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Project “Journey to the Future”

Dear friends!

In May of this year, at the suggestion of Tatyana Mickushina, several projects were implemented: Seven-Day Continuous Prayer Vigil, “Helping hand. Sharing spiritual experiences” and "Journey to the Future". All of these projects have generated a huge, positive response from readers of the Sirius website:

The project “Journey to the Future” - is an unusual project. It is designed to elevate the mood against the background of bleak, modern events, by inspiring optimism and dreaming together!

The authors of the project are the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina and the writer Elena Ilina.

During the first two decades of the 21st century, Tatyana Mickushina wrote down Messages that came to our world from the Higher, Divine world in a completely miraculous, mystical way. These Messages are from Beings who already passed through their earthly evolution and are now located on the Higher planes of Existence. They call themselves the Masters of Wisdom, or The Ascended Masters, and are, in fact, our caring Helpers and Mentors.

The project has quotes from the Messages of Saint-Germain, Gautama Buddha, Beloved Quan Yin, Lord Maitreya, The Great Divine Director, Beloved Lanello, Beloved Alpha, Beloved El Morya, Lord Shiva, Moses, Beloved Surya, Sanat Kumara, Beloved Jesus, The Presence of Unconditional Love, Beloved Djwal Kul, Beloved Zarathustra, Beloved Kuthumi, I AM THAT I AM, Beloved Hilarion, Beloved Serapis Bey, Lord Lanto, The Cosmic Being Mighty Victory.

All the Messages of the Masters are presented in a Five-Volume Series - "Words of Wisdom", which together contain more than a thousand pages, the authors of which are more than 50 Beings of Light.

All the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom can be found on the Sirius website-

The goal of the "Journey to the future" project was to choose from hundreds of Messages the key moments that are needed right now, when the planet is making the Transition to a New Age – the Age of Aquarius!

The authors hope that the project will help to obtain in a simple form, the knowledge that is necessary to properly navigate the processes and changes taking place in the world today, and make the right decisions that ensure an easy and safe transition to the future.

The project is intended for a wide range of readers. It is of particular interest to young people.


The chapters:

Part 1. A New Age has arrived!

Many modern astrologers state that the beginning of the 21st century is associated with the onset of the age of Aquarius. The element of Aquarius is air. Not only that the element of air is mobile, changeable and susceptible to influences, which leads to a violation of established views and ways of life, but the process of transition to a New Age is also associated with instability and chaos. That's why it's so difficult for people to be in today's living conditions.

However, there are different ways to treat changes. These changes are inevitable and provided by evolution. The Divine path of development ALWAYS assumes changes for the better. We can't go against the will of the Creator; it would be to your own detriment. That’s why we have only one thing left and that is to change our attitude to the events that are taking place. Higher forces are literally pushing us to a quick change of our thinking, so that we can get out of the old system as soon as possible and rush to the opportunities which are opening to us at the new stage of the Path.


Part 2. We will enter the New Age with dignity!

When we set out to go on a journey, we can't tell exactly what lies ahead. Therefore, we try to prepare in advance: we study the route, read the brochures of travel agencies, and use the services of an experienced guide.

Now imagine that we were offered a grand route called the "New Age"! Moreover, it is impossible to avoid the Journey – the ship called "planet Earth" has already started moving and can only sail in one direction – to the new and the unknown. We have already experienced the "point of no return", when in 2012 we froze in waiting for the end of the world. And now we have only one way out – to give ourselves up to the adventure and at least try to understand what these adventures can consist of.


Part 3. Your energy flows to where your attention is directed.

Are you ready to hit the road? Then first, let’s register. Saint-Germain already informed us about the username: New Age. And the password: A new level of consciousness. To enter the global network of positive thinking we do not need any electronic devices – it is enough to just express our intention mentally or out loud to become part of a new community.

So, we have completed the access. Wow! How voluminous, beautiful and harmonious everything is in here! Friendly people can be seen everywhere. Everything is filled with openness, friendliness, and joy for the success of each person. And they address us only as “beloved”.


Part 4. We create our own future

Our thought has a tremendous power! Therefore, we must learn to think positively as soon as possible. If we want to see changes in the surrounding reality, we ourselves must change qualitatively every day of our lives.

Where to start?


Part 5. Going towards the Dream!

Let's take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Turn off your phone, put on beautiful music, take a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine the desired future.

A fantastic picture with elegant buildings, airplanes, well-kept parks and gardens appear before the inner eye. Let’s add people walking in the park with their children. All are smiling and friendly, dressed in comfortable light -colored clothes. Everywhere there is cleanliness, order, peace, and serenity…


Part 6. The new thinking goes into action

Our ship, "Planet Earth" has started moving on the route to a New Age. It is slowly but surely gaining speed. We are committed (STRIVING) to a beautiful future and we know how to create it. We are the captains of our lives! We can fill our dreams about a bright future with new details every day. And the image created by an increasing number of like-minded people will expand and grow stronger every day until it settles down on the physi-cal plane.


Part 7. The end of the Old World is predetermined

Our ship "Planet Earth" continues to move along the route to the New Age. But it moves strangely, in small shocks, as if something is holding it back.

Look overboard. It's the Old World that's got a deadly grip on the ship and won't let it out of the Harbor of rigid worldviews. This is how a deadly wounded animal behaves when, in a premonition of impending death, it resists with a frenzied rage over its weakness.


Part 8. True and False Freedom

– What if the walls of the cell were set a little further apart? Adding a TV, offering a varied menu, being able to walk around at will?

– Although conditions have improved, the prison remains a prison, a restriction on our freedom.

– What if the walls were removed? And one was given the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the world?


Part 9. True and False Faith

Conversations of like-minded people on the deck of our ship continue.

– Is it possible to live without faith, the faith in the Higher, the Invisible and the Intelligent?

-You can, but life will then be empty and unbearably hard. Faith is our pivot, our pivot, our foundation. Faith is our support, protection, and medicine.

- All this is true; faith supports us in the trials of life. But without proof, how can you believe in Something that can neither be seen nor studied?


Part 10. Unconditional love and egoistic love


The New Testament says: "God is Love."

However, people give completely different meanings to the concept of love. And what most people now mean by love is somehow not compatible with God. Many distortions have been introduced into this sacred concept.

Our world is dual. Any quality is distorted. Love is no exception.


Part 11. The three whales of the Universe

The three fundamental Divine Laws which hold our Universe together:

– The Highest Moral Law

– The Law of Karma, or the Law of Cause and Effect

– The Law of Reincarnation, or the Law of Soul Development