Unconditional love and egoistic love



The New Testament says: "God is Love."

However, people give completely different meanings to the concept of love. And what most people now mean by love is somehow not compatible with God. Many distortions have been introduced into this sacred concept.

Our world is dual. Any quality is distorted. Love is no exception.

When we love someone, our parents, men and women, children or our pets, first of all we do it for ourselves. We ex-pect them to respond with feelings and certain actions. We try to control the lives of our loved ones, so often our relation-ship is like a tug of war. We set conditions and requirements to love, then we suppress our loved ones. And when we real-ize that we are not loved the way we want to, we get upset. But who is to blame for this? Ourselves.



Let us turn to the Masters for clarification.

“… What many of you mean by Love is, in fact, not Love at all. That feeling…is equal to the sexual instinct... there is no difference between that feeling and the one which birds and animals have. Therefore, you should think about the quality of the Love you experience. True love has no attachment at all to a definite sex, or to the object of Love. This is an inner feeling…it is Love toward everyone, toward the whole of creation, the whole of Life, and the whole universe. “

(Beloved Surya, July 4, 2006.)


It does not matter at all whether someone loves us or not. True Love has no attachment – it simply pours out into the world without conditions, without expectations. It ex-tends indefinitely to everyone and everything that surrounds us.

The feeling of true love is akin to a state of bliss and harmony.

“When a man… is full of the feeling of Divine Love, he feels a causeless state of happiness, and his life becomes full of the sense of peace, and harmony. <...>

You are ready to embrace the entire world and you are ready to give help to the whole world.

You are seized by causeless generosity, happiness, and a wish to give out more and more of your Light and your Love, to grant your Love to the world and to ask nothing in exchange.”

(Lord Maitreya, May 27, 2005.)

If people only had such feelings, then a real miracle would happen on Earth. Our planet would be cleansed and transformed very quickly. Because there is no power more powerful than Love.

This is perfectly understood by the Old World and it therefore makes incredible efforts to introduce into our con-sciousness. stereotypes that completely distort the meaning of true Love.


“The entire industry of sex and pornography, stereotypes of in-terrelations between the sexes, propagandized and circulated by mass media is aimed precisely at keeping you from any manifestation of Divine Love.

It seems harmless if you watch a film cultivating your desire to satisfy your sexual instinct. It seems to be an innocent amuse-ment to look at a naked female body, advertising objects that are absolutely unnecessary for your spiritual development.

As a result, hatred for Divine Love settles in your conscious-ness. You voluntarily strengthen the filters that are embedded in your consciousness, and are preventing you from manifesting the quality of true Love in your life.

Think whether it is harmless for you to… tolerate foul language, to be in the company of people allowing dirty thoughts and ac-tions in their attitude toward women and sexual interrelations.

Each of these negative vibrations contributes to your separation from the quality of Divine Love.”

(The Presence of Unconditional Love, March 7, 2005.)


The difference between Divine Love and the surrogate of "free love" that is imposed on us from the outside, is like the difference between life and death.



We are the vehicles of God's energy on Earth. When we receive energy of the highest quality, we color it with our achievements or our imperfections and then give it to the world.

The quality of love that we can transmit to the world is determined by our level of consciousness, our spiritual level, upbringing, our education. When we bring more perfect love into the world, we improve our environment. It’s as simple as that! After all, God is Love.

By experiencing unconditional Divine Love, we fill our world with the perfection of the Higher Worlds.



Is it possible to develop a more perfect Love?

It is. Just like we train our muscles in the gym, we can also cultivate true Love.

At least 2-3 minutes a day can be devoted to experienc-ing the feeling of unconditional Love. First, to one person – to a loved one, to a child, pet, or even a plant. Then, after some training, this feeling can be extended to the whole fami-ly, a favorite corner in nature, a city, a country, the whole planet.



“Your foremost task in life is to regain the feeling of Love at any price.

If you are surrounded by people, try to feel love towards them. Love people not for something they have done or can do for you; just feel Love that is unconditional.


And the day will come when you will be able to experience a strong, all-consuming and causeless feeling of Love for eve-rything surrounding you, for all people living on Earth, for the very Earth, for nature, clouds, sky, rain, sun.

You will be overwhelmed with the feeling of Love and Unity with everything surrounding you.”

(Beloved Djwal Kul, April 18, 2005.)


When we are focused on ourselves and our problems, we cannot rise above selfish love. When we are filled with unconditional Love, we care about the well-being and har-mony of the entire planet, and all personal problems fly around like husks. This is the Law of the highest, true Love.

And if we want to ask something from God and the Mas-ters, let it be first of all the desire to learn true Love.

Love is the source of happiness for all.

The world will be saved by Love!


Tatiana Mickushina,
Elena Ilyina



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Part 10. Unconditional love and egoistic love

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