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A Teaching on the serpent-tempter and the serpent of wisdom

Lord Maitreya
June 17, 2005

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come to you.

The delightful moment of our communication has come. And I have come to share my knowledge and thoughts with you.

It is always possible to find Divine manifestations in everything surrounding you in your world. And it is always possible to find the things that are not from God. There are many more things not from God in your world so far. Your world does not belong to the Divine worlds. Very long ago your world was not material and its vibrations were close to the Divine vibrations. That was millions of years ago.

Man did not have a physical body. Everything around him was like a garden in paradise.

Man lived like a plant. The consciousness of man was irreproachable.

And everything was fine except for one little thing: Man did not have mind. But since man did not have mind, he was not able to create. He could not create and he could not evolve. The existence of man was like that of animals.

The Higher Cosmic Forces were no longer able to maintain the existence of man who had no mind and, consequently, had no chances for his development.

Therefore, the Sons of the Sun, the Sons of Wisdom descended into the bodies of the humans and endowed them with the opportunity to obtain mind — the fire of mind, with the help of which man acquired an ability to create like Gods.

I am giving you this legend in an uncomplicated way for your present level of consciousness in order to help you to comprehend your own history best — and exactly to understand the moment of the beginning of your fall into the matter.

As man was gradually becoming able to use his mental faculties, he obtained an ability to choose where to direct the energy flowing into his bodies from the Divine Source.

You know the legend about Adam and Eve. You are aware of the serpent that tempted Eve.

But you think it was someone outside you. In fact, so it was. Man got his mind from outside of himself. The Masters of Wisdom, the Masters of Mind descended into the bodies of people to endow the latter with mind. Man had been an irrational being before that event. But after that event, man became conscious of self. He began to make choices consciously. And exactly after having been endowed with mind, man started to create karma.

Plants do not have karma; animals do not have karma either. Karma, as a consequence of an action, is inherent only in the creatures that possess mind. Therefore, as soon as man had acquired mind, he became responsible for his actions — for everything he was doing on Earth.

Thus, the human mind became man’s greatest delight and his greatest misfortune at the same time.

Man has always suspected intuitively that someone outside him was responsible for everything happening to him. This is both right and wrong because after man had acquired mind, it became an integral part of him. And he could no longer blame anyone for the things that happened to him.

Man was creating karma by using the Divine energy in a way that did not correspond to the Divine plan. The Divine energy was assuming density and formed the world that surrounded man.

In this way the material world was being created and the karma was being made.

Man can blame the outer forces, Lucifer, and the fallen angels for all the disasters that have happened to him. You can find other names in other legends.

However, if man had not received mind, he would not have been able to be in line with the idea God had designed while creating him. We were even confronted with the question of the abolishment of the earthly evolution as not corresponding to the Divine plan.

For that reason, it is not logical to blame those who gave you a chance to continue your evolution for all your sins. In reality, after a human had been endowed with a spark of mind, the karma of his wrong actions started to fall upon both this human and the Master who had sacrificed his particle to him. As a result, everything has been intertwined and can be untangled only after man has had his share of pleasure in the illusion created by him and is able to realize the Higher Path that exists and is predetermined for him.

The human mind is the greatest punishment and at the same time a good opportunity for man to go through the physical world like going through purgatory, to be purged from what is non-divine and to become the one he must become in the end — a God-man.

The key to your evolution is inside your consciousness. And unless and until you seek those outside you who are guilty in your troubles and misfortunes, you will occupy a position that does not lead you to the positive changes.

You can reason very long upon whom is to be blamed for the recent hurricane that swept away hundreds of thousands of human lives. But until you set to work with good will and start hurricane response management nothing will change.

Thus, the main thing for you now is to understand that your standpoint of looking for the guilty outside you is not an affirmative approach. You must understand that nobody but you is responsible for everything that happens in your life. And having understood this you should begin to solve the tangle of all the karma you have created during hundreds and thousands of embodiments.

You work off your karma every second of your stay on Earth when you overcome an outer situation within your consciousness and come up with a right inner attitude to everything happening around you.

Therefore, the sooner you stop seeking the guilty outside you, the sooner you will be able to overcome the limits of space and time that you have created for yourselves.

The Earth is like a huge anthill. And every single individual on Earth is connected with every living creature on the planet.

Our task is like that of the sun that clothes your ant hill with light and sends you its vivifying rays. And these rays make you wake up, stretch your limbs that are asleep after the night, move and perform the work you should perform.

Your absolutely unique instrument that you have been polishing during the period of your evolution on planet Earth is turning from your punishment into your blessing because it is exactly owing to your mind that you can ascend to the greatest peaks of the Divine consciousness that are inapproachable without the absolutely unique experience you have gained during the period of your embodiments on planet Earth.

Your mind is the very thing to have cast you into the whirlpool of materiality and your mind is the very thing to help you get out of this whirlpool of materiality.

And the Divine qualities of your mind that you have obtained during the period of your wandering in the material world will remain and transit together with you to the other, Higher World. But you yourselves must give up the lower qualities of your mind represented by your carnal mind.

That is why your task is to learn to distinguish in yourselves everything that is from God from the things of this world that you have created yourselves. Your physical world is like your parental nest where you feel comfy. But sooner or later the moment comes for you to leave your nest, since you have grown up and become ready to spread your wings and fly.

Every dogma that has lodged in your consciousness can be overcome.

Every nestling in order to hatch must break through the shell with its own strength. Therefore, your urgent task is to make every effort in order to break through the boundaries of the dogmas and to acquire an ability to look unbiased at any legend.

Your wit, your mind is the very serpent-tempter that enticed you from the path of virtue, and it was your choice to pass the peccant path on planet Earth.

At the same time your mind is the serpent of wisdom that will set you on the Path of righteousness and help you to choose the Higher Path.

Just think whether the time has come for you and whether it is high time to exert every effort to break through the shell of the dogmas and ignorance.

Think over the dual meaning of the symbol of serpenthood hidden both in the serpent-tempter and the serpent of wisdom.

You have been descending, but the time has come for you to start your ascension.

I AM Maitreya, your Guru.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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