of the Sun. You see the sun every day, and it seems to you so natural to watch the sunrise and the sunset that you do not pay any attention to them.

However, the Sun is just that center in our solar system without which life would be unable to exist on any of the solar system planets, both visible and invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, a great responsibility lies with me, as I am the Being inspiring our Sun by my presence.

As your scientists have proved, all processes that occur on the physical sun and influence the events on planet Earth are the consequences of the processes taking place in the higher world.

Your Sun is a star inhabited by very reasonable and highly evolved beings. Therefore, all the processes that take place in our solar system are under our absolute control. No matter how much your scientists will prove that life cannot exist in such high temperatures, I am here. I exist and I render my help and sponsorship to every planet of the solar system including your Earth.

Your planet is undergoing changes and in the near future — in cosmic measures indeed — you will countenance serious changes on your planet. This will affect all living creatures inhabiting planet Earth. The Sun, its radiation, its magnetic and gravitational fields as well as its thinner fields that your scientists are not able to fix, will play not a secondary role in the transformations expected on Earth.

Do not be afraid of the forthcoming changes on Earth. These changes will take place during many thousands of years, during lots of your embodiments. And these changes will make your technocratic civilization sink into oblivion in the life of new generations and new races. The correction of the future of Earth has already begun, and we have managed to evade the destruction of the planet. That’s why all the changes expected in the future will be of a planned character. The Earth will gradually become clear of the consequences of the influence of your civilization and will take on a more natural appearance with a milder climate, and the very existence on the planet will become safer and more pleasant.

All this will happen in the near future according to the cosmic measures. And all these changes will take place through the change of your consciousness, through your minds and hearts.

Your consciousness changes under the influence of many factors, among which the main factor is your Sun and the processes occurring on it both in the physical and in the higher planes.

Even the receiving of these Dictations is realized with the help of the sun’s energy, on condition of my immediate participation and in my presence during the transmission of every Dictation. Yes, beloved, the transmission of our Messages is realized on condition of using the sun’s energy that helps to intensify the transmitted information.

In exactly the same way as the sun shines for everybody without exception, the Dictations that we have been giving every day for the third month already are given to everybody without limitations.

And in exactly the same way as the sun exerts a beneficial influence upon some people and a destructive influence upon others, the influence of these Dictations is just identical.

There are people who find perfect life-giving nectar of the Divine energy in these Dictations. They are ready to absorb this nectar every day and cannot be sated. And there are people who feel a very negative inner state under the influence of the energies contained in the Dictations. They take critical, condemning, and even spiteful positions.

Such is the quality of the Divine energy, beloved — it speeds up the inner processes that take place within you. And if you aspire to the Light and the Sun, to the Good and God with all your heart and being, the additional Divine energy will speed up your high aspirations and you will receive an unprecedented impulse for your growth and evolution. But if some hurtful energies of envy, condemnation, egoism, and hatred (are there few negative feelings on Earth?) have settled within you, the Divine energy will just intensify all your negative qualities. And then everything that was hidden earlier under the external decent mask of showy piety will not be able to hide any longer and will come to light.

Your negative feelings and thoughts will be manifested through your actions, words, through everything you do.

This should be a signal for you to analyze whether everything is all right within you. Haven’t you gone astray? Hasn’t the time come for you to pay intent attention to your negative qualities and to get rid of them finally?

Therefore, beloved, do watch attentively the changes of your state in the course of the reading of these Dictations and make timely efforts to tear up by the roots the slightest imperfection and the least negative energy that can settle in your aura and germinate in your external consciousness.

Yes, beloved, the Divine energy is given to you primarily to make your imperfections known and to help you take timely measures so as to part with them.

Those of you who feel such a negative effect of these Dictations that you are literally overwhelmed by a wave of spite, hatred, indignation, and condemnation, may be recommended to stop reading them for a while. This will be much better than to spread negative vibrations around you and to qualify the Divine energy falsely.

You need to work with yourself. Apply for help to the Masters. Ask them to help you to get rid of your negative thoughts and feelings. Don’t just ask them from time to time — ask every day. I believe that the moment will come when you will be able to resume reading these Dictations and enjoy the nectar of the Divine energy contained in them.

These Dictations will exert no influence only on that which is dead in the spiritual sense and which has willingly refused from its further evolutionary development.

If you feel nothing while reading these Dictations and receive neither informational nor energetic support from reading them, I can only sympathize with you. You have really made your choice, and this choice is aside from the main course of evolution on this planet and in this universe.

Nonetheless, even that which is dead in the spiritual sense receives the Light of the sun because the nature of the sun is to shine, to give warmth and energy. And do agree that you cannot accuse the sun of affecting you with its rays too harshly.

In exactly the same way you cannot accuse the Messenger and us of giving these Dictations to you.

This is really God’s mercy and favor towards you. But you will be able to appreciate all the meaning of this mercy only in the course of time.

The cautious and careful hands of the Cosmic Beings are ready to give you all the necessary help for days and nights. It is only you who decide whether to take this help or to reject it.

Open your hearts to the boundless mercy of Heaven and put your chakras under the gush of never-ending Divine energy — a cascade of Light flowing on you.

I AM Helios, standing in front of you in the cascades of Sunlight and the Divine energy.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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